already up 100% since the last 2 weeks, don't miss the next moon mission

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Holding bags from 800 sats. Comfy rn

v comfy

scam coin

>bought 0.25 BTC (~$300) in may just in case
>now it's 20% of my portfolio


>It's a scam
>Anonymous shady drupal developer from Florida who claims to live in Hungary
>Private repo, tech doesn't exist
>Scam scam, pajeet pajeet
>Wont buy your bags
>No Technical Whitepaper(gasp!)
>Private testnet (which is going public)
>It's a scam
>Pump and dump
etc etc

Bought my node at 4 cents

You guys should have listened. Stay poor

I'm holding too, from 200sat. I will sell when it reaches 50 billion, this coin has crazy potential

can you explain all those points?

Lol. Well put

Requesting ast/s (amateur scamcoin threads per second) gauge.

There is no rebuttal. All facts

Fuckers made an announcement announcement the 3rd testnet only to say the 3rd actual testnet with the new code would be delayed lmao.

Some user called it a few days ago when he said they would pump the price with a fake announcement and have no real intention of performing the testnet because there's no actual tech - SHOCKER!

>It's a scam and you're a stupid foolish pajeet for investing in it. Really, you are. I'm not fudding or anything.

I feel you

>There is real testnet
>There is real tech
>Doesnt recognize irony and satire


XBY FUD becoming meme tier

This is pretty interesting - I think it's been a while since anyone tried introducing a new consensus algorithm (there is proof-of-work and proof-of-stake, NEO brought dBFT - delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance - and IOTA introduced Tangle). XtraBytes has a new consensus algorithm called Proof-of-Signature (nicknamed Zolt) which apparently provides more security than any of the other consensus methods. Per their website:

"XTRABYTES introduces a revolutionary new consensus algorithm (Zolt), based on the concept of Proof-of-Signature. Zolt ensures a block signature rate of 100% system-wide, which confers an unparalleled level of security. Additional benefits include substantially decreased energy consumption as Zolt does not require a network of miners."

Since most people haven't heard of XTRABYTES yet, this project seems pretty undervalued. Might be a chance to get in on something new really early, so I thought I'd point it out to the community. If you're looking for a cheap coin to take a shot on, this seems better than most of the crap out there. At least check out the website, I think.

It's also worth noting that XTRABYTES is NOT an ICO, but a community coin with a brand new blockchain solution and novel consensus algorithm. The XTRABYTES platform is also designed to be built upon through D-Apps that can be written in nearly ANY programming language, which I think is also an extremely attractive feature.

Website: www.xtrabytes.global

Initial Non-Technical Whitepaper: xtrabytes.global/whitepaper.pdf

Roadmap: xtrabytes.global/#roadmap

Video roadmap: youtube.com/watch?v=xdHr178Wpwg

Overview of Proof-of-Signature and its advantages: xtrabytes.global/#posign

Most recent press release, which contains a solid explanation: xtrabytes.global/news/XBYPressRelease.pdf

man i had that much once, wish i held, still have 300k xby tho so i'm pretty comfy

Does anyone know if these fags get paid on here to FUD ?

Yeah i just bough at the high like a retard, did the same with XRB so maybe it'll work out this time as well

You brainlet, he's making fun of the Fudders.

Had 150k of these bad boys in April that I bought for 400 dollars. I sold for a small profit I'm happy for anyone who held this coin this was one of my biggest crypto lessons

Requires iron hands man, I wanted to sell out too so many times

Good luck to all the holders, hopefully the testnet will be a success

Anyone can make up random shit and call it a new consensus algorithm and market it to dumb pajeets without developing and releasing any of the tech

I'm a paraplegic developer from Somalia and I've just developed the proof of vision algorithm


What are the biggest competitors of XBY? Do you think XBY is better in everyway?

When they will run the testnet to confirm is not a scam?


You're welcome

everyone is competitor but they're doing their own shit unlike 99% of ETH based cryptos on this shitty ass board.

What are they doing? Please enlighten me....
There is no PROOF they are doing shit aside from marketing to brainlets

For anyone that forgot, or plain didn't know:
XBY was resurrected from the ashes of a scam.


