Will I still be poor Q2 2018?

XRP 350
ICX 80
XLM 1000
XRB 20
VET 150
ADA 350
REQ 600
CND 2000
BNTY 548

I also have about 20 other coins, but less than $100 in each.

You diversify too much

Thots like this are always scum dude

"virgins pay double" should be a meme

but seriously, back to topic now pls

You are spending your money on something that does not exist.

You are already poor.

Literally everyone is talking about BZC right now faggot.

To much diversification and not enough coins that can show actual growth, BNTY isn't something that should be hundreds of millions in marketcap.
XLM is cool but to little of it. XRP is overpriced.
XRB is a doublespend scamcoin
ADA is cool but to little of it.
REQ ???
CND ????

All U need is SkyCoin - Not paid shill, just really believe in this project. 5000$ incoming

So basically retard who spend his time on Veeky Forums instead dyor and getting rich. You will be so justed you noob. You basically have Veeky Forums pack shilled portfolio you fucking brainlet noob.

I got in XRB @ $4, so I've really just been riding it since then

what about VEN/VET?

actually BNTY is the only coin I picked up because of /biz

I've only been reading /biz for like a week

VEN is excellent, VET idk.

Veeky Forums shills whatever is the pump of the day. I personally wouldn't hold it long term.

Where the fuck is your FUN? Forget the fucking lot of them mate and put it on FUN, you'll be laughing.


I hope this bitch gets raped and no one believes her. Women like this are absolutely evil.

She got exposed yesterday and privated all her social media but didnt delete the sick account

If youre not on the FUN train for 5k you arent headed to lambotopia

God, I'd love to give her a swift jab to the nose and see her reaction.

Get out of XRP while you can.
ADA has a little dip
Put it in that.
Also sell 80% of everything and put it in BTC...
Or if you are scared of the dip buy fiat and hold it until march AND then use it to buy BTC.

That is what she needs anyway. This would literally never have happened in any other time in history except now. Precisely because men can't just knock cunts like this out cold and take them swiftly back down to reality.

It's sad as shit to see

yeah, all my friends told me to diversify a lot.
i was all convinced about skycoin though and well, few days before christmas i woke up and thought - are you insane, giving so many unsure and shitty projects my money instead of inversting in the future and real development in a truly decentralized solution for net neutrality!? so i put 70% of my portfolio inside...
So what should i say - do you see red numbers or what!? :D LOL but it's not too late yet, 2018 will be huge. t.me/Skycoin

both are Vechain
some exchanges use VEN, some VET

I guess I should've mentioned that I didn't just buy everything today

BNTY and CND are my only coins that I've had less than 2 weeks

Sell your alts and put it in BTC while it's crashing


>19 year old

Am I retarded? She looks way older
Poor her

I'd put some money on QLink. They are planning to list on more exchanges (currently only on chink kucoin) and its probably gonna x4 in a month. Check their medium posts for updates.