Opinions On Cloak?

Source code being released tomorrow so wanted peoples opinions on it?

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Cloak is the best privacy/user coin on the market. Problem is that Monero and Verge has a massive shill army on Biz and like clockwork they infest CLOAK threads and yell out "pajeet pajeet!" like a bunch of spastics.

It wont matter once the market realizes how powerful Cloak really is. It's really the best privacy/user coin ever made right now. The tech is the best.

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Like clockwork

Basically this. I'm not sure if Cloak is the best privacy coin on the market but it's at least competitive with Monero. Cloakshield/Enigma is some serious shit and makes txs untraceable.

And yea biz is infested with Verge and Monero shills

>The tech is the best.
The tech is closed source. Nobody knows if it's any good or not. Until the source code is released, it's all just speculation.

scam coin with no working product, stay away from it

kys shills, you can download the wallet and use ENIGMA RIGHT NOW YOU FUCKING PAJEETS

deluded pajeet, not buying your bags

That doesn't mean it's open source, idiot. Don't respond to me ever again.

ask discord.gg/C3GmEqn

Dont buy it pajeet. I wouldnt want you seeing the gains we'll see soon

It's going open source tomorrow moron so you can do your autistic code review while you can already see cloakshield/enigma in action right now, you fucking brainlet

>It's going open source tomorrow
It's been "going open source" for about 2 years, you fucking braindead Pajeet. What is so special about tomorrow? I told you not to fucking respond to me. Drink bleach and end your meaningless existence. Nobody is buying your Cloak bags. There are enough working privacy coins that aren't governed by scamming pajeets like you out there for anyone to buy.

pajeet destroyed, also screencaped his post for tomorrow, the tears will be delicious

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what a fucking retard, I guess you shill bazingacoin too


You people are like clockwork. You are like a bunch of braindead retards yelling "pajeet!" at everything that isnt Monero or Verge. Lmao.

I cant wait for open source Cloak to ream your asses. Screencapping this.

see you tomorrow pajeet

Every time I get on biz I ask myself "can this place get any more scummy?" and then I see posts like yours and I realize, it just has.

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already did

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I don't know it seems like you're the one that needs to go back considering how much youre angirly spamming pajeet in a coin thread. Get a life dude. Never seen someone so triggered over a coin, kek

They will keep yelling "pajeet!" "scam!" "vaporware!" all the way to $1 billion at this rate. Enigma already works...it's right there. Fucking retards, lol.

This coin looks sweet =)

buy it, not my problem, but fuck off to some other place, tired of filtering you, smelly shitskins

>"pajeet pajeet, scam, scam, pajeet pajeet!" - the wise words of a biz user

You are truly a testament of wisdom and intelligence, user. Yeah, really. I'm really impressed.

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What are you guys predicting in terms of price before the announcement?

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Saved, these are awesome.

What other coins are you in? I hadn't even heard of this until recently.


>he's still here

Says the newfag that barely realizes that it has been completely blown the fuck out by bitcoin over the course of 2017.

>pajeet shilling his scamcoin is still here

all these shitcoin threads always show up after big pumps, makes you wonder..