So user, now that you've made all this money on crypto, what are you going to spend it on?

>so user, now that you've made all this money on crypto, what are you going to spend it on?
>a lamborghini? haha, isnt that a little cliche?
>why not buy something smarter, like a house or a boat? ooh! or maybe a houseboat!


Bitch, you better put some clothes on before you feel the back of my hand.
Disrespect me again and you wasted your chance on being my sidebitch.

>now that you've made all this money on crypto

So did the girl know she was being photographed?

we're at the pool party, user. im not wearing an inappropriate amount of clothes, and if you hit me now you're going right to jail.

now you're not getting any sex tonight, and you have to sleep on the couch - jerk.

She's posing for the picture, of course she knew she was being photographed. She has a camera angled at her face from half a meter away ffs

i'd buy her a houseboat if you catch my drift

*Be silent*
*Turn around and dont look back*

Proceed to call another bitch.

>gf of 2 years wants me to buy a house
>we both make 75k
>she wants to stay in this shithole state
>I have 130k crypto, 30k cash
>she has 5k savings, 20k worth of student debt
>she wants to buy 25k car on loan
>she is childfree

instagram X00k subscribers
she knows

Whoever is not buying BZC right now is wasting money.

>she wants
>she wants
>she wants

honestly shilling like this makes me not even consider looking at it

What state nigger. Also tell her to pull her weight. Don't ever think any pussy is good enough

*no one cares*
*no one picks up when you call*

proceed to jack off and cry yourself to sleep.

>250K from 6k in crypto in 1 year
>gf whining I only sit on my money
>me trying my best to become a millionaire

Bitches yo


they have no foresight, only immediate desires. ignore the thot and keep on stackin, homie - you're doing good.

How the fuck did you do that.

>ts to buy 25k car on l
This is truth, but you will find analogous situations throughout the animal kingdom. Men want sex.. women control the supply. Find a girl that you want to support and shows you respect. This is the key to happiness

I‘d live in expensive 5* hotels for a year while banging a different hot cunt every day

Just holding any top 5 coin from a year ago except BTC would've made him that much and more

I take it she doesn't know you have 130k in crypto.

Keep it that way too or you'll potentially fall under common law marriage.

I can see over 50% of the surface area of your breasts.

sounds like it would get repetitive after 2 months tops and once the novelty wore off you'd be very depressed and probably suicidal since you lived out your fantasies and realized how shallow and meaningless they were.

i fucking hate women so much

i'm doing law at school and the shit they fucking get just for sponging off you for 2 years is fucked, good think i do tax/business law and will know how to hide my assets

>I‘d live in expensive 5* hotels for a year while banging a different hot cunt every day
So would you have enough investments to pay for that lifestyle or would you just be shitting the money up a wall?

Why would I be depressed and suicidal?
Such emotions are for soyboys and mentally weak retards.

achieving your goals and realizing they meant nothing often leads to an emptiness that a lot of people only think they can escape with death. i've seen it before in person - having nothing to live for is a recipe for disaster

>implying you couldn't just start talking to random girls at that pool and get a pickup as long as you aren't a sperg/hideous

Different IP, same person

She knows, told me not to get crypto back in 2016

CT, shit suburb

I said we should move upstate to VT, NH, Maine if she wants cheaper rural land

If not we should buy something closer to NYC that has an actually economy

Right now we are living in 2 hr from NYC, in a half city/suburb sort of area. Only living here for job.

Sounds like something that would happen to a weak minded person. I have shitloads of other things to do so no I wouldn‘t get sad because I will fuck boatloads of whores.

I already have more than enough to do it now but I‘m not done yet.

>assuming anyone here isnt a hideous sperg
you posted this on Veeky Forums, not reddit.

>ooh! or maybe a houseboat!
Boats are worse than cars
They lose 80% of their value after the first year.



t. poorfag in harlem

Still a better investment than a woman

I work in tech, my job would pay 110k-120k in NYC. I have two college friends/acquaintances in nyc who are at six figures.

>she is childfree
If that's not something you also want, you really need to move on or it's going to be fucking hell moving forwards.
> But I love her, we've been together for 10 years
And it's not going to get easier but you need to do it. The money is whatever but that shit can drive you to suicide.

Probably accumulate more MiloCoin for the new pump of 2018


well if you do end up living in this shithole, i wouldnt recommend moving to manhattan. you can live in brooklyn or queens for a lot cheaper, and you can get to work in half an hour. its nice to be in the "city" but its really not necessary - the only reason i can afford it is because im renting a room for super cheap

>understeering shitbox

nah nigga, wraith

I live in Manhattan and my rent is 2800 a month

Thanks for the advice user. I don't want to live in NYC for any reason but money, I think. I am still trying to figure out where/how I want to live.

No I don't. Why buy her even a canoe?

Then buy a second hand boat.


Holy shit it’s worse than I thought

Move to Boston or Maine, probably the two most bearable places to live in NE

I could see this happening to me.

I feel ya. I live in CT too and there's absolutely nothing within an hour's driving distance.
Boy, NYC is saturated to hell and back.

>Any woman telling you not to spend your money on an expensive status symbol

I feel like you don't understand the games women play.