Bitgrail is down, raiblocks/xrb is in trouble

Bitgrail is down, raiblocks/xrb is in trouble

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RAI investors are actually smart and not weak-handed so you can shill off out of here

I was in the process of setting up the desktop wallet. Not gonna lie, I'm scared.


It will be on Kucoin soon anyway.

They announced in on twitter.

I mean you can see how every dip gets eaten up from people buying more and not panicking. Why do you have to be a retard user

It's because a whale was using a bug to shake weak hands out
Should be up soon

Smart enough to abandon this shitcoin? Yeah they've already done that once before

will this the be mtgox of our time?

Nice narrative man


>keeping your funds on a shady exchange

I’m dumping this after I 2x this coin isn’t going anywhere but Reddit hype will push it to $25-30 easy

maybe some day you'll look back on this and realize it's not market demand eating those walls, it's a small group of starry eyed autists who think they've found the next bitcoin hidden away on shady scam exchanges that don't even work, and there's no one to sell to so everyone is forced to keep holding because for them "can't cash out" isn't just a meme.

screencapped, gonna post this when rai reaches $ 100, then again at $ 1000

I have 6 figures on this exchange

Lesson learnt

yes please leave this shit coin, let us get more
> 1$ shit coin
> 2$ shit coin
> 5$ shit coin
>10$ shit coin
it's gonna hit you so hard once on Kucoin

"Eaten up" thats too funny, eating up all those 0.000001 buy walls, whales childs play for price hiking


Now Relax

You understand this is a fully working product? feeless, instant transactions at a rate of 7000tx/s.There's not a single flaw you can name that hasn't been resolved. And when it gets on multiple new exchanges in a couple of weeks what's gonna be your argument then?

>There's not a single flaw you can name that hasn't been resolved
It's not on decent exchanges.

That 7000 tx/s is a straight up myth, the founder moreorless admitted it in his ama. You have to be a fucking idiot to be holding when it hits a major exchange and the price hiking is impossible to keep up, all those gains gone.

If that's the best you can think of then your replies are the best argument FOR RaiBlocks, thanks user for reassuring everyone

Oh I'm sorry, its 7000+ tx/s

I never said it was a bad product, I think it's great they have a good product that works. that doesn't make anything I said wrong though. bad timing and lack of liquidity can kill a good product, and kucoin isn't anything to write home about either.

until a real exchange picks it up it's simply too much of a risk for anyone with low to medium risk tolerances. I have 265 ETH I could sell some of to buy some, but why would I throw money into a potential black hole when I know ETH will be at least $1500 in 2018? not worth it until a real exchange lists it.

>There's not a single flaw you can name that hasn't been resolved
unable to currently buy the product

patience young jeet

I beg you check how much tx/s can bitcoin handle.
even reaching half of 7k tx/s is damn impressive

Only if you're mentally challenged, it's not only on one exchange. Mercatox and Bitflip are also there.

same boat i have 14eth and 65xrb and was considering liquidating some eth for xrb and or my small amount of ltc, what do you think?

FUD me harder daddy

This is the most retarded thing I've read all day. Stay poor faggot.

Thanks shitty raiwallet for not synchronizing in three days.

I wouldn't touch it until after the initial price correction once it does hit a real exchange. say binance lists it, the first thing that will happen is the whales will start dumping on hungry buyers, then panic sellers will drop their bags below cost, that's when the whales will buy back in, and when you should make you buy.

kek, if everyone believes this narrative, surely the opposite will happen. this is crypto, remember?

>Not worth it to buy in while its still inaccessible to normies b/c its on shit exchanges & is the perfect time to accumulate.

Seems legit.

alright that sounds right thanks for the advice, i really didnt want to sell my eth or ltc now anyway

are you kidding? no one believes this narrative. I've been in the crypto game for 4 years so I've seen this happen happen, but no one else on Veeky Forums has seen it once yet. so I'm the opposite, not you by that logic.

my point is that it's extremely high risk and not worth selling good coins for. unless you are a whale and can throw money away without caring it's not worth it.

Fud me harder daddy, I'm not done accumulating.

i am bullish on rai, but i also think that it will drop massively when it gets listed on a proper exchange

bitgrail is fucking awful, tried to get verification 2 weeks ago and still nothing. i would be surprised if those lazy italian cocksuckers are even doing any verifications. and the 0.5btc daily withdrawal limit without verification is a fucking joke, literally cant cash out if you have more than 30k$ in there. fuck bitgrail

>Good coin actually comes out for once
>"Wow that's such a shit coin. I don't understand why anyone would want instant, feeless transactions"

There will be a raiexchange website up in a few days.
Pretty straight forward design simple as.
Ltc pair me thinks


its a piece of shit

Is mercatox or bitgrail better Veeky Forums? I want to buy some.

I don't get this fucking wallet
Status: Running does that mean it's fully synchronized?

Then transfer over to desktop wallet if you want
Get out of BitGrail and wait for Binance or KuCoin to take over

I believe you could read up on that pretty fast if you wanted to. The bracketed amount needs to be processed. I did a fresh sync on SSD with fiber connection, took less than 2 hours and sync was done. You can also fast sync if you want to, look it up.

we gotta admit that the wallet is shit
Luckily the team has been working on something new, more user friendly, a mobile app too
Check discord to know more about it

>I believe you could read up on that pretty fast if you wanted to
Not really it's not well explained anywhere.
I don't understand how I could have all the blocks downloaded but not "processed", what is it waiting for?
Check this video: it says synchronizing in the beginning, which mine doesn't say anymore.
This coin doesn't even have an actual blockexplorer after all these years. I think we've all been rused.

wallet is just non user friendly, but its functional. you need to join the XRB discord and go to the support channel. in pinned messages theres a guide for using the wallet and bootstrapping the database so it takes you hours to sync instead of days

Why not just keep it on bitgrail?

yeah wtf that's the way to go

Every coin at one point wasn't in a "decent exchange".

Good let it go down and then have it double when it gets listed on Binance in two weeks

yes, this happens with all coins. They claim a number (in a test) but then it's lower in reality... so what? the claimed number in a no-real environment is higher than all other coins, so if it's applied to the reality it will still be higher than the other coins... It's the same at the end.

So what? Tell your shilly fanboys to stop plastering it everywhere if it's not true

I bought Bitcoin once off of a Magic the Gathering site

Shit exchanges are a blessing. Verge was 4 satoshi when it was exclusively on a bumfuck exchange and once it hit Trex it went absolutely ballistic.
XRB will do the same and if you're not in by the time we go to Binance, you've already lost the game.

My advice: get in asap or kill yourself

guys just hope this isn't an exit scam...

Do you think when bitgrail goes back online, the price of XRB will shoot up?

Lol at Soyota fags fudding day after day just to see this little nugget getting bigger and bigger.

Hey fags, tell that soyboy commander in chief of yours IOTAs days are numbered. No need to recharge your flying cars, we'll take it from here in rocket.

oh yeah
shits on the vote for binance, its gonna win for sure
people are gonna fomo so hard

excel sheet shitcoin pull an exit scam. say it aint so.

say it ain't so pls. invested six digits


Lol their fees are huge, they make crazy bank of trading this shit and they are biggest exchange, who will they sell this to. Running away with millions will surely do them good, its not like its illegal.