You're such a fucking idiot that doesnt do his research. Screencapping all of your posts.

Reading comprehension not even once. You nut your pants at the title and not even read the announcement? They can't do the testnet with the new code because the new code doesn't exist errrr because 'patent pending status'. Some of you are so goddamn dense and easily manipulated

I hold some XBY from 200 sat and I'm actually worried about what's going on.
There were some rumors of them manipulating prices that looked pretty solid, and at that time I thought I don't care cause I've been in this coin for so long that 15c seemed like a ton of money.
Anyway, I don't like this skyrocketing without a solid evidence, and let's be honest, there is no solid evidence of the product.
I believe in the project and I'm holding my bags but for fucks sake what's going on? It starts to look like PnD
Too fast without any real product.

First rational XBY holder I've seen. The rest of you have been brainwashed by CCR and the echo chamber of the Xtrabytes community

the lesson is to never sell whole stack unless you know that something is a simple pump and dump, if you doubled, sell half and invest the rest in something else

During the testnet, our X-CHAT bot will be programmed right before our eyes by members of the development team. Some of the added features we have planned are:

CCRevolution: Please send Danny1987 500 XFUEL
XCITE bot: I have just send Danny1987 500 XFUEL, here is the transaction ID: FRS9EH7RHS3H....

CCRevolution: What is my X-CHANGE balance?
XCITE bot: Your X-CHANGE balance is currently 1000 XBY
XCITE bot: Remember to pay your X-VAULT storage fee of 20 XBY before tomorrow

These are just some examples, but the key takeaway is that we are setting up a smart bot for X-CHAT in addition to the individual communication functions.

In time, this system will work with all the modules that will utilize the integrated functionality.

Additionally: We will use the same wallet as we used in testnet 2, but with some added features, such as a testnet page. Also, we are going to publish an "empty shell" of XCITE with X-CHAT bot functionality so testers can chat with the bot. However, testers will not be able to chat with other users or make actual transactions from X-CHAT, as the application is not yet connected to the Zolt chain.


You're a fucking moron. Screencapping everything. This is gonna be so juicy you stupid fudder. I cant wait to post my victory thread. cannot wait.

I'm making a folder dedicated to your braindead, idiot posts.

It's some kind of personality cult. I bought the coins because I liked the promised product and I'm not part of the cult.
I don't get emotionally attached to my property. I want to make money and avoid being scammed.

Still running on the old code you brainless twat

Glad I'm living rent free in your head 24/7. Whenever you see that folder on your computer you'll think of me. Come to think of it, that folder will have more files in it than the Xtrabytes Github lmaoooooooooo!

Holy fucking shit, you said there is no proof of development when they say:

>uring the testnet, our X-CHAT bot will be programmed right before our eyes by members of the development team. Some of the added features we have planned are:

How hard is that to read? It's pretty clear that you've written off XBY despite all of the evidence that its clear its not a scam. So why do you continue to fud? You're either trying to fud to lower the price or you're an autistic moron. Look at the speed of your replies. Unreal.


>>During the testnet, our X-CHAT bot will be programmed right before our eyes by members of the development team.
You do realize that it sounds like a cult?
Dude you getting me more worried, not less.
Fuck I may just sell so I don't have to worry about it. The money I invested in XBY are a considerable part of my portfolio now so thank you for that. But I want to see the product not the cult of followers of some guy.
What you showing is still not convincing.

>You do realize that it sounds like a cult?
What it sounds like to you is not an argument.

> The money I invested in XBY are a considerable part of my portfolio now so thank you for that. But I want to see the product not the cult of followers of some guy.


>What you showing is still not convincing.

Please sell your XBY.

The price should go down anyway. Look at the charts.
Do you want XBY to be the next Verge ?
I mean c'mon. I'm not saying the tech is not there. I'm saying that what they showed us does NOT justify the price of XBY now.
I want the price to be leveled with the tech and working product. I will be ecstatic to own a coin with a revolutionary tech and make money on it. But right the fuck now XBY is scaring the shit out of me.

