Be me

>be me
>NEET for the last couple of months
>Uncles family came for Christmas Eve dinner
>My cousin is the "superstar" of the family because he has a stable job at an IT company and drives a Mazda
>Everyone in my family pretty much hates me
>Dinner is about to start
>Wear the cheapest and shittiest clothes I had, on purpose of course
>Sit at the table
>Aunt asks what I have been doing in the last couple months
>"Oh, you know I have been trading cryptocurrencies and invested in several companies through token sales"
>Annoying cousin starts making subtle fun about me and "muh bitcorn investments"
>As he is talking I pull several boxes out and place them on the table
>First box is a 30-year-old Hibiki Suntory Whisky that costs around $4k
>Second box is a new IWC Schaffhausen watch that costs around $9k which I bought from Mr Porter
>Everyone on the table is speechless at this point and stares at me
>Aunt asks me how I could afford this
>"Yes, my investments were very successful you know"
>Cousin gets visibly angry and veins start popping out from his forehead
>My father, uncle and grandfather start asking me about my investments and how they can also get in
>Everyone pretty much ignores my arrogant cousin at this point and they focus on me

We will have another dinner tomorrow for new years eve, I will keep you updated.

another joyous larp. good tidings to you, OP :)

/comfy/ blog desu

another win for the little guy

and everyone clapped

Nicely done, fren.

Unfortunately economic social ques are very important. No one respects you unless you make them. Its basically buying peoples respect. Selfish fucks. The only thing to do is constantly remind them how much you make.

>As he is talking I pull several boxes out and place them on the table

Don't show too much dude, be modest it's okay to show you gained money but let them come to you it's even better.
Start investing in real estate, keep some crypto
Don't buy flashy cars etc right now.
Don't tell them how to go into the game don't speak too much.
They're not interested at you but your money : change that. Show that you're smart enough to gain money, not show that your randomly gained money the difference is huge.
Hope your dinner will end well user

God bless you OP

stale pasta

10/10 larp.
good job.

nice larp

Well done.


big if true

>1 post by this ID

They didn't respect you from the start and they still cant respect you

The problem is you are trying to show off or still looking for some kind of attention from them

Fuck them, family means nothing unless you have a good wife and kids of your own. Your actual family backstab each other every chance they get

Seems like you're an insecure little shit who will blow off his money pretty quick.

>Le millennial investor, so smart, much mioni

>>As he is talking I pull several boxes out and place them on the table
Autist detected

His name? Albert Einstein.


If this isn't a larp - you are the biggest idiot I have seen on this board and I have been here almost daily for months. Just let that sink in.

Incredibly autistic. Don't hesitate to show them your light saber collection, OP.

NEET fantasy 101

There is a reason for the term "Fuck you money"

But I don't believe user

Shut up! It can happen!

>family disowned me for being a faggot
>don't have to deal with this

Feels good

I'm all in

>tfw family doesn't disown you for being a faggot

It's like they don't even love me

>30-year-old Hibiki Suntory Whisky that costs around $4k

>buy $4000 water

I'm comfy with this larp

> I am envious of my cousin, he is in shape, has a great career and gets laid.
> I want to prove my self by "making it" with delusional fake internet money.
> this thread is so i can jack off to the idea of my cousins letting me suck him off when i "make it' in crypto

never tell family you have money.