more like vergens btfo

Who could have guessed?

oh shit its real!!

he texted me too


I hope this dude just fades away now. He's responsible for flooding the market with normies too. A real piece of shit that'll do anything for money.

Uh shit is this an actual crime ? Extortion or what not ?

Isn't this extortion?

Sounds like extortion to me if they never made a deal in which XVG team would pay him that amount

Hahahaha old grumpy grandpa gonna get some jail time

>jumps on the twenty lane high speed international highway

>Scamcoin getting demolished by another scammer


>taking investment advice from a dude who smoked bath salts in Belize jungles

So the FUD was justified. Nearly jumped on this.

Mcafee shitted on XRP as well

If you're still holding XVG, seriously, what the fuck are you doing? Everyone with a brain saw it for the P&D that it was and sold their coins already after the pump. If you're left with your bags, you're legitimately retarded and I can ensure crypto is not the game for you. Thanks for playing though.

Better than listening to retards on Veeky Forums desu


looks fake and photoshop dude

>how could this be, the man known for being a fraudster and killing his neighbour is a fraudster!?

Shit-tier evidence.


Give me one reason you think he killed his neighbor. I'm not defending the guy, but that never happened.

Neighbor killed McAfee's dogs. McAfee killed neighbor via $5000 payment to some Mac-10 guy

That neighbor sounds like a cockhead, good riddance.

No kidding. He poisoned McAfee's dogs in cold blood since "they were menacing" at the beach where McAfee and the dead neighbor were in Belize. When I heard why McAfee had the fuck killed, all I said was "Good."

The evidence comes from @xvgwhale
It looks like they met up IRL and he's been shilling that coin for a long time. If he's faking it, his aim seems to be FUDding McAffe's FUD.

he is off his rocker but I don't think he killed the fag, the (((documentary))) maker in Gringo crafted a narrative. all they had to do to prove their conclusion is find if the dindu henchman was at his sisters wedding. but all of a sudden it got too "dangerous" The others could have been paid off to shit on McAfee. the raid on his compound did seem like a dodgy setup be Belize government