36 Hours Left Linkies

Can you feel it?

fuck off FUD faggot

What the fuck are you counting down to???

EOY announcement already made.
I am a linkie with 10k links and nothing will happen link will keep testing 40cent floor for upcoming months

> What the fuck are you counting down to???

The beginnening.

Are you expecting a literal EOY announcement at Dec 31st 11:59 PM? I'm a stinky linky but even I'm not that deluded.

>claim to be a stinky linky
>doesn't know whats about to happen

you should just sell your bags now to more deserving marines

Nothing is happening in 36 hrs. LINK might rise in sats cuz BTC is dropping. That's about it.

Just wait. 36 hours is just the beginning. The days and weeks following are going to be awe inspiring.

Is it possible to keep a thread in biz up for 36 hours do we can shit in op's thread?

Sergey will announce that he spent all the money on hookers and big macs and his exit scam is announced. Screencap this

It's been holding at 40 and 50 cent range for awhile. Let's see if it survives the crash.

nothing is happening. nice FUD

Ok definitely thinks link will crash

Yes, but you will have to avoid the bump limit while making sure the thread doesn't go off the last page.

star the countdown to christmas 2018. when Veeky Forums will die, because all the users became rich and left

>36 hours left linkies

Until what?

>haha he doesn't know!

Nice thread OP.

Are you talking about Singapore user?

Haha... you don't know.

Well I hold LINK and I'm not selling, so it doesn't really matter if I know now does it?


Nope. Just enjoy the ride friend.

Just got in with 10k linkbags. Let's see if Sergey ate 100m worth big macs or did something productive

I'm a link bag holder but you faggots make me want to dump them

wanna party

Singapore my niggas. We're gonna wake up to huge news tomorrow morning.

> volume is too low to make it either grow or fall
Ye, this is a moon sign

I only did good trades. X5 last month. But now i start to unironicaly consider buying links. Am I being brainwashed?? Very effective shillings with no anchor in real life. I'm scared should I sell xlm for this?

say what

i wouldn't sell XLM. but i'd sell everything else.