How much money means that you "made it" ?

for me it's 1 m.

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+100k enough for me.


A hundred bucks a day.


Enough money to put into fund and stocks and not wagecuck anymore

So, depends

$1 million in liquid assets. I know several people who have a net worth of over $1 million, but it's almost all tied up in the value of their home.

Pff please, that would mean I made it and I obviously haven't

to me at least 2M

To me 500k is making it.

~250k to max out yearly contributions to my Roth IRA
~500k to throw into mutual/index fund
~250k to continue shitting around with shitcoins
~500k to contribute to 401k without having to dip into my actual income
So I would say about 1.5million for me is making it, anything more is extra making it.

Just a little more.

Living in switzerland. This, sadly.

Paying off my £370k mortgage on a £600k house, a £100k car, and £1m in crypto/cash

People need to get smaller homes

I thought i'd cash out at 100k, but now that I reached that number I want at least 500k. This isn't going to end well.

100k minimum so I can quit my job and travel for a year or 2 then start a business.


Clear my mortgage and live stress free

1m would mean escaping hell from a third world shithole
2m would mean a care free normal life with no much worries
5m+ would mean freedom

Yeah me too.
Wouldn't mind 600k either. As long as I can buy some property.

enough so that i can retire comfortably investing in bonds, which would be around 2mil USD.

i turned 4k into 100k and have far from made it. 100k is not a life changing amount.

since money is a tool and not something of intrinsic nature, you can never get enough of it.
you only truly feel like you've got enough money when you have unlimited amounts coming in, like bill gates and warren buffet, they have so much money it doesn't even make a difference when they donate billions.

This. Came from nothing and not looking for much.

I've been meaning to move there, bad idea?

I live in NYC i would need at least 1m-5m.

1M is my goal. With that, I could buy a standard sized house in my area in a nice neighborhood ($400k, brand new four bedroom homes built this year). Considering that $200k would be taken in taxes, that leaves $400k to live off of/invest. I do intend to work a job because I love my work, so it's not like I won't have income.

I'm not looking to never work again. I just mainly want a house and a safety net for unexpected finances.

But if I make more than 1M I'm getting an exotic car of some sort.

$2 Million, thats enough to throw in conservative mutual funds and live off $100k per year growing with inflation for the rest of your life


Around 450k after taxes + 150k still in crypto

That 450 would be used in safe investments or dividend stocks that would give me around 15k after taxes. Would use the other 150k to get rich as fuck.

Enough to buy my family a proper toilet. XRP baby!

Not if you have enough cash to afford a house.
Playing around with taxes here is ez pez.
High living standards and expensive. But if you invest to get around 9k monthly in dividens you won't have a worry in the world.

So much this. I'm sure as soon as I achieve Supreme Neetdom status I will get a steady job and like it. I want to work without needing to wagecuck

i won't cash out before 10M


1 Billion

In BitBean, of course

For everyone its a moving target. Let me explain, the problem is the closer you get to that number the more reality sets and the more number grows.

I used to think 300K invested in a S&P 500 index was all I needed. With that I could bring in an average of 30K per year. Now that I'm very close to that its obvious that -Its not enough and i need to adjust my target again.

100+ BTC

I'm an Eastern European. so 300k is made for me. i'd buy 3 nice apartments and start my own ventures in quite a few sectors.

>tfw every american on Veeky Forums makes 100k a year and still has a shit blockfolio
>tfw my mother makes 6k per year

fuck i wanna make it so bad


why would you want no money?

Its possible bro, just play very conservative. If you have 100k, liquidate half of it to keep yourself comfortable for a while and put the rest back into the gamble.

Yep, the trick is to turn your paper gains from the moving goalposts into safe investments before the rug gets pulled out from under you

Yep we Europeans earn less, but can buy more and have better lives. I used to think those Americans who make 60-80k a year are fucking made, but they aren't , they hardly come by lol.

>able to withdraw 5% after tax
Yeah which planet is that?

Wait its really a guranteed 30k a year? never looked into that

That's fair, but not everybody is looking to live off of crypto and not work. Some just want it to accomplish a goal, like buying a house such as myself. If you do something you REALLY love for a job, then being able to live off of your crypto gains isn't as important. It's just a way to relieve some stress, like a mortgage or a car.

I know I love my work and intend to do it for a long time. There is steady income with it, and I make around $90k a year. Without a mortgage, car payment, or anything else, I can live without a care in the world while doing what I love and making money doing it.

1m would give me enough to purchase a house and a few rental properties that I could sit back and collect monthly rent. Eventually snow balling into more and more rentals or real estate

dis group jD7tXjH

All of it.

hahahaha the fucking state of this board.
10000 btc is the true answer
winklevoss style

10% seems way too high for index
Plus it's all probably going to go tits up in the next couple of years anyway

In the UK you'd need at least £2M (£3M in London) to be set for life.

10 BTC considering where i live rn.
If i moved to a proper country i'd say 50 btc.

100K and im totally done

obviously i will keep playing this game but with that ammount im really really really happy

> tfw you know someone with 50btc who won’t cash out

Greed is one hell of a drug.

For me, making it would be about 4M net worth. 500k in home, 500k in two apartments at me and my wife’s home countries, the rest in equities.

I’m too much of a chicken to ever put more than 5k in crypto though, so I guess I’ll just have to go at it the slow boring way.

