KCS shill thread

Veeky Forums you are really retarded if you don't buy this token.

>KuCoin upcoming exchange. 1/100 volume of binance. Will compete with Binance.
>KCS pays 50% of trading fees DAILY in dividend proportionally to how much you own (100M circulation)
>You get small amount of shitcoins
>These shitcoins might moon in the future, making this small amount a small fortune
>Get also paid back in KCS (positive feedback!!)
>People want to hodl this thing, scarcity = price rise
>KCS will list XRB soon (XRB has 2k BTC volume despite only trading on shitty exchanges)

So to summarize:

>New coin gets added
>Volume of exchange increases
>Dividend per token increases
>Get more KCS because dividend
>Demand of token rises because dividend rises
>Token price increases

Not posting ref URL, but be nice and use my code when signing up; 1bPd3

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Can you provide an example of fee dividend earnings? I'm kind of brainlet at this time of the day

Dividends are currently about 7.5% annually, compared to 2.5% for the "average consumer goods yield for stocks listed in the S&P". Aside from that, it gives holders a fee discount and isn't consumed on use (unlike BNB), so that's fairly helpful if you do a lot of arbitrage between GDAX/Binance/Kucoin like me. It also gives additional privileges like personal investment services, but those perks are only really relevant to native Chinese investors.

Go to kucoinshares.com there you can see how much you probably are going to earn.

Spoiler: not much
But hey it's better than nothing.

Enjoy the dank meme and use my code if you sign up 1HgQ7

Is it an ERC20 token?

Sure. Let's consider one hypothetical trade.

1000 BTC is traded for 100 ETH.

Trading fee:

0.1% * 1000 = 1 BTC;
0.1% * 100 = 0.1 ETH;

You hold 100 tokens, which is 1 millionth of the total tokens. Paid over all token holders is 50% of transaction fee, so:

1 BTC * 50% = 0.5 BTC;
0.1 ETH * 50% = 0.05 ETH;

You get 1 millionth of this, so 50 satoshi's and 5 'ether-satoshi' (0.00000005 eth).

Note that this is only one transaction. Numbers you should plug in is total volume and total amount traded.

Can we get a train going?


Use mine and post yours :)

Sure but you don't consider the fact that any of those coins can moon.

This site calculates what you get if you pay it out immediately. It should add a feature to figure out how much what you got x days ago is worth now. Imagine several coins mooning.


do i have to shill my reference code to get dividends?

>Trusting Chinks will pay dividends

Gweilo I...

Yeah sure but it gives you an rough estimate on how little you will get. But if you invest a shit ton of money in KCS it will get quite comfy.

No. Kucoin trading fees are distributed:

50%: KCS holders
20%: (per trade of ref) lvl0 ref
12%: (per trade of ref) lvl1 ref
8%: (per trade of ref) lvl2 ref
10%: Profit for exchange

already got dividend, it pays daily

Only coin i'm holding in 2018.

Volume now: 4000btc/day
volume binance: 250000btc/dag

One of the only coins with an actual use. You can hold it to get everything on their site.

It's mining but better.
100.000.000 supply at 3$ bargain

Exactly this, plus the token has actual value too which will only rise. It's literally coupled to the exchange's success.

I bought 10 KCS yesterday and didn't get any dividend.
Do I have to wait longer or do you get it in the form of some shitcoin.

Wait a few hours, my first dividend took a little longer. Since then I got everything everyday on time.

yeah, wait a bit longer, and you will get every coin. Even BTC and LTC and ETH

I had to wait some time too before they showed up, they had some backlog but are catching up. You should see dividends within 24h.

If you're looking short term, too late on this one. Got in at $1 and sold around $3.30, easy triple.

Might be okay long term, but it's a bit riskier.

Does anyone else have trouble logging in? I have to try multiple times to get in.

Basically you invest in the exchange. And it's a website 3 months old. Brand new.

They still have some login troubles, but server problems bugs are normal for a new site. That makes it also the risky part of the investment obviosly. But since it's a copy from binance i'm pretty confident.

XRB listing -> volume increase -> token demand up

No brainer long term

Volume last 24 hours


Copying Binance, plus Hong Kong exchange, those fuckers know IT.

Yeah sometimes their logins are a bit wacky. Try using incognito mode, usually works for me.

