Do not miss out on the Skycoin New Year's Eve party. There will be lots of hot chicks, and free coins for everyone who attends.

Download Telegram, and get your ass in there before 2018 starts!

They spent 5 years to develop the most ambitious crypto project in the world.
They completely concentrated on development and flew under the radar, but this
will change now. It’s been obscure for too long. The coin is named Skycoin.
Skycoin’s goal in 2018 will be to improve communication, and get listed on big
exchanges, which will bring them in a very good position.

550 here - enought to make it?

Whay is this???

Yes you will make it

This is the revolution!!! Skycoin will create net neutrality. It will unslave us from the big corporations and powers in charge.

A truly decentralized project, not able to be held hostage by a few large mining pools. The hardware is inexpensive and the software is open source

this is the future, if you missed it.
don't cry, it's not too late yet - get yourself informed on or glad i got into before the big crypto slaughter! xD - still not to late

over 80 devs have worked on and off on the project



Skycoin is part of the final solution to this problem

Gonna park my new ride outside the front door...

Prolly gonna use this to pay for it...

merry krisumasu faggots

This will save the internet and make you money

holy shit. how much is a skyminer anyway? website was unclear on this.

ask JJ

how do i add you lol?

and are you going to keep this xhat?

You can build one for around $600 which is your best bet. The wait list is around 1500 people at the moment. Check out the telegram for more info

i think anyone who will get into this before new year is going to be just mooning next year!

fuck i'm actually considering moving to the city just to have a decent spot for routing and a decent internet connection.

i also want a skyminer

Will there be booze?

I’ll bring the Booze Miner...

build one your own, they are for about 800$ for the parts and there is plenty of information in the skywire telegram group. just join and you will find all further information there