I am the sheriff now

Veeky Forums, what do you think of BNTY?

I am all in, ready for at least x5.
Listed on CMC a few days ago, no big increase in value since; solid project.

Don't miss this one...

Payfair coin does just the same but more

coin literally died because 1 or 2 guys control the market on kucoin

PFR does not “do just the same”. Not a bad idea at all to invest in PFR but don’t go around spreading dumb crap like this.

Literally retarded



Just a little protip.
Still a good hold though

A HODL in bnty has pretty much shut down my day trading. I'm balls deep in this one. Probably more than I should be. But the bulk of my bag was in at 7c so I'm still comfy to wait till some new exchanges hit and the walls have to be spread out thinner.

Sitting comfy hodling till $1

I don't really have an option to leave.


If someone knew where this whale lives he could book a flight, knock him out with chloroform, tie him up, put toothpicks on his eyelids to force his eyes open, force feed him amphetamines and make him watch one episode of some shitty soap opera on loop for two weeks.

Meanwhile he could poke needles under his nails and spread sriracha sauce on his anus.

I of course don't recommend anyone to take this course of action, since it is absolutely illegal. This is purely fiction.

I just really hope this wont be stagnanting until mid January as I will likely miss out on REQ and XLM moon missions ;_;

Or make him watch A Christmas Carol to see if it warms he's cold dead heart.

If you think about it

A mere x2 would make it $120k

Not bad lad

Owing that percentage of a certain coin is pretty unusual as a private investor. Of course it might still be one but I conclude it's some fag company.

What's your plan if that's the case, hypothetically speaking?

are you retarded?

Just hold, in january it'll go back up probably. Don't try to make that back with day trading.

Or a mere x0.5 to make it 19.5k.

Payfair > Monetha, UTrust, Cred, and whatever shit reputation trust coins



Call up the IRA and tell them it's full of huns.

all in BNTY

Fucking whales has stop whaling yet? They love this fucking coin..to the moon

Just the great white whale left my friend.

whale left. just 29k wall

Time to buy cheap BNTY. Thank user

Strong hands people

Yup. Its oversold at the moment and ready to head into a nice solid pump.

Get in while she's cheap boys.

check btc side

from BTC side...

I looked into BNTY and I keep asking WHY I should buy this in every thread, but I still have no idea why this is supposed to be a good coin. Can anyone give me real answers or sources??


FUUUUCK. I sold a little stack at 250 hoping for a quick flip and now it's down to 221. This is actually the perfect time to buy.

Guys just play around the whales to increase your bags.

Its purpose where you can use the tokens to raise bounties and also its potential growth in the short term


Fucking dropping!!!! :( heeeellllp nicca

How long do we hold? I’m losing mad $$$ on this one

>fell for the hodl meme

Set your sell order at $0.99 and forget about it

>you're only losing if you sell

Wait a week at least. I'm sure we are going to see a small steady growth until ATH and then blast on all the FOMO