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Do you fags even research the coins you invest in, or do you just read Veeky Forums and get shilled? You buy low sell high, but the actual coins you bought - do you have any idea what they actually do?

Asking for a friend


I watch what coins are heaviest shilled and then dmor from there. I've made some pretty decent gains from shills


i buy coins based on the most convincing shills on biz, it's worked pretty well for me so far.
I don't actually read the whitepaper, i only read other peoples reactions to it and based my opinion on that.

Long term holds I try to learn what the coin does, how it'll be used, what's its potential.

Short term holds I just look for something that vaguely sounds promising, there is some sort of excitement about it, and doesn't have a shit name/logo. Generally I let shills on Veeky Forums get me on these.

My research is 60% blockfolio threads and 40% whitepapers. Also why is no one talking about sky?

I read what gets shilled, determine whether or not it has decent shilling potential (Roadmap/goals and an overview of the coins goals) and then if they tick all the boxes I'll invest in it.

Crypto isn't about tech, it's about which coins get shilled the most.

>Crypto isn't about tech, it's about which coins get shilled the most.

I don't know what smart contracts or blockchain mean.
I just buy if they have a nice website and the developers are neckbeards instead of numales.

I just buy by looking at twitter and charts, without doing any real TA. Currently at 800% gainz so im ok with that

I actually buy them first and then research them.

Probably just to convince myself that it was good buy.

I have the same strategy for betting on horses at the races

qtest name gets my dollar

All in on DOGE?

>Do you fags even research the coins you invest in
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Yeah I do, my picks aren't quick pumps but they should give me some extraordinary gains if I wait a few years. Bitcoiners had to wait like 5+ years (most of them). I just keep putting down money on things I think will be around in 5 years from now, maybe I can buy a house - debt free.

Yeah this seems like a nice strategy.

Just buy some idiotic coin and put a dollar in. A dollar in ripple one year ago is 400 dollar now.

I just buy LINK


I wish actually good technology like Bazingacoin got shilled more.

Yeah, I still got short term goals and I do play around with low marketcap coins but my serious investments are highcaps in the hundredmillions or billions as it shows they can still grow exponentially and relatively more safe because they have foundation.

I think the majority of bizraelis treat Crypto like you would the stock market. We aren't venture capitalists or holdings firms looking to aquire companies or invest in a startup for the long term hold of 20+ years. Instead, people are "buying low, selling high" like you said.

Like the stock market, that method requires a stronger focus on social psychology and public perception of an asset rather than rock solid financial foundations of a startup.