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New UI, when?

Before the end of the year

Bullshit. That is 2 fucking days from now.

They will announce Q1 2018 for UI update on their telegram tomorrow. Excuses will be 'tech is too hard, holidays, etc.'

Im cautiously optimistic about the UI update before the years end.

KuCoin better inviation code -


I lost faith. I could do this shit faster and im a terrible developer

Coss.IO doesn't care about hype
They don't care about anything but doing everything correctly, legally, and well.
They will release when it's ready and no sooner.
They will be the first exchange with dividends to implement a FIAT gateway
They are no joke, and anyone who isn't invested in COSS a bit is going to regret it

I agree. they have a history of missing deadlines. only 2 developers, most likely pajeets I'm guessing. price seems to be holding up pretty well against the rest of the market though... guess i'll hold and see what happens.

also, how do I get an invite to the telegram? im holding a good amount considering adding more but its impossible to find info about this project anywhere online

Meh. KuCoin is a lot better. And it's growing much faster. And the CEO is Alibabas CEO. Follow the big names in crypto. They will make you money.

>They don't care about anything
Let's leave it at this, shall we?

If they didn't care about hype then they can be a little more upfront about their progress.

Missing deadlines is not a good sign.

Price cannot go any lower. It is not possible.

Seriously don't fomo into this.
As soon as UI hits the coss tokens are gonna be dumping like crazy.

Honestly I think all these coss threads made in the past month were made by whales. They were expecting to catch some suckers but no one bit.
One of them already dumped their stash last week.
The only people that are gonna get screwed here are the whales which is nice I guess.

If UI actually comes, this will easily 2-3x.

CossIO arguably has more potential than KuCoin due to its fiats gateway.

you haven't seen the new UI pics have you? Looks better than before and most exchanges [arguably binance is my favorite tho]

Their most recent update was incredibly transparent, try doing some research.

> As soon as UI hits the coss tokens are gonna be dumping like crazy.
You don't actually believe this, do you?
Have you even looked at the market cap? There's nothing to dump!

I will admit that a firesale on COSS would be most welcome.

They promised new UI before end of year.

If they actually deliver, then yes, I think many holders will have their faith restored.

They didn't promise shit, and don't owe you shit. They will release when it's ready and no serious user of the exchange, or investor, wants anything different.

>Timeline: Yes, although ambitious, we still aim to push the new UI live before the end of the year. We are aware that we were not able to deliver it as a Christmas present, and we are also fully aware that what may seem like a small 2-minute fix at first might take a lot longer. IT in general is very unpredictable in that sense. And I will be 100% honest in saying that there are no guarantees. I am basing the timeline on that the UI team and the testers don’t experience any major bugs/errors that will be very time-consuming to fix. If the worst-case scenario should happen and we see that also the new year deadline will be missed. Then we will open the UI for public testing, so you all can see how it looks and feels. After all, the functionality is more important than the timeline, but all fingers crosses and may Murphy stay away from Singapore these days.

You retard, UI before year end

They promised before year end, and it's not year end yet. Your problem?


Search telegram

you just claimed 'they didnt promise shit'.

I am bag hodling too friend, dont get so emotional next time.

If they can deliver, then moon mission incoming.

mind giving me an invite?

I hope they miss it and the price crashes I want more!