Forbes entire article on Bounty0x

Hope you got your space suits and your hats, cowboys

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Answer is no. Headlines asking a question? Answer is always no. No exceptions.

Get in while it's still affordable biz tards. Shitcoin or not, this thing is going at least x5 within weeks or sooner.

Man, shame that it isn't on a big exchange yet, normies will have severe trouble getting to kucoin.

how come? It was as easy as any other exchange to me. Even more so since it didnt require id

Someone send the article to binance. This is their one shot to take ALL the bounty trading volume before KuCoin can continue to improve and upgrade their servers.

Biggest problem with it just being on Kucoin is the ability for whales to own the market and keep the price down.

1) token is utterly useless. no reason they cant just use eth

2) forbes articles are called sponsored content aka ads you fucking brainlets

thats the good thing though. They keep the price low for literally anyone to get in

its at 1337sat, what does this mean

How will you get paid when cryptokitties throttle the network. Are you suppose to burn 'eth' to incentivize honest sheriffs?

No, they do it for you to buy and panic sell at a loss back to them.

Hopefully fairx will list it, it will be much easier to buy and sell when the XLM network goes live.

Is there a possibility to mine this shit? I don't want to convert part of my ETH to buttcoins due to "muh 30USD" transaction cost.

im not a retarded brainlet though

buy it with eth fag

No, but you can unironically use the platform and if you do the work I guess you can ask to get paid in bounty.


5x incoming r=1Rra3
Sign up and transfer with ETH

doesnt really show up in the price

you faggots do realize this is basically updoot and downboot for cryptoreddit, yes?

Just like to remind everybody since it seems to be a common misconception with this project: The bounties can be paid in any cryptocurrency! They don't have to be paid in bnty.

Dont register with this link from this faggot l

bouncing back up as I type ...

Amazing exchange, time to fill my shitcoin bags. Only thing holding me back was the BTC transaction cost. May your bed be full of hot wives.

>crypto influencer

Calm down, you're not getting rich with one invite, let the lad register.

You too, user.

1) they do fucktard, bounties can be paid in any currency the person receiving it chooses. can you read?

No. I wanted to give him my referal first you faggot. He is my client

you do realize it is only available on KuCoin, right? and that most people don't want to touch ED because it's still compromised right? and that whales are sweating to keep price down right? 2+2=4?? pic related

Oh well, I didn't do it out of malice. Sorry user.

found the autist that didnt read the fucking whitepaper

its literally answered there

Hopefully binance gets off their fucking ass and lists it after the article.

minus 1 is 3

Quick math

moon mission incoming either way

2+2 = 4
but 2*2 also 4?


this is pretty huge

>22 eth
If there's not enough interestfor buyers to get through that then this shitcoin is fucked.

Several BTC walls too


It's already falling though. Stay poor pajeet.

This is big guys! Forbes is as normie as it gets. Couple that witha binance listing and volume picking up steam in Kucoin and we're at the ground floor of a new bull run!

Europe is sleeping in a bit... typical time for american pump begin. Eurofags will keep it going in the morning. This coin will be at 0.0005/ETH before we know it


you are aware of the market cap, correct? since it doesn't seem like you research, the MC is $19M. you're the guy who thinks an 80eth order on a coin that's MC is 400M is a whale.