Up 0.18% during this shitstorm

>up 0.18% during this shitstorm
Who else comfy?

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right here

up 20% and increasing

buy upfiring (ufr) anons

>Making tons of BTC and staying level in fiat

I'm up 15.5%. Time to sit back and enjoy some tea and cookies.

always :^) dem btc gains

>down 40%
Ready to off myself

ur comfy at less than a 1% gain?

Having a FUN time over here.

not very comfy posts anons. sort it out.

Pretty much where I'm at, BTC value up fiat flat

+2.14% last
94% for the week
It still hurts desu. I made some stupid moves and panick sold and bought.

Had 30% of portfolio in zencash. Pretty comfy right now.

>up 22%
XLM is truly a blessing

*last 24- 2.14%

Wtf are y'all holding

I have made 250k this year in crypto but I have gone nowhere during this december bullrun. Im probably retarded because I made most of my money during china fud bearmarket.
Every