Large cup and handle

Why does nobody see this?
Everyday cup and handles that formed within 12 hours are posted on this pajeet piece of cancer. But real TA takes time.

Happy new year to all Linkies. We're all going to make it.

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happy happy lalalalala stinky linky. Here poem for you:

There is another name for that formation, called a double top.

How did chainlinkers become to pathetic

surely, there must be a root to their deluded vision

was that tranny anime-chan's shilling really so effective?

are you a bunch of beta orbiters ?

They got a lot really cheap so now will do anything to increase its price

250k linkies. I know it hurts but its true. Now carry on.

That's not a cup formation. At all.

That argument makes no sense. If you made a large profit on a dead coin it's easy to take it out and chase the next low valued coin. No reason to keep it in something that wont do anything unless you truly believe in the tech

I love linkies you guys are adorable

That's a textbook definition of a cup and handle. The bowl doesn't have to be perfect fag.

its pretty much textbook

Are you guys slow? You're missing half of the fucking formation.

No we're not

Yeah, notice the way either side of the cup is relatively equal in that picture? Now notice the way you have one grossly disproportionate side? That means it's not a cup.

>Being retarded AND a liar

Linkies really are the most cancerous holders on this board. It's objectively not a cup and handle, stop lying to pump your coin.

>I-It'll go back up!
Slow bleed back to .18

feel so stinky right now

the jews manipulate the price and paint pictures to taunt you. stop throwing your chicken bones on the sidewalk. linkedchains will moon when they want it too just a wee bit before the testing nets are released in a month or two.

Notice how it's ok if the top of the cup is breached at the end of the cup formation? All that it means is the resistance point at the top of the cup is a weak resistance point.

No, retard, that means it's not a fucking cup. Cups have to have two equal sides. If one breaches then the formation is gone.


I think we can agree to disagree