If you own BNTY you should be worried

If you own BNTY you should be worried.
Been watching it for a couple of hours. Buy walls keep getting whittled away, lower sell walls keep propping up.

This might hit sub 200 again

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Just get out and switch to QLC for couple hours. Comfy ride ensured.

It's stagenated until January that's all.

This is the ride for today, get in for a 2x today.

Guess I should KMS. Had too high sell olders for both pumps and now I'm holding useless bags of shit with massive loss.

Just calm down and do something else for a month and come back then sell if you arent happy

Don't swap it for some other KuCoin bullshit like QLINK or UTRUST or DBC you'll just be dissapointed my niggas

I'm holding. let the whale play his game, i'll try to accumulate as much as I can

i'll wake up in a few hours to sub .5 huh? fuck your shills Veeky Forums. Never again.

sell now then pajeet

Exactly what I'm doing user. We'll fly past these panic sellers to the Andromeda.

DBC will blow all those out of the water once people actually realize what it is. The term "AI" is so hot right now.

Goddamn it's been like 3 days lol. If you're that impatient then you should've sold at your 2x. But you know go ahead and sell at a loss and let the rest of us accumulate.

its already over you pajeet fuck

kek my sides

So, you guys bought BNTY and hold for only 30 minutes then panic sell everything.

And look at the chart, BNTY found the bottom at 0.000010xx. After 4 massive dumps down to that price, it immediately goes up.

You should ask yourself, why there is always a guy waiting at that bottom when everyone is dumping their BNTY.

Kucoin is not a popular exchange with high trading volume, that's why it can be manipulated.
Turn off your computer, go outside enjoy the holiday with your family. It won't die if you leave it for 1 week, you know.

Patience! Do not apply the get rich quick scheme into BNTY.

the ico was for 1m

20x so far


I bought bnty at .13 cents, I'm trying to sell at the top of these peaks and buy at the bottom with the whale.

whatre you buying/selling at? im scared of getting burnt

The secret in day trading is not having FOMO. Buy when you feel it's high, sell when it's going low. If I miss a sell/buy direction and I have the coin, I just keep it. If not, I just go buy another coin I believe in.

i don't have the balls to do that. i'll get JUST'd for sure. i can't read the charts well enough yet to predict where the bottom is

well given that it seems to be reaching the bottom, I don't think I'm going to do anything right now. I'm kinda in the same boat,

Set at .02 difference.

see the whales buy wall at 216 was just hit. If I had sold at 270 this morning, thats where I would buy. next time I will follow through



damnit. what the fuck, NO MR WHALE NO BULLY PLS

looks like the whale is buying. this is the bottom guys. 270+ incoming

how can u tell whale is buying im confused

well he did something with a 64k wall but it disappeared but that whale has a wall at 216. You can tell because he puts up the same amounts in his walls. Looks like his sell walls are at 250 and 244.

Sorry but nobody else is going to buy this anymore.

hmmm lots of 12k buy walls all the way down....whale might be trying to make it go lower

If you think a whale is doing this you're delusional. It's just people dumping this shit coin.

Same thing is happening to DBC. Some whale is playing from 103 to 113. Please don't be fooled into selling your BNTY at a loss. Patience you must have.

>If you own BNTY you should be worried.
Why should this be a cause of worry? Time to accumulate

whale here, can confirm, just want to dump 3x on your sorry ass from ICO

nice try whale, I'm not selling. you can make the rest of them panic sell though

Pajeet shitcoin I hope you all die

but I already do so the whole day

I sold. 2x Profit is okay for me.

See you on another moon mission spacecowbois.

can you show proof you are a whale, i just wnana know what a whale looks like

Telegram dev says they're not sure they're gonna get listed in the poll for binance tomorrow.


did that happen to dbc?



Check their telegram retards

Binance is a big ass exchange for a coin this small. Ya'll need to throw some money into this and forget about it, it's going to grow really well in 2018.


BNTY ++++

This is very incorrect. I’ve been following the telegram closely.

Same here. If I sell now, I can guarantee that it will only rise from there on out.
But since I'm not selling, it will now keep sinking. Dunno how I do that, it's magic.

Literally just whale shakes. if your scared just set a sell order for $0.25 cents and walk a way for a day. yeah you'll miss it actually going to $0.50+ but you don't have strong enough hands to hold.

when will the whale stop tho

When more exhanges. Can’t corner the entire market as well if it’s spread out.

he is buying at 209 right now.
If you look at bnty/btc the price is pretty much the same as earlier even though the whale is shaking down this bnty/eth.

