This was just released yesterday, the next big thing is here, buy a tank and strap in because we're hitting the fucking moon today. The LT-1 isn't as profitable as the LT-2 but either way you're getting in early enough for either.

>too much of a poorfag to daytrade
>keep getting shilled shitcoins by pajeets
>jewcoins will never take you to lamboland

Buy an LT-2 and you wont regret it - Ethertanks will be the next cryptokitties I guarantee it. I've spent the last 3 hours refreshing my page and watching my profits skyrocket.


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if I buy an LT-2 will my testosterone increase?

would like to see one of these where there's an actual playable component. as of now these are just ponzi tanks

At least when etheremon got exhausted we had the decency to tell people to stop buying in
But you pajeets just don't quit

ponzi scheme if I've ever seen one

It's a little too early for this. 5 more hours until you can buy ponzi tanks again. Also the dev is currently processing payouts since the previous contract had an exploit in it.

get an online imaginary tank for 700 dollars
are you fucking serious?
id rather buy a samsung s8

but can sell said imaginary tank later on for 2 samsung s8

What the fuck are you on about mate?

And what? You buying imaginary coins is no more different. Stick with your wagecuck job and enjoy living the jew life while i make my way all the way up with a $140 investment

You buy a tank and make dividends for every other person who buys that tank, you can cash out your dividends whenever you want and you keep the tank.

Any recommendations on which you believe to be the best tank and why?

won't buy 100k though.

a bunch of LT-2s and then buy the best one you can (if you want to play the game and the ponzi is still here)

it works, got 90 dollars from my 2 lt1s since morning

the best one to buy is imho lt1 or lt2 if you are in only for money

It should go without saying, but anyone who's bought into this has a vested interest in getting you to also buy in.
Also, they will likely try and sell their share before you, leaving you fucked in the gutter where you belong.

where was this game announced?

you can buy the same tank more than once I didn't realize that

5 LT-1's reporting in.
Pls buy they're the cheapest goy! My dividends are lasting longer than fucking etheremon

you don't sell your share you simply receive the dividends
I had bought the cheapest one this afternoon and it already paid itself (meaning I have the ETH I paid back into my wallet)
I didn't know I could have bought it multiple times though

Wow they really did send us our cashout. Even paid for the gas. These guys care as much, if not more than the etheremon devs. I'm happy im on both projects. Mode a little over 600 dollars profit on ethertanks so far. over 1k in cashout if you count my initial investment being returned already.

already moving ETH from cold storage to dump into this

Can we currently cash out at the moment or do we have to wait until the new smart contract at 2am GMT?

I think you need to wait
I was among the 3 last ones to cash out before they emptied the wallet for the update so I cant even try atm
I dont think you will lose anything if you try though but I would rather wait

is staying one month on this realistic?

how long has etheremon been up?

You literally don't need to worry about 'staying'
just keep cashing out from time to time and sell your Tanks when you think the price is reasonable (if that ever comes out)

Also how the fuck do I do taxes on this shit'?

LT-2 sure is the best earner in my hangar. Any telegram group like the etheremon one?

How the fuck people are buying the tanks if it has been disabled in the website?
Somehow my balances are still increasing


yeah wtf i'm confused

so basically this is a ponzi scheme?

Since you only get "profit" when someone buys a tank you own. So if you buy one MT-1 you only need 352 people to buy a MT-1 until you are in the green.

Jesus, why is this even advertised here?

I prefer Etheremon

because mods dont ban them

Isn't it obvious? The more people who buy means the more money everybody here makes. More exposure = more buying power. Just because it's a ponzi doesn't mean there isn't money to be made.

These pyramid schemes need to be banned from Veeky Forums

Same, at least they're pleasant to look at after you've bought them. The spinning tanks are rank af

but only retards fall for t... oh yeah if forgot, we are on Veeky Forums

>be pajeet
>wont buy EtherTank because "ponzi"
>makes fun of tanks cause poorfag
>mfw your literally missing out on massive gains cause your a jew.

stick to being a wagecuck and living on $6 an hour Mr.Shwartz

pajeet or jew? make up your mind asshole. This ponzi is over by the way, you need 1000+ people buying your shit tank to double your money if you buy now, which is not gonna happen at those prices.

yup, on to the next ponzi

and as usual the only winner are the ones who sell the initial batch

He's adding a new round of tanks at 8PM central time tonight.

>Stay poor.
>Already made 1.5 ETH while gone wage cucking.

It will be at 3am here but will stay awake just to buy those chad LT-2 and HT-2

stay poor

then say it from the start: "wait for the new tanks the old ones are not profitable anymore".
But who am i kidding you want to scam people into your jewtanks

why would I say that?
the website is down at the moment so I have no idea whether they are still profitable or not but I will take the risk
the website opened like 2 days ago ffs
buy whatever you want

the tanks I mentioned are the old ones in case you haven't checked the page

Can't wait for when the bottom ponzi layers get anally JUSTed, it'll be delightful.

you're gonna buy the old ones? have fun with your pictures lmao

so its not even hiding that its a ponzi?

at least crypto does, kind of..

"ponzi" this "ponzi" that. this will literally make you profit in minutes and you're all worried about a long term hodl for a picture of a tank? like yeah of course it isn't a viable currency but its literally guaranteed to make you profit in minutes without having to worry about selling after a crash? seems like a no brainer to me


Either get into the ponzi and hope you make money, or ignore the ponzi and play it safe. But please stop posting the word ponzi a hundred times in every ponzi thread acting like you're a genius for recognizing an obvious ponzi scheme.

Also, please place a block on this pyramid pyramidgame.jesbus.com/

Since I'm going full retard and profiting on every ponzi, should I go for it?

this one is a bit too much