How many BTC do I need to look like?

How many BTC do I need to look like?

I plan to keep my penis though

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1-1.5 btc
call me when you get the surgery

Come over to my house and I'll transition you in return for being my sex slave for 1 year.

Wanna buy a lambo or cut your penis? We can help you, 30% signals every day! GET IN

>HRT: maybe a thousand a year tops, including doctor's visits. Perhaps a touch more without insurance.
>Facial surgery: Plan around 10k, 20k for extreme/multiple
>Breast implants after a few years of HRT: only needed if HRT doesn't give you decent boobs but that's probable, plan 20k here.
>orchi (castration, keeping dick): like 5k iirc

Being healthy and fit to begin so you have a good base: costs effort
Naturally being close enough: priceless, random chance
Hair cut/dye at a salon: 200 bucks no kidding girl hair is way expensive

Idk OP you sound like a fag.

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Do it, it doesn't matter how many BTC you spend, since you'll get pretty good returns as many men will be willing to spend money on you.

There no better life than the life of the attractive girl.

My biggest advice to people trying to transition: don't do it, since 90% of you want to do it so that life is like your magical animus and all your social problems and depression and such will vanish! Spoiler, it doesn't work like that; you need to fix those problems independently. The only thing turning yourself into an imitation girl will do is solve physical dysphoria of feeling like your body is wrong. It does nothing else.

kill yourself, send your btc, and give her number.
in no particular order.


I can force-feminize you for less than 0.1 BTC if you live in Belgium

HRT pills maybe $2500
FFS surgery $30000
Cosmetics, clothes, hair and whatever $3000

$40000 should do it easily. So with the current price I'd say 3.5 BTC

That's why Roger Ver is the Bitcoin Jesus

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who is she?

Where do you get them?

then your salon sucks
and you shall receive.

HAHAHA No fucking way! BCH is just as shitty and centralized as Bitcoin these days! Don't fool people!
First of all - transaction fees and times should be a thing of the past!
Second - a currency that is "only a currency" and can do nothing else is rediculous these days!
Anyone who wants some real development, usecases and be part of the future of internet will go into Skycoin anyway!

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