It's not too late.


thanks for telling, will buy tomorrow

picking up speed everyday. i can't wait till it hits other exchanges. all of the lucky fucks on nova with cash there can buy it at a discount too.

>12 billion premine
>13 billion max

wtf am I reading

What's the deal with Nova? Is it invite only? How do you get in? I got this on coinsmarkets at 260... can't complain, but was at 100 on nova at the time.

what the hell. as per your infographic verge is the best if used through tor

From what I understand they’re transitioning over to a new coin and will burn all the old coin to lower market cap. I was gonna buy more until I read the bitcointalk discussion about this coin. There’s almost zero activity in their github.

Xspec is better

So, invest on this coin is loss money?

What a joke. Notice that chart does not list XSPEC, the hottest privacy coin right now.

It doesn't compare to XSPEC so they just left it off.

It’s hard for me to say. I just threw $50 at it for fun. There’s a few people out there who own master nodes even though its $100k, but assuming the price of COLX stays at 1 cent, they literally make about 54k a year doing nothing from this coin. I may get bit more so I get better chances at staking the coin. But my confidence of it moving up in price is meh, the team just seems a little disorganized

I got in at 8 sats holy shit I'm so pumped for the future

this still has 10x room before even hitting cryptopia. then comes the white paper and zerocoin release

Nice, just bought 100k shares


white paper?

Search engine?

>Earned us a mention in the (((New York Times)))

yeah, no thanks. I'll take my COLX anyday.

Holy shit that 12 billion premine piece of shit doesn't even begin to compare to the technically superior XSPEC. COLX doesn't even have modern-day privacy features like Spectre.

20 mill current supply, TOR, stealth addresses, & ring sig. obfuscation? Yeah, I'll take XSPEC.

>claiming coinjoin is better than monero

kys pajeet

My favourite underrated coin ColossusXT (colx).
- Very fast transactions (

im retarded and cant find it

Take your jew coin out of here pajeet. Xspec is some jew coin garbage featured in the (((times)))