40 hours

40 hours

ok, grabbed another 10k link from binance and sent it cold storage. tomorrow target 10k more link. that rounds up 250k link. looks like I would be in 25 mill club by Q4. right user

what is the singapore annoucement?

Sergey said in slack that the biggest Singapore crypto exchange is going to list LINK prior to January 10th at the latest. There will be a lot of buyers that day.

Project Ubin?

Project Ubin involves R3 and JP Morgan, so it will involve wither Corda or Quorum.

There is no Singapore. Singapore is a lie.


LINK is a meme right? It's just a shitcoin to laugh at people who waste their money on?

Its a meme with a dream. It will either completely fail, or change everything. We'll never tell you the real answer.

Lol nice proof

Larping stinking links are the worst

Quorum is a permissioned fork of ETH. if CL can connect to ETH it can connect to Quorum. It still will need an oracle.

shitcoin, all link shillers are just joking

I LARP hardcore in LINK thread and have blockfolio threads open in another thread, laughing my ass off at the people who believe my bullshit.

It had a chance for a minute, but it consistently moves in and out of the Top 100, and at this point there are currencies with the same white paper, but higher ranked and have a more active team and community. Like it or not, the future is basically what the normies are going to choose, and all they see is alts in the top 100. Had we shilled LINK a month ago, it'd probably be higher, but the shilling blitz happened like 3 months ago, so the normcores didn't hear about it.

Well, if it means anything, I am the lead dev on another cryptocurrency, and I will tell you right now that not only in my cryptocurrency, but also in my off-chain business, LINK solves a lot of real-world problems for both businesses. That's value right there. I may have just become a LINK convert, though I'm not buying any right now. Definitely going to keep my eyes on this one before accumulating...

Whales trying to divert normies from the Golden Goose or Shitcoin?

It is a shitcoin...

>CEO is literally a philisophy major
>2 devs
>32mil and months of anticipation to announce that they hired literally two people and will have to port the entire fucking project to GO, a literal meme language itself in early dev stages

And how was this empty EOY announcement capped off? By Sergey himself telling us not to expect any more news for months. There hasn't been a project this cucked outside of actual exit scams for as long as I can remember.

But go ahead and hold this shit believing there is anything behind it. "They have NDA's with SWIFT and other partners". Lmfao. Chainlink is nothing but a coin for shitlords to day trade. Holding chainlink is nothing but a loan to these traders who spread the fomo and fud that brought you here in the first place.

Facts: No swift news. Project doesn't fucking exist because it is being ported. 2 developers despite thirty million fucking dollars. And this fat ass philosophy major CEO was on fucking vacation for the past two months. You can't make this shit up.

Post a screen shot

It sounds like a rejected plot for that show Silicon Valley.

stay poor faggot

The only thing that prevented me from making respectable gains over the past 4 months was holding this garbage coin

Fuck off pajeet

This reminds me completely of the Ether shilling before it mooned. I'd buy at least $300 worth to be safe.

They have a 10+ team already. Your post is invalid

What paper wallet are you using?

hmm, if you are right this is honestly fucked up

I can feel the millions but if you are right and as we already know (biz is full of online groups) who shill coins like a team and others read through thinking these are some revolutionary ideas or thoughts coming out

Anyway, I hope link wont fail but if it does not much has been lost for me since I do well with other things I'm with

3/10 fud

where'd you hear that senpai? i'd believe i but I've never heard anyone say that.

It's actually disgusting watching everyone disregard Chainlink and chase empty pumps instead. This is the most innovative piece of technology that financial and insurance sectors have all been waiting for and it will actually revolutionize the world and strengthen every industry it touches.

Look at Vitalik, Roger, Justin, and Charlie constantly focusing on publicity stunts, shilling, and talking about the pricing of their coins Sergey is actually the most reliable leader in the cryptosphere focusing only on his technology and development, no bullshitting with publicity stunts. Only honest answers to honest questions when he gets the chance.

I feel like I'm taking fucking crazy pills watching all of this play out. Etherscan shows that soon 95% of all available circulating LINK will be consolidated into less than 15,000 wallets and that continues to shrink as more people try to chase pumps, they're being shaken into stronger hands. As soon as Sergey's saved up LINK is finally handed over to institutions we'll see the price jump by increments of dollars and it'll be way too for most people by then. This is so fucking ridiculous and scary in showing how stupid most of Veeky Forums actually is.

>it's a meme with a dream

it's like the fudders don't even try anymore or they are genuine brainlets who don't understand even the basics of what they are trying to fud.

What the fuck is going to happen then?
I know it's something related to Singapore but what is everyone actually expecting to happen?

This is a pump and dump you fool, they are shilling before they dump so much you will see the price dip very low and other coins will take off and go through the roof

Than you'll see whales buy in link again, sell off btc or other coins so they are climbing in the red so much other people panic and sell

Than in a month or so another pnd for link and we're in the $2-3 dollar range

link is supposed to be $1 by the eoy 2017. tomorrow is the last day of the year. So it has to happen tomorrow. stock up while you still can you can still get an easy 2x

The math checks out. I'm all in.

It's been trading sideways for the better part of a week. Now people want to dump it?

Get out of here.