Crypto gambling site

So I'm creating a crypto gambling website where you can bet on sports(for now) and other events. We would allow using around ~10 different currencies.

What features would you like? Are there already such websites that you visit? Would this interest you?


I'm guessing you can't be in the USA to make a site like this? Always wanted to do something like this but afraid of Uncle Sam.

Yes actually. Looking for a way to speculate on stock prices with crypto. is fun
umm also make pvp betting so that the house edge is only fees (like .1%)

Features I'd like: DOGE

Also generally interested in hearing about other sports betting sites

Hmm, stock prices is an interesting idea, not sure how it would work though. I was thinking more like "Will Trump become President?" or "Will a war start in xyz days in abc country"

This and other futures could be one of the biggest opening for crypto. Derrivatives market is worth 500 trillion

so like

Please post here some features you would like that could take cryptos to a whole new level.

I'm thinking of only accepting coins that are privacy coins such as Monero. What do you think of that?

Accept ETH at the very least or normies won't use it at all.

sorry bud but the market is already cornered by regular exchanges.

What do you mean?

Pls make a replica of

This was the best decentralised betting platform in crypto. Nothing has come close to what they were able to do.

Wait for FUN platform to get out Q1-Q2 2018

You can use their platform risk free (lisence) and modify it / modify games as you wish

What currency will be used for the actual gambling? surely it won't be regular crypto. By the end of a poker game a price could be much different.

You're measuring it in fiats. That's a problem.

Anyway, here's my biggest idea: I'm not going to have a sign up page. Simply bet amounts completely anonymously. Winners get rewards back to address they sent from.

>Worthless meme currency
fuck off dude

>long and strong

LAToken or BMC then.

QUESTION: What would be the best currency? ETHEREUM or Monero?



Because gambling is illegal in a shit ton of places around the globe and you actually want to fully embrace that market.
Once not-truly-anonymous currencies touch gambling dens, a bunch of people in the future might have to reject them.


What’ve we become

You should accept only privacy coins. XMR or Zcoin, etc.

This is kinda of a no brainer here.