Holly shit. Seriously dude. Wake the fuck up. You are in the cult and you are personally offended by someone who is telling you that there may be problems with your cult.

You are a dirty stinking fudder, if you really held XBY you would be happy that we're up and not worried because you can take profit and cover your initial investment.

But talk of "its a cult!" is a fucking a joke, then "the next verge" more fudding, its fud fud fud to cloud peoples' minds. Screencapping everything.

> But right the fuck now XBY is scaring the shit out of me.

Sell the fucking thing and get out and take your profits you lying fucking piece of shit fudder.

I'm in the same boat as you. Got most of my money on XBY but it's a really risky investment. The community is just weird and off-putting.

>I mean c'mon. I'm not saying the tech is not there. I'm saying that what they showed us does NOT justify the price of XBY now.

Kek, you just said that the tech isnt there. You sir, are a liar. You're here to fud and spread disinformation. Now you are backtracking and saying it doesnt justify the price.

That's straight up fud. You are fudding your own investment, moron. You're either a liar like user says or a complete idiot.

Then leave. Seriously, no one is keeping you. XBY recently went up in price, everyone here should be in profit unless they bought right now, which you can sell for a wash. No one is forcing you to hold XBY. Sell it, offload it, sell it right now.

Dude. I hold ANY and the price increase always made me happy, but this is not a gradual price increase like it always has been. This is doubling the price in a couple of days.
I'm not sure who's doing that, but what comes up must come down and unless the price of XBY reflects its development I'm scared.
I invested in the product and the product is not there yet- not a big deal I can wait. The Rome wasn't build in a week.
The price of non existing product is super high- that here IS a big deal because the price doesn't represent the value at the moment.
If someone is pumping the price it will come crashing down. I just hope that this someone is some whale or genuine interest that will naturally die down when there are no immediate news.
If it's XBY dev team that is manipulating the price though- that means it's over.
And what's with this screencapping? Am I missing something?
Also if you want the general population to get interest in XBY, you are doing it wrong. Engage in rational discussion. Explain to me why do you think price pumped. Don't yell
>>muh screencap
>>sell ANY
I have an interest in this coin succeeding. I don't want it to fall.

Dude. I had no idea. I do feel like I'm talking to a cult follower. I have background in this shit and its scary.

Friendly reminder they (((they))) are from the xby discord and reddit, and have invaded biz before.

There's no proof anything works or exists. All there is are "testnet" showings but nobody I repeat NOBOdy has ever been able to say what they are actually seeing, or answer any question about it. Literally all the legit questions I read in the subreddit were answered with "oh just look at the testnet demonstration for yourself xD"

And then the scammer posts this xhat bot as bait to keep the cultists hooked, and they ate that shit up. "Guys somebody post this to r/crypto so they can see this". It's just a shitty chat bot repo in GitHub wow good job

Same boat as you dude.

I have over $130k worth of XBY, bought for $1500 in May and i'm not planning on selling for a long time. I like the idea and what they are setting out to achieve. I would be over the moon if the price raise was happening because they had a successful testnet of the zolt chain and we were hitting 5k+ transactions per second. The fact is, its running on pure hype right now. That's why i never shill this coin, i wont fud it or stop other people from shilling it, but i don't feel comfortable shilling it as the 'fastest blockchain in town' until there's actually some proof behind that statement.

>This is doubling the price in a couple of days.
Are you new to crypto? Rises like these happen all the time, especially now with a raging alt market. Go look on coinmarketcap.com and see the rises for all these different alt coins. That alt coin market has exploded.

>I'm not sure who's doing that, but what comes up must come down and unless the price of XBY reflects its development I'm scared.


>I invested in the product and the product is not there yet- not a big deal I can wait.
>Complains about tech not being there
>Is proved that development is being worked on
>Then says that the community is what worries him
>Then backtracks and says that the price rise is unnatural

You can always SELL and cover your initial investment

>If someone is pumping the price it will come crashing down.
The movements of XBY's price is no different than any other project. There is nothing fishy over it. None. Zero. Sorry buddy.