2m+ I can retire and live modestly with that much, and reinvest some of it to grow more hopefully.

I'm from a third world country and for me ir would be +50k

2.5 million for me. That's my price.

i don't get the rental approach. you're dumping so much into the purchase of that properties that you could just hodl in crypto and make so much more. what's your logic? i could see doing maybe one of those just to diversify but i wouldn't take all of my money out of crypto to do that.

>Yep we Europeans earn less, but can buy more and have better lives.
>but can buy more
t. german

I put 1500 into XLM/ADA/XRP this week. I'm a broke boi but I start work in 3 weeks. Honestly my initial goal is 15k so I can pay off my student loans. All in all 100k would make my life very comfy right now, I'd be able to get a new car, a bike, an apartment to get out of my parents home and then I would just play the crypto market so I can save up for Med school.
All in all 250-500 K would be the best option, that way I can pay off my parents mortgage as well.

risk tolerance, a mil is a lot to lose

4.5M after taxes is the goal. not crazy rich but still rich and set for life. can go do whatever the fuck i want whenever and can make about 360K a year ROI with a conservative stock portfolio.

idk why I said all in all twice. Reading that back it sounds retarded.

5 Mill -> 50% tax -> 2.5 Mill. nough

if I can just make even 5k, in my bank, then I've made it

1 mil euro after tax... do not get to greedy...

good for you

Why 50%? is That the standard tax rate on crpyto gains right now? That's fucking nuts.


More seriously I aim for around 1.2m. Then invest in juicy dividends for a 5% annual return so around 60.000$. If you go to live to a low cost area with no tax on capital you are a king.

So much I could by an 4 room + kitchen apartment in some cofy city WITHOUT DEBT. I enjoy what I do for living so I don’t mind working.

It’s just feels stupid to pay rent and having a big loan feels repulsive to me.

if by that point you haven't bought kitts citizenship, you are fucking retarded

>£600k house
Fuck in what kind of mansion you live in?

100 million.

Since I live in NYC, 10M at the very least. 1M doesn't even get you a 400 sq ft closet here so I have to up my standards a bit. If I lived in another city or a rural town or something, 2.5M would be the cutoff.

Why stop there?

Why not $1B?

1 million, make 10% a year and live a cushy life on 100k a year

>500k on crypto
>1MM on bank account

A semidetached in london I assume.

kitts citizenship? redpill me on it user. does it work for burgers?

Same I mean that’s enough for me to consider quitting my job and investing full time in cryptos and stocks.

So you need to make about 1.7 million, because the taxmaster will take half of that million

Are you niggers aware of how cheaply it's possible to live? My yearly expenses are 15k

$10M. If I invest that into a safe, liquid portfolio (stocks/bonds), could get a minimum of 3% after-tax returns, which is $300k income a year. I want to be able to live off just the income from my investments, without spending the principal, do I don't have to worry it will ever run out.

A lot of people are saying $1M or less, but that's just a retirement account these days. If your in your 20's/30's and live in a 1st world country like most /biztards, $1M isn't going to last you long unless you want to live like a poorfag citizenship

Minimum 2m after taxes.

i live in russia and don't spend much, so about 20k should do.

Yeah, but I don't want to live like you.

Anons should send you 100k so you can turn it into millions, then billions and then Veeky Forums will have it's own oligarch.

>isn't going to last you long

Are you retarded? You could pay for a brand new home in a really good area for $500k in cash and have $500k in cash left over, assuming you have like $60k a year in expenses (which you won't because most of those expenses come from having a mortgage, which you won't have), you'll be able to live off the principal for ~10 years.

No, you won't be able to never work again from 1M, but it its fucking life-changing money and for many people it basically means you never have to seriously worry about money again unless you do something seriously retarded.

I don't think you get the game we are playing. The whole point is to turn these digital objects into real assets.

Hey user. Where did you learn to read the market? I've just gotten into cryptos money wise. I sepnt some time watching youtube videos on blockchains etc. But I still don't fully understand the technical side of things. Any tips.

At first I aimed for 4M but now I realize even 2M would be enough for me. 3M would be ideal

No way. Realistically you need close to 180k for even a 10k annum income
And those are getting harder to come by

For those who say they made it when they can get enough with 5% annually returns: where do you get those returns on a stable basis each year?

An extremely nice area in Yorkshire. So more than a postage stamp for a garden unlike London. 4 bed detached new build

£2M. £500k for a nice home in a nice area, a couple thousand for a decent car and the rest is for living expenses. Assuming I have £1.25M left over, that is more than enough to live on for the rest of your life. £15.625k per year for the next 80 years is comfy unless you're some retarded turbo normalfag who feels the need to own 7 lambos and eat at stupidly expensive restaurants and do other dumb shit that eats your money away.

For me it's 22 million USD.

1 million USD doesn't even buy you a 1 room apartment in the ghetto where I live.

fuck my life.

>£15.625k per year
Guessing you're going to stay single then? No kids?
Average kid costs about £20k in the first 3-5 years

10m $, not even joking, I'll go big or I'll fucking crash

I'm guessing in your in your early 20s or younger. I thought $60k/year was plenty when I got out of college. But as you get older and want to live a middle class/upper middle class lifestyle, expenses add up and you realize $60k isn't much. Also need to account for inflation. A $60k salary 20 years ago is more like $90k today, because of inflation. Having $500k in cash is nice, but definitely doesn't mean you made it