Ok can we have a serious conversation about REQ?

Ok can we have a serious conversation about REQ?
I'm confused about the token burning, every time a transaction is sent it burns tokens, right? Is it a percentage? Measured in whatever currency you are sending? What happens if the token goes up a lot, do fees increase?

Token burn cost adjusts according to token supply. Read the white paper.

The percentage that will burn is between 0.05 and 0.5% of the transaction. Based on the size/type of transaction being made.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask. I've read literally everything about REQ and even contributed a little in the back-end.

What is a good estimate for when can I use REQ network to invoice people for USD at my business? Really excited about REQ becoming mainstream and I would like to contribute to it's adoption.

Can you unironically send me an email jagx33 at g mail need to ask you some REQ questions

Ask on here maybe others are curious about what you are curious about

REQ is currently working at adding ERC20 tokens and Bitcoin support. Fiat is after that.

I'd say Q2-Q3 2018 at the current pace they are making. BUT they are offering commissioning and funding to everyone that codes a prototype so if anyone in the thread wants to contribute or think they can pull it off earlier than them send them an email and you might make some money off of it.

But to answer your question about usability in a store. The point of Request Network is that you can demand payment in whatever you want (for example USD). And the payer can pay in whatever they want (crypto,erc20,other fiat) and through 0x and kyber they will get exchanged in real time with the lowest fees possible (an order of magnitude lower than the exchange rates of credit cards).

This shit will save you a lot of money in the future if you have a business and need to use creditcard/paypal middle-men right now. If you already buy the REQ tokens right now you might minimize transaction-cost for a very long term.

I know the answer, but is REQ better than Ripple for customers and/or businesses? Yes/no is enough, unless you'd like to go into details.

And realistically, what is your price prediction for this one at the eoy 2018?

Short answer, Yes.

Long answer:

REQ wants to be THE payment option of the future. They believe that in the future everyone will hold lots of different crypto/tokens/fiat and they want to make sure that you can pay with whatever you want and the receiver can get whatever they want.

With ripple you are limited to ripple crypto. With REQ it doesn't matter what you use as payment. Thus REQ is future proof and literally designed from the ground up to last for centuries (not exaggerating). One of the ways they try to accomplish this is by making the fees as low as possible. Meaning that it will discourage competition from popping up that will try to accomplish the same thing as REQ is doing now. If they succeed they will become a long-term monopoly on online transactions.

Request Network is non-profit since 100% of the transaction fee will go to burning tokens (The Request Network company only gets profit from rising price of REQ tokens they are holding).

It's literally impossible for other companies to compete with them since REQ has 0 profit margin.

Speculation is incredibly hard especially in an irrational bubble market as these. It's a long term hold but I think if you look at 2 years from now that holding REQ would have given you the most profit out of all crypto.

How do you guys like this meme i made?

If you can't make a solid prediction would you agree that 2/3 dollar REQ might be standard by march/april?








Yes, because REQ offers support for all manner of tokens and even FIAT using oracles and interfacing with exchanges.

Here's a tip if you guys want to make some money

I just sold all my REQ for LINK, which means I can fully and wholeheartedly guarantee that REQ is going to go parabolic in the next few days while LINK slowly bleeds back to $.18

You're welcome guys.

Thanks user. I'll hold till 2020.

I have no idea. I think it will moon. Problem with this is that people still buy technically outdated stuff such as BTC (might start to break down now though). In favor of a lot of better coins/tokens. So even if REQ is the second coming of Christ and starts to cure cancer that doesn't determine the price in the end.

Anyway yes I personally think it will reach that value. But it's impossible to truly guess.

Beautiful. The future is bright.
Why not both? LINK is a smart money investment as well, but REQ is almost guaranteed to outperform LINK in the short term.

I bought most of my REQ around .09 so it's still a gain. I just figured I have such a small amount invested overall (~1200) that I might as well go all in on one coin. We're playing the lottery anyways, might as well raise my ceiling.

what do you think of Utrust? it sounds like a scam to me. read the whitepaper and they are trying to do what REQ is doing except only lets the receiver get fiat.

may i know why you are so certain it will go parabolic?

I actually read in the whitepaper that a portion gets burned and a portion goes to the developers.

read the white paper you dope

$1 by February

Can confirm.

Held XRP for most of the year and it did fuck all for me except bleed.

The moment I dump it gets manipulated to $2.00.

Still a scamcoin tho.

I read about Utrust when they were announcing their ICO.

They were flaunting a lot with their team and "connections" but didn't show a lot of technical credibility.

Also take note that Ycombinator (seed accelerator that were the first investors in Reddit,Twitch,Coinbase, one of the best start-up investers in the world) personally chose to invest in Request Network and still hold monthly meetings with the REQ team.

Ever heard of Confido or Monetha? They tried to do something similar as REQ. It's about the team, the money behind it and the power to actually accomplish it.

Request Network is very professional and clear on what their plans are and what they are going to do and when. Hell it's the first crypto company I've seen that was AHEAD of schedule.

This is false they might add a future staking feature where half of the coins from the transaction fee gets burned and the other half gets paid out to people that staked their REQ. This is a long-term possibility if the REQ team needed some extra funds to address technical necessities. As they are right now 100% of the fee will be burned.

if this thing actually accomplishes all its shit do you see 100 bucks by 2019?

>mfw REQ $10 at Q2 2018

If they succeed they will become to the financial world what facebook is to the social media world.

Putting a $ tag on it is hard though.

Let me explain to you why REQ is a better hold than LINK (even though LINK is a solid product and I would probably have invested in LINK if it weren't for REQ scooping up the #1 spot).

REQ has 1 billion tokens and LINK also has 1 billion tokens.

REQ will try to make it unprofitable for competitors to compete with REQ meaning that REQ will force a monopoly in the long term. LINK doesn't do something similar. If there comes a better decentralized oracle system it might replace LINK in the long term.

Second is that LINK will always keep the 1 billion tokens. While REQ's supply will slowly decrease over time with adoption. From a purely economics side this means that your price increases both from demand side (more people want REQ because they use Request network on stores) but also from supply side (Fewer REQ over time means the remaining become worth more).

This is why REQ will give a higher return in the long run. Also notice that LINK has 350 million outstanding of the 1 billion while REQ has ~640 million outstanding of the 1 billion.

I have 20k of both that I'm not selling for the foreseeable future.

I'm a REQ holder and it worries me that the entire team is French.

They are German and operate from Berlin. They also travel to Asia a lot to connect with businesses and other crypto companies there to negotiate partnerships and the like.

Thanks user, refreshing to read actual BUSINESS AND FINANCE related material on this board. Will scoop up some REQ in early Jan

>They are German