You will never make it

lol i already have some

it's not too late. Do your future self a favor

3 words:


What the fuck is this logo

Shhhh i need to fill my bags still

Legit was thinking about doubling up today after learning that they are distributing airdrops of coins they audit.

Same but all my funds are tied up and kraken just started my lvl 3 verify process.. say it with me AAAAAAAAA


what coin is this?

Starts with a Q


Ycombinator investment makes it inevitable that it will partner up with REQ and long-term have a place on coinbase since Ycombinator still has a huge stake in that company.

Nice logo commie nigger.

got any links to this news

website looks like it was made on microsoft publisher

fyi... Quantstamp


>i-it remninds me of muh communism so im not gunna like it!
Nice trading with your emotions, soyboy.

q not doing shit. ceo is taking vacations like sergey. fck off with your y comb bs. i will be making 100x on others and come back to this in 2019.

Any price predictions for next year?

It's funny how Veeky Forums misses yet another easy moon

given its low market cap should x5 at a minimum

only wish i bought more

Already own loads of it. 2018 will be the year of the holy trinity.

Nu-male faggot soyboy lol. I bet you LARP as a Nazi on /pol/ loll. You tribalist cunts are all the same. Pathetic. Enjoy living your life in (((their))) game of divide and rule. I bet you still think ((())) = Jews too lmao. Sad.


The lambo triforce starter pack. I like

Hope so - bizshillvictim here:
2k REQ
5k QSP
14k LINK
Hope i can afford to buy a house someday

Get those Req numbers up to 5k. It will be the first to $1 in Jan. You will have a little time to move some of the profits back to link.

2-3 years and you'll have half a mil user, just hold!

yeah REQ and QSP look like they will move to $1 first, possibly REQ first but QSP has the SJW cult mentality behind it so who knows. Could take off like IOTA for no other reason than the devs want to 'build a loving community' blergh. That is literally on their POC lol.