Who here /ConstantlyNagged/ by their wife/gf/mom(?)/other women in their life for crypto?

My wife won't stop. She acts like I'm playing a video game, even though I'm making as much in crypto as I am at work.

If I was spending this time doing dusty old-far IRA investing she'd be proud. But since it's internet meme money I get chewed out.

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>letting anyone in your life know about your crypto stack/gainz

Based blue filter Lynch poster

I thought this was a meme but I get it now. My normie friends flooded in to Coinbase and put like $10 USD into BTC and cashed out when they made $2 profit. My mom thinks my coins are "cute". My wife hates crypto and is nagging me every way along the path to our financial independence.

The meme is true. Hide your powerlevel.

> live in a rented apartment with wife
> 30% of income in rent
> tech job
> rest of it save or crypto
> wife thinks im a god
> waifu is 9/10 half-japanese
> have dogs and animals
> plenty of fun

maybe its time for u to dump ur life

I'm you, except 90% of my income is rent, wife doesn't give a shit about crypto, is Chinese, and no pets.

there is a reason that wealth hides itself away in hard-to-reach places
keep quiet about it man.

Protip: Even dumbest non-normie money knows that the bubble hasn't even begun yet. People like our moms, your wife, and your friends, are just BARELY starting to get comfortable with putting ten fucking dollars into crypto.

We're going to see bitcoin ETFs next year (most likely*), which means that even your older relatives and your boss might end up having some assets tied up in BTC.
* = cnbc.com/2017/12/20/nyse-files-to-list-bitcoin-etfs-bringing-cryptocurrency-a-step-closer-to-mainstream.html
>tl;dr: we aint seen shit yet

GF is onboard, has a shitload of crypto just like me. We're planning trips to take with future cashouts.

Sorry you all are awful at finding bad QT's and you make it worse by hating all women.

I have to know - Honcouverite?

No, California. But Hong Kong wife.

>n-not my gf, nuh-uh, she's DIFFURNT

Nope. The Ma's last investing report from me stated I sold near the peak in December. Which I did, mostly. She has not been apprised that I went right back in on the deep low and I will not inform her of that until there is good news to report. She's pushing 70 and does not need the stress.

Only other woman I've told is my sister. She seems like she wants to fomo in hard on both crypto and marijuana stocks but her husband, whose money she would be playing with, is not as keen on the deal. He should really look in to those weed stocks though, if not the crypto. They're blowing up.

I may be forever alone, but at least no bitch will dictate how I spend my dollarydoos.

I don't hate my wife or women in general. I just created a thread as a support group for men with women in their lives who make their crypto investment a pain in the ass.

Fuck off to another thread.

You sound like a woman

I get chewed out by my mom and my gf is starting to be less annoying as well. She watched me make 10k yesterday so now she is taking it a bit more serious

>He should really look in to those weed stocks though, if not the crypto. They're blowing up.
Which means it wouldn't be FOMO...check out TRTC

My mother knows I'm "investing in something". I had no option to tell her because of X reasons, but I only told her I've made like 600$ when in reality I've made 35k.

maybe you should make a thread on reddit asking how to justify these things to women which is of course very important laughed my fucking ass off

You need to show dominance you stupid cuck. Next time she starts bitchin around smack her and fuck her in a brutal rape-y way. After that ignore and don't talk with her for a couple days. Then she will start respecting you and she won't bitch about your cryptos. Make sure to brutally fuck her every other day.

I've told all the women in my life that I've 3x'd and only been in it for 2 weeks and they stfu and try and ask me to invest for them. true story


Oh I know. I've been balls deep in to weed stocks since September.

OP this may be 12 year old who posted this but children are our future and their wisdom is primal

only a woman talks like this, planning trips? get out

TRTC has done really well over the last week or so but hasn’t done jack shit in a long time.

t. TRTC bagholder

The bigger my portfolio gets, the more nervous my wife becomes. I kind of understand though. Portfolio is bigger than our savings account now and she's pressuring me into cashing out a portion. I'm just riding on profit btw... initial investment is safely back in the bank.

lmao hope you enjoy giving up half of your gains in the divorce.

Relatable, I've let my dad know I've made 60k when I've actually made around 200k

>good feeling when no one knows about your cryptos

>been making mad gains in crypto, tell gf i dabble in internet money. She's totaly fine with it "its ur money"
> Already get her to invest in normal stocks and put 50% of our net income into investments but can't quite get her to invest in crypto
>she goes home for christmass and both her brother and dad talk 24/7 about their mad gainz in crypto (both tech/finance guys)
>mfw gf asks me how and wich coins to buy

so no i don't know this problem, time for you to get a new waifu

This guy knows what's up.

You have to treat bitches like you're a caveman because women still have those primitive reactions. Why do women go for the asshole and not the nice guy? Because the nice guy would never succeed in prehistoric times. They are still going to go for and respect the man who they know can and will bully them and others to get what he wants/needs.

Move u dunce. Shouldn't spend more than 50% on rent

are you a woman?

I am nagged too, original poster. You know what it is? She's pissed that coins are getting more attention than her. It's just how the women folk are, you just gotta shake your head, pat them on the head, and give em a fuck every now and again so you can go back to making your money.

My wife gets annoyed any time I bring up cyrpto. Doesn't matter if it's even good news, or the fact that I made $1500 in a single day. She gets annoyed.

If you are planning on keeping her around, it pays to share the gains a bit with her. Take out a $100 and get her something nice with it, it will probably go a long way in changing her perception. My wife is a typical girlie girl, so I'll give a her $100 to go buy something. It costs me nothing (I literally just made this money with a few clicks) and it keeps her happy. I think they don't get it into their heads that it's real money unless you sell some for fiat and can buy stuff with it.

Of course, don't do this if the relationship isn't doing well. Tread very carefully, user.

sounds like you guys are just in terrible relationships with horrible people.

Get out, your life will most likely improve