Why the fuck are you not all in on VEN. People were dumping on today's news, since it was long and tedious...

Why the fuck are you not all in on VEN. People were dumping on today's news, since it was long and tedious, without partnerships. But actually it's the most insane news anyone could have hoped for. The nodes will cut down the circulating supply by an INSANE amount

277,162,633 - 255,250,000 = 21,912,633

Let that sink in. Our circulating supply will go from 277m to 21m.

This puts VEN at roughly 40m mcap as of post-lock. This will literally 10x (or more) in front of your eyes.

Without any further partnerships, I expect this to 10x. But at the rate that VEN pumps out big-name partnerships, it might as well 50x or even 100x.

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Bitcoins fucking everything up though

Not touching this chink coin sorry. And the price per VEN wont matter, because nobody needs VEN anymore...it can even x100000

It doesn't even matter what coin we're talking about, this could be fucking Confido and we would 10x.

Once the masternode locks actually happen, this will instantly skyrocket to insane heights.

It should be made clear that what this really means is you want VET so that you can have free transactions on the chain. People will hold VET just for the free transactions it allows on the network.

Also don't be fooled thinking the entire node supply will be locked down. If even 1/3 of it is locked down I would be AMAZED. It will go higher for sure but not because of the lock-down to any significant degree.

oh shhhh kiddo, don't say the whole world is shit because you lost some pennies cause no gainz train after new announcement

It's already confirmed you idiot. 255m will be locked away in nodes. The only reason this coin hasn't already skyrocketed is because people are brainlets and are just skimreading the announcement for partnerships.

Once the lock hits and this is valued at 40m on CMC reality will hit in.

Confirmed by who? Nobody knows how many will really lock their tokens away. That are estimated numbers by looking in the blockchain. (Token holders)

You clearly don't under understand the difference between the 2 coins, fucking pajeet

I sincerely hope it picks back up. Went all in with my poorfag funds at way to high but not ATH

It will literally 10x when the lock happens. If I had to choose between this announcement, and a fucking partnership with Alibaba, I'd take this every time. Alibaba might've given us 2-5x. This is a fucking SECURE 10x.

do we have to wait for EOY 2018 for this to happen?

Guess I need to start keeping up with VEN so I don't FUD when I get to break even

i dont really follow ven even though i hold some.

bought around 400 between 0.50 and 1.30.

why should the circulating supply drop? Am I safe? should i buy some more?

No. It will happen Q1 2018 (Mainnet launch). But I expect a sharp increase in price once people have fully digested these news.

255m will be locked away in nodes. Read the announcement.

So to get Thor do you have to leave it on an exchange or will you get it in a vechain wallet?

It's in a dip right now. I would buy now.

I am, been all in since last week. Wish I could afford 10k for better rewards but it's OK.
This will most def go up, 10x? I am not as sure as u but substantial gains nonetheless.
They have an insane amount of news lined up short term that most likely will keep on being big.

Vechain will hit 1b-2b mc soon, as in like, 1-3weeks. Wouldn't have bought 7k otherwise

The circulating supply is 495,674,734 that means 495,674,734 - 255,250,000 = 240,424,734

Does this apply to EOS as well?

Not all in but in. Lost so much gains on LTC this week, VEN has saved my portfolio.
Lost all faith in the wests ability to crypto. The future is china. Hope that future is this year not 2025.

EOS is a scam coin

Tfw bought 400 VeChain for 100$

worth around 1K$ now

What fucking purpose does the coin have

They don't say shit about that

The fuck are you takin about.
Lrn2reid faget

>read a twitter post
>end of research

Should I sell REQ for this?

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No man. REQ has so much more room for growth.

Mainnet launch is Q2 2018 based on the roadmap available on their site.

Yea sell something other than REQ.

Fuck okay...COSS or PRL...that's tough

So OP got called out for false facts and abandons the thread.

There isn't a limit to the nodes though. It's weird because the assumption the article was making was that the CMC supply was correct when in reality it will be more than that. The principle still applies though that people will presumably still lock down nodes with the other VEN that isn't listed on CMC but is still in circulation.

The value of such though depends entirely on how much traffic is going through it.

Bryan G, [Dec 30, 2017, 9:28:52 AM]:
...let’s VET rise as high as it can while enterprises can still use the VET blockchain and be able to accurately budget and forecast

Genius really

are you me? I own both and am planning to dump PRL for VET. the idea behind PRL has already been tried in the past and it doesnt work. the project is pure pump and dump and it seems the whales have already moved on. coss has a real working product and valued roughly the same as PRL. this should be a no brainer.

People were dumping because market bogging

To add to this actually almost the same amount was sold in private sales as were sold in the public sale.

It's entirely possible that all that VET was given directly to businesses/corporations and the government. I don't think the PBOC thing is true but I'm pretty sure that if they are building a Smart City in what will be the silicon valley of China that the Chinese government probably has a controlling amount of VET.

u are wrong bro

Public token sale: 410,000,000 VEN; Private token sale: 90,000,000 VEN; Enterprise investors: 128,512,100 VEN (total 230,000,000 VEN); Token burned: 132,837,366 VEN; Team:50,000,000 VEN (locked); On-going Operation: 220,000,000 VEN (locked)

Circulating Supply: 410,000,000+90,000,000+128,512,100-132,837,366=495,674,734 VEN

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (original total supply) - 132,837,366 (burned) = 867,162,634 VEN