My customer tried paying with bitcoin. The payment was sent 15 hours ago. He sent $3 worth of bitcoin with a $7 fee

My customer tried paying with bitcoin. The payment was sent 15 hours ago. He sent $3 worth of bitcoin with a $7 fee.

My customer just sent me an email asking where his delivery was.

What a garbage currency, my biggest fear with bitcoin's high fees and confirmation times is that it turns newcomers off of crypto.

Is there a crypto worse than bitcoin?

thanks just bought 100k

When will you fuckin pajeets get this through your thick ass skull?

Bitcoin will never be a fucking currency ITS AN ASSET

Tell him that hes retarted for paying with internet money and demand real cash.
You wont fall for his cheat engined monopoly money, do you?

bitcoin isn't meant for cheap ass $3 payments. sorry, but it's true.


Well use Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash then Genius. LTC is 20 - 30c to send around.

And you probably unironically believe this

>Is there a crypto worse than bitcoin?


>Using gold bars to sell coffee

>store of value


Nope, you're wrong, you lose. Try again next time honeybuns!

Faggot uses btc instead of ltc for fast online payments then complains about it. How fucking stupid are you?

Btc = asset, reserve currency for crypto
Ltc = to pay for shit

When are you fucking RETARDS gonna get it through YOUR thick skulls? BTC is not an asset.. An asset actually allows you to generate cash flow; all BTC allows you to do is hold a bag of fucking shit. It going up due to a finite amount does not constitute it being an asset.

Corecucks know they're sitting on a rotting corpse and call it a high class prostitute because they're scared shitless of what they know it's coming.

Accept bcash you would be paid already and have a gappy customer.

Just for fun, take a look at your customers transaction history. See any MLP purchases? Call him out for beeing a furfag and ignore any further correspondence

>gold is not an asset as it generates no cash flow
Just listen to yourself. Also a full colon is appropriate there - you’re not as smart as you think

should've used stellar

Oh cool, so the only mineral to ever be revered since the beginning of time is the only exception? Alright...

BTC does a terrible job as a store of value. The only reason why people see it as such right now is because it's basically the only thing tied to exchanges and is a trading pair for every token out there. As soon as something like stellar and their lumens take center stage and allow normal investors to purchase crypto with fiat, BTC will be forgotten.

That’s a long way of saying “sorry”, nevertheless I accept it.

Kek you fucking corecucks are unbelievable.
>uuuhh BTC is shit in his primary purpose, which is being an alternative to government-controlled money, due to slow as fuck transactions and high fees.
>Better move the goalposts and say is a store of value!
Kys pls

you are stupid for accepting bitcoin.

You need to accept bitcoin cash

>maybe if i repeat a lie long enough it'll become the truth
nice try faggot

>anime pic
Yep, it's retarded.

I love how every time a corecuck is faced with their problems they immediately ignore the argument and start with personal attacks, it's like clockwork.