What's your excuse for being poor?

What's your excuse for being poor?

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Personally I blame my parents

it's not late 2018 yet where LINK is $50 minimum

Being not white

It's not 2020 yet

We should buy neighbouring islands bro

you wont have any excuse in a year from now if get yourself informed about skycoin these days... t.me/Skycoin

I'm not a gay Mormon Jew from idaho

stinky linkies spotted, takin' the shot

That didnt stop Kanye West

Whats your excuse for having a fukd up nose if you're (((rich)))

have to agree desu

I've been working since the day I turned 15, my mother hasn't paid for anything since and I haven't asked her to
I'm turning 19 soon and I already make more than her (still only 30k), she emigrated here from Russia when I was maybe 10 y/o so I don't blame her or anything, in fact I'm most appreciative

but goddamn do I get envious of the kids whose parents bought them a phone, a car and gas/insurance, then they get to go to college and party for 4 years all housing and expenses paid for, etc etc

While I'm here living in a shitty apartment with my mom in buttfuck Colorado, working my ass off wagecucking and going to community college, literally haven't had time for a gf since high school, already have chronic back pain, etc etc

Crypto is my only hope, I don't think I'm gonna "make it" but if things go well it will be a nice boost to get myself out of the shit. Have about 4k USD in REQ, XLM, XRB, holding eth for comfort

>It's time for Eriks daily thread on Veeky Forums

I didn't hodl my buys from the beginning of the year

I didn't solve the oracle problem.

oooh I'd rather be poor than look like this unfortunate fucker.

i don't have rich parents

LT-1 reporting in. You take them down, I'll drive over their corpses.

Am pajeet. i live in small Indian village very poor.

I too have worn a badly fitting tux in a shitty Holiday Inn bathroom.

At least I am not a faggot.

Get out nigger

Never stop working hard and being smart and things will work out for you.

What's your excuse for being a fucking ugly cunt?

Kanye West's parents were already rich before he became a rape star

>being not white means you're black

Hes cute I'd top him

It litterally does though shit skin


this is what coons actually believe

>haha you're nonwhite, you're statistically more likely to be poor than me and thats probably because of your lower IQ!
>dude haha youre not poor because you're nonwhite uh w-we all have the s-same advantages bro

CryptoTanks XD

this 100x

>not poor because you're nonwhite
>because of your lower IQ!
you said it yourself

not buying btc just to spite my physics teacher so i can brag about having more than him

Trust fund babies are weaklings. The hardships you are enduring now will help you survive in the new world.

Why do you keep posting this shit thread? It adds fucking 0 in value

wait, what? this post doesnt make sense.

His parents are super lucky to have such a good looking son.

The resemblance to his father is uncanny.

With looks like these in his gene pool, he was bound to succeed in life.

Why aren't you from a good looking family anons?

After buy my 1.4 million dollar home in cash all the bullies in school wanted to be friends and girls started talking to me. Crypto changed my life

No parents growing up(they died). No guidance. No one taught me how to handle money or be successful. No business sense. School was just one big social experiment.

I'm hoping it's not too late for me. If anyone has some direction or a good place to start and learn I'd appreciate it.

What a special story. You came from right downs the bottom and made it to the top-yourself.

>she emigrated here from Russia when I was maybe 10 y/o
dude, at least you got this. Imagine living in a poor family AND living in Russia. Life is literally hell. I have almost $40k now in memecoins, I made those gains out of $600 which I had made from scamming chinks on Steam half a year ago, like a snow nigger I am. Jobs in my town pay $200 if you're lucky for a month of slave work, I know in smaller towns they even get less than that. Literally Africa with nukes

>I have almost $40k now in memecoins

well done m8

>t. poorfag
Enjoy poverty

Basically from age 16 to now, 24, I've had to raise myself because my parents were/are poor and never taught me anything useful

Enjoy the extra chromosome, you're the reason your daddy left. Your mom gives you those funny looks sometimes because she is scared you are going to rape her.
Based Iceland.
>where did you get the pictures of the tard?

we're all gonna make it brah

This kid is proof that money can't buy taste

or ya'll can stop being poor and follow some small gain calls , stolen from paid groups
fuck pump and dumpers!
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