*silently moons*

*silently moons*
How the fuck aren't you in CLOAK yet

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I'm in CLOAK. Biz is fulled of Monero and Verge shills so they ignore/fud CLOAK threads

Silently moon then silently shits it's self.

No one gives a shit about this shitcoins. My KuCoin Shares breadcrumbs can push cloak to 200%.

You're a retard

My portofolio is more than 50% CLOAK right now. Gotta say I was a little scared when it dipped to $25 but I should have known I'll go back up and probably hit $50

not an argument

hahaha. Never change.

Perfectly fine argument when its obviously trending up.


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This discord group is great

not buying your bags, pajeet

ok, shill me cloakcoin. would hackers and darknet people use this?

Good. I dont want you getting rich off this, pajeet. I'll take my solid uptrend. Enjoy staying poor loser.

Because its superior to Monero. You'll see why once it open sources.

Why is it close sourced now?

I thought it was supposed to open source weeks ago? Want to know why I'm not in, i'm an oldfag whose been around since '14, I remember when this coin was on Mintpal and it's been nothing but a revolving wheel of broken promises and endless dev changes over the years

it's pajeet pnd with no working product

I'm an oldfag as well, I've been around since 2013. You and I should both know that sometimes teams and projects turn things around. Cloak is an example of that. The team announced that its going open source within a week.

They sent the testnet to a security company for auditing. The results will come out soon. That's why the testnet final version wasn't released yet and they didn't open it up

Cloak's tech is better than Monero. It's the best pure privacy/user coin on the market, and I've tried them all. People don't know it yet. But it is.

The question is rather: how the fuck aren't you into SKYCOIN yet. Don't cloak-up - go skyhigh! No tx fees, instant transaction and probably the most active dev. in whole cryptoland. Decentralized mesh-Internet coming soon. watch my rear lights, or join t.me/Skycoin