My SKYMINER just shipped!!!

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Oh shit nice!
Will get hands on my parts soon.
Money printing machine I tell you.

Looking forward to the unboxing vid.

Shit, the waiting list is too long. Can I build one?

How do we get one of these ?


Can someone fill me in??????

check skycoin.net for details

Seen these fuckers all over today...scam.


just put my name on the mailing list and i indicated i want one of the machines . i hope i am lucky enough to get one . I will retire . i hate 9 o 5

I just found out more about getting on the wait list t.me/skycoin

damn, you have yours already? that was quick! gotta order my parts to build one soon!!!

Ban all these shilling paki's.

So doesn't this mean the price will tank? since the supply will explode

Supply is fixed, 100m, to be distributed to nodes on the network to incentiveize growth and adoption over a min 15 years.

1 bitcoin

I mean the circulating supply you moron

Bitcoins fucked anyway, it’s just a ghost. Nothing backing it. So they’ll end up being cheap.

>Actually trying to mine your own crypto on a home rig

That group is fucking madness, just thought I’d share that with y’all..

Holly fuck. You mean the sky miner is more like a cellphone base station in my house?


Can I mine XRP with this?

Prolly just mining Pajeets


This ticked me...just imagine it’s something big!!!

I have some SKY and genuinely believe in the project but ya'll Pajeets are making me nervous.
Cut it out with the turboshilling.