Also firefox work better then chrome

this should be the no 1 coin for holding poorfags right?
you basically all in into this and spread your portfolio by getting shticoins and hope some of them moons

Yeah, only problem is, when you're poor it will take ages.

Best for being poor is all in on a low marketcap coin

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Cuck coins look incredibly attractive - I'm sure you've seen the dividends chart.
Honestly this is bordering on too good to be true territory.
My number 1 concern is an exit scam. But I'm still holding 10k cuck coins as of now.

Yeah, or a security flaw messing up the supply of the coins. There are obviously risks. But low risk is low reward

Do you have an idea how much you get with 10k? I bought 3.4k

Well you literally get coins to free so wether it pumps or dumps it doesn't matter because you have zero attachment. It will generate stuff with value to you, no matter how much it is worth.


10k: $3 daily.

But remember that you get a shitton of shitcoins which give you free crypto to play around with. If one of them moons, your $3 you make today can be worth $300.

I'm getting 5 USD daily right now.
It's something around 100k USD yearly if they reach 10bil volume, which is possible considering they're gunning for binance's spot.
You see why I'm concerned, this is way too easy

how many kucoins do i need to get a waifu like that?

Don't see why you are concerned. KuCoin still keeps 10% of all trading fees, which are the profits for them. It's not like they need to create money out of thin air to make this sustainable.

1k + 1 year

They will actually ramp down the dividends paid to 15% at high volume. 50% would be on the order of millions in yearly dividends.
I'm concerned because there's always a catch. Maybe they'll just get greedy and fuck it up.
But at this rate we're going to make a fuckload of money, especially when everyone FOMOs in and pumps cuckcoins to 15+ USD

Hmm I forgot to mention that KuCoin itself holds 100M shares.

This means that they will want to keep the price up. If they reduce dividend by 50%, they reduce effectively the price of their shares by 50%. They are literally shooting themselves in the foot if they do this.

Plus their exchange will attract a lot of attention when they list XRB

Yeah I'm going to do some serious digging on the team. Like I said the main risk is something along the lines of exit scam.
Hopefully some of you guys will do the same and maybe in a couple of days we can combine our findings.

imho i think it's too much effort for an exit scam. If you want to pull that off, you create a shitcoin and delete everything. (confido)

KCS will get more fees from people who signed up without referrals/first tier referrals, so their profit is actually higher.

They're using the same expansion strategy that Binance is using.

Before moving my BTC into Kucoin, I read their whitepaper, tested withdrawals/deposits, and emailed support to ask about their security measures.

Also they need to go through legislations etc

Well everything is always peaches until you get goxxed, but I guess that's the risk you have to take for these kinds of gains

A word of warning for those actually buying these tokens: as far as I understand it, Kucoin is a relatively new exchange with little history, and any value of the KCS token depends on its continued existence. If the exchange closes/gets hacked/etc. the token will suddenly become worthless as it will never be listed anywhere else. There are a lot of shaky 'investments' in cryptocurrencies, but to me this one seems riskier than most. I guess one rebuttal could be that the risk that Kucoin fails and that the token disappears is the same as the one that any other company fails and theirs disappears, but I don't know. I'm sure exchanges are making a killing right now, but I don't know how safe buying these types of coins here, or is there is any way to make sure they actually pay the dividends they should. The referral shilling is low risk, but I don't know about investing much in these tokens. If I'm wrong, I'd be glad if anyone could explain me how and not just sling insults.

You are right, 10% of all fees is the bottom. Most people will also not have tier 2 or tier 1 refs, further increasing their income. Nice.

These login issues make me want to pull my hair out.

True. See it as a startup company where you can invest in. Just dump 1% of your portfolio in it, if this exchange takes over Binance you are literally sitting on gold.

You're absolutely right in that cuckcoins are worthless if the exchange goes away.
The question now becomes: are you willing to risk that possibility for the promise of insane gains? If Kucoin goes to binance volume you'll be making hundreds every day just from dividends.

They can probably fix that by just adjusting the time after being logged out when idle

This. Plus your dividend will probably rise in value too. Free crypto!

POSW blown the fuck out

Fucking normies buying 2k mining rigs when you can also buy 2k worth of KCS and make more.

Use incognito