Draw your own conclusions.

buy high sell low... why would you do that?

comfy here

When he gets his fill. He's doing this because he realizes how undervalued this coin is.

but with this kind of manipulation whats the likelihood of someone picking it up gahhh

If you have the time and disposition (I don't) keep selling and buying back, you'll keep increasing your bag. Beware you'll lose your whole day doing that though.

Ive been in since day 1. bought at 0.08. my only point being that Ive been watching this early.

Its basically once per day but because of the down trend I'd say another ATH latest by monday but I honestly think we will see it around 0.25 cents range later today because its happened basically everyday. I can draw some meme lines on the market if that makes you feel better.

Holy Fuck, just hold for a bit and you'll make back any investment plus growth. This is not hard to understand. Hell, this isn't even long term, it's only been out for a few days.

Please do, I'd like to learn.

Kkekekeke you idiots are on a sinking ship. I swear to god you guys are so stubborn.
>Whale playing mind games
Not every time there are sell walls is it a fucking whale morons. Don't be stubborn, cut your losses and double your money. Hop on over to DBC, it gets released on major chink exchange Jan1. That means massive pump, you double your money. And if you want hop out, i'm not saying you gotta hold.

Take my advice, if you like money.


yeah it's gridlocked at 113. no movement whatsoever. I'm in at 74, so i can wait until it hits Huobi on Monday. DBC is China pride on the line, so they won't let it crash.

trololol there was no mention on telegram regarding not making it into the Binance voting list.

They just posted a forbes article

Have fun on planet earth, this rocket is blasting off!

Get ready, boys! Hope you bought at .15c.

I really don’t want this to succeed because I sold my 160k BNTY for only 22c each. Sure it was a 3x but it could have been a 10x+ if I would have held. FUCK



I'm not saing this is the same bs as BNTY but cmon man, you rly think that it will moon after jan1? If it go 0.15 after jan 1 i will be surprised

its going up no doubt.

Fucking idiots everyone relax. This coin is going on binance. When that happens this coin can reach $10. Guys getting this for dirt cheap right now.

thanks pajeet

only good news

so only upwards from here


That exchange is gonna make it have a pump in the beginning. Will it drop after? No one knows, but chinks love NEO, and this coin is backed by NEO. It already had a nice pump yesterday this time, in which i sold some.

At first I wanted to fud that it has nothing to do with bnty until i actually saw the link to their website


doy doydoydoydoyyyyyyyyy

Thank god. You fucking street shitters tricked me into buying this at .27 and iv'e been pissed off for 2 days. Yes I realize I'm retarded

If BNTY will even reach more than 1$ i will come to your shitty country, make you shit on my plate instead on your street and i will eat it all with smile on my face

So get in now or stay poor

Don't worry bro, that's still an easy almost x4 to $1.

me too buddy, its ok dw /our time/ will come

If we reach 0.27 though a quick pump would be good idea to sell around 0.25 and buy in again at 0.15

Hope we make it dawg

Kek. I don't think many of you realize this shit's on an OMG trajectory of mooning, your $100 sell at 'le tip' isn't going to stop the twitter, YouTube, and institutional hoard from coming in. Keep in mind they raised only a few million dollars, this is still under the radar but they actually have a stellar marketing team and place high importance on exchanges.

>stellar marketing team

here comes the bounce

Their twitter page is a good source.


Managing to get featured on forbes while being a shitcoin is good marketing


Someone in the BNTY telegram wrote the article to shill it to normies. Wait until I expose you all on Reddit. You are fucked.

It's sketch, but is there anything factually incorrect in the article?

Whales have heavy bags they need to pump regardless.

>written by someone with tons of other Forbes articles
>basing your point on someone who suggested an improvement as the “author”

Yeah go fud yourself senpai

well thats not what happened but ok.

the article was written by grill you shill

Whales are in control of that coin right now and they will do whateva they want

sketch? the fuck are you talking about? it's a forbes article, with the person who works for forbes who wrote the article. jesus christ you fucks are retarded

people still shill this shit unironically? rofl


>ok paj....

>well im comfy

yeah i know right. This goober is mad he's missing the boat

How retarded are you?

...which in line with making profits. Making this bleed to ico goes against that, and other whales can swoop in and buy their on bargain coins. Playing market maker in small cap coins is risky for small time whales.