correction to $3 by 2018

I'm pretty sure it's tanking because money on in ripple on bithumb is going to Qtum now. Volume for Ripple is dropping on bithumb too.

*grabs popcorn*

>Muh it's never going below 2$


>believing ripple will be used by banks
>not one major us bank is using it
>all Asian shitnbanks
>not knowing the “banks” that use it are just pumping and dumping it
>buying into the biggest crypto scam

you anti-Ripple faggots are worse than SJWs

Anyone relying on the Koreans to bolster their (((investment))) is a fucking retard. These guys are the biggest FOMO faggots on earth.

>said the trembling top-buying bagholder as the red candle haunts him in his sleep

banks don't even intend to use the coin, just ripplenet, it's one of the scammiest coin ever

It was obvious a crash was coming. The question is, do you buy back in?

The crachhhshjjjhhh is rrrreaaaallll

I'm masturbating furiously at cripple-cucks and their bullshit (((cryptocurrency))). Get fucked faggots.

hurry up, lel

Threw 12 btc in this shitcoin at 18k sats, just sold, lost 2.3 btc in 12 hours

buy high sell low xddd
Or stop being a fucking autist with ADHD and wait for it to jump back up

way overdue

let it go to fucking ZERO

get ready for the long nap buddy

invest coins based on principle not fomo, they always have ups, unless they are already top 10

>tfw just sold everything
Feels good man. Kinda wish I had done this at the ATH, but oh well. My ROI has been well over 300%.

I'm in XML and FUN so

What's the normie reaction on ripple falling?

weak handed fgts

Judging from reddit, 100% denial and HODOR memes. Too bad for them, i actually want them to make gains.
Good job user

How did you know I am an autist. Btw this is the second time I've been JUST'd on this piece of shit. I bought when it hit 30c during the twitter 3-2-1 countdown hype and sold at 20c when the news hit that they were announcing a conference. These filthy motherfuckers got me to fomo again, unbelievable

Sadly I shorted at 1500 but I held my position at the top. Starting to get some profit now.

lol this is just the beginning, there will be stories told about this crash in 2k18