What tier are you guys?


1000 BTC+ : Blue Whale

501-999 BTC : Sperm Whale

251-500 BTC : Killer Whale

100-250 BTC : Orca

51-99.99 BTC : Narwhal

25-50.99 BTC : Dwarf Sperm whale

10-24.99 BTC : Catfish

5-9.99 BTC : Stingray

1-4.99 BTC : Goldfish

0.5-0.99 BTC : Minnow

0.1-0.49 BTC : Shrimp

0.01-0.09 BTC : Plankton

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Plankton i used to be a goldfish but it's on my bank account now

catfish :(

Started one month ago as a plankton, now a shrimp. D-did I do good Veeky Forums?

im a blue sperm srimp


I went from Shrimp to Minnow.

Used to be Dwarf Sperm whale

Now a Shrimp again after starting as a Pajeet 2 weeks ago


i went from plankton to pajeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>holding btc

Down like a Stingray! Stinging you bitches.

Became /minnow/ yesterday with an XLM moon. Feelsgoodman.

>251-500 BTC : Killer Whale

>100-250 BTC : Orca

aren't they the same thing

I think these are all just baby whales compared to what's out there.

>tfw stingray


Are u literally me?

Wtf is a Narwhal? But he here i am, the NARWHAL.


[spoiler] What a tweest [/spoiler]

Still shitty Plankton, started earlier this month with 10 bucks but I'm at 700 usd now so it's not too bad. As long you stay away from obvious scams that try to fomo you so people can dump their bags on you (I fell for lategame POWR but learnt my lesson) you should do fine.

Narwhal here :)

Was a catfish, but got 9 btc stolen from btcqt wallet in 2015.. now im plankton....feels bad man

I went from plankton to goldfish in 4 months feelsgood /bros/


Went from Catfish to Pajeet (got 21 BTC stolen), bounced back to Plankton.

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Pajeet :( Went all in XLM for 2k usd, had to take a loan

market's crashing

good lord


more like these fatass whales living in their parents' basement are sitting and killing the market bit by bit

Goldfish reporting in.

Where's LINK on here?
100,000 Link: Livyatan

Tell us how, to avoid your mistakes please.

sub-pajeet :(


I'm a goldfish.. nice..

>tfw pajeet

Amaebi sweet shrimp boiz

comfy goldfish.

i'm definitely going to be a stingray some day

>killer whale

They are the same thing. This what your list should be:
>Leviathan (5000+)
>Blue Whale (1000-5000)
>Sperm Whale (500-999)
>Whale Shark (250-499)
>Killer Whale (100-249)
>Great White (75-99)
>Tiger Shark (50-74)
>Dolphin (25-49)
>Porpoise (10-24)
>Swordfish (5-9)
>Tuna (1-4)
>Salmon (.5-.99)
>Goldfish (.1-.4)
>Sardine (.05-.099)
>Shrimp (.01-.04)
>Plankton (.005-.0099)
>E.Coli (