>Explain to me why do you think price pumped.
Because of the Testnet. The testnet is expanding and going public. That's a big deal.

>I have an interest in this coin succeeding. I don't want it to fall.

And yet you post thing like "there is no solid evidence" when testnet logs have been posted already.

>Same boat as you
>Same boat as you

If you are gonna IP rotate, don't use the same phrases. It gives you away.

This is What I'm saying. Release the testnet and let's go to the fucking Pluto. But hold the moon missions before that. This is not a good price increase. This is PnD type of increase.
I don't want to sell because I still believe in the product, but for fucks sake I did not join the cult so I'm not worth my XBY?
Something is very wrong and this thread made me worried. If I can't have a logical discussion with a " member of the community " then how do I know that the super secret testnet works?
I made the comparison to Verge because the growth of XBY doesn't look natural to me.
I'll sit on it or sleep on it and I will make a decision.
I also need to check the community to see what are the logical, technical arguments behind this hype.
No one is shilling this coin. No one ever heard about it and I like it....so how come we are mooning?

I'm not new to crypto and been with XBY for a long time now and somehow the price increase never got me worried. Now it does, because it doesn't reflect the tech.
Other alts mooned, sure, and then crashed. XBY mooned over a nice little BTC slide and is still mooning today.
Whatever. I'm over and out. Whoever reads that thread can make their own mind.

sam pepper shilled this coin hard on twitter and in a recent youtube video, although the price was already around 2200 sats when he did

i really doubt any member of the xtrabytes team is intentionally pumping this coin, but i do think whales are

I gotta hand it to you bro. This is alot of effort fudding one coin. Did you sell low? Damn man. Sorry... but it was your decision to make. Pretty clear xby is the real deal and that the project is going places Oh yea don't IP rotate ur not good at it

and i would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids

>Now it does, because it doesn't reflect the tech.
This made me lol. Literally lol. How many coins are fueled by speculation and hype? This is crypto, its always been like this.

>Whatever. I'm over and out.
Sell. You shouldn't be trading if you are this worried about a crash. Sell and get out now. You should not be trading crypto.

I figured you were a part of a pump.
Nice wrap around there! Well I wasn't FUDing in this thread, but be assured I'm going to link it to every thread about ANY.
Dudes you are not doing this right. But you are doing this anyway
Just FYI
I really do have background in psychology of cults.
Damage control doesn't work.

Just wait until you idiots hear about the "use" of the XBY dev fund generated by the 50XBY transaction fee. Right now, at the price XBY is, is costs about $20 bucks for the transaction fee. Where is that fund being drained into and who is getting a cut of it? This coin has always survived because it attracts crypto newbs with no clue about the warning signs. Take the gains while you have them.

nah i was legit expressing my concern, that last post was just meming

those funds that are sent to BLocksFEE4ProofofSignatureXXYF3VQ3 ?

those are burnt, no one has the private key to that address, that's why xfuel needed to be created

Good lord you honestly think they are burnt? lmao...go ask them if they burn those coins. I do not understand how gullible so many XBY folks can be. And if by the way they do burn them, which they don't, ask them to show you proof.

if you understand anything about cryptography you'll know that there is no way too get into that address since it wasn't generated as a key pair, its a 'fake address', no one knows the private key.

btw even if they were accessible its a public ledger, we would see the coins moving

Hey new fucking guy to XBY, go read about your sweet project before talking out loud. That wallet is coded into the chain, which Borz has said many times would not be difficult to open and gain access to. I swear, you dumb cunts act like XBY is new, they do the same thing over and over. Hype, come up with an excuse about why there is a delay and wait until the next hype cycle.

charles manson cult - doomed to fail

it's hardcoded into the reward function yes i've seen the code, but he can not crack open that address i guaranfuckingtee you, if he can then congrats he's a billionaire because he knows how to exploit sha256

i never said anything of the sort regarding pumping xby read my prev posts

btw this is actually fud fuel for the anti-xby camp

lead dev doesn't know that the wallet is inaccessible, come on you guys should be having a field day