What was Biz like before all this crypto shit?

What was Biz like before all this crypto shit?

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Like it is now but without crypto shit

What were they shilling though, surely stocks etc are much harder to get into.

No one made much money, but it was at least a lot more entertaining.

A bunch of funny threads. Scam threads, frugal living threads (people would post pathetic but hilarious green text stories), self-improvement threads, financial literacy threads, etc.

I think a lot of business and economics majors used to post here. Not anymore. Now, looking at the catalog feels like looking at the ads page in a newspaper. Not much content, and you feel like someone is trying to rip you off.

robinhood. also two double dubs. nice

>buy amd
>buy big pharmas
>buy btc/eth
>can anyone buy my cucumbers

Weren't people big on options a while back

complete shit and anyone who says or asks for anything different is in denial or wasn't around

>lol i'm a high school dropout with no work experience how do I get rich for nothing
>kneepads xD
>i'm majoring in engineering and gonna make 600k starting art majors btfo
>buy eth it's going to $100

Oh, we used to have a lot of LARPing tripfags, too. People actually believed them though, and would take their advice and lose a lot of money. Pic related

Online startups

oh yeah i forgot the fucking frugal threads

>guys how do i save money
>wipe your shit off with your hands to save on toilet paper, only shower twice a week to save on water

literally this board was pure shit, and then there were robinhood generals which were more popular but those are still around just during like 8 hours of the day because of the shit stock hours

I think I recall seeing one single options thread, but options were too complicated for NEETs to comprehend so it didn't get much traction.


At the top every day.

Basically tinfoil conspiracies about the market crashing and people asking how to make money from home.

Business ideas, book threads, dropshipping, frugal living, robinhood general, cryptocurrency general (/ccg/) and a few particular crypto shill threads (Ethereum general, doge general, etc).

One thing that has never changed though is the bitcoin brag threads and nocoiner cope threads.

Full of old dickheads asking about information on some email they got from a Nigerian prince.

Sell me this thread, OP

I've heard Veeky Forums was created as a containment board for all the crypto shills that used to go on /g/ instead

Robinhood is fucking garbage. I have made multiple times my money on shitcoins than "legitimate" stocks that whales will have an eternal advantage in due to jewish trading times

I saw a youtube recently of someone listing 15 things wrong with biz, it was uploaded on the 8th of Jan 2017.
Maybe it needs to be remade

The biggest non-happening that's ever not happened. Shemitah. The day I gave up on happenings forever.

Can confirm that this is true.

It was slow as fuck and fucking sucked in comparison to now

most accurate ITT.

This means that there was no Veeky Forums without the crypto shills, and everybody claiming to remember otherwise in this thread is LARPing

Utterly terrible.

Your average thread:
> Frugal tips and how to steal toilet paper
> How to flip products bought on alibaba for 2% profit
> Search Engine Optimisation and google ad revenue/amazon affiliate links for your shitty blog

making money with CPA, google adwords, SEO, etc.

farming, flipping crops, deciding what degree to pursue. alimony cases, sob stories about bitch ex wife wanting money, tax evasion, etc. There's was so much before crypto shills.

user from 2012.

biz was formed because /g/ was flooded with crypto shit.

there wasnt really any before

yeah like i said here too/g/ was the only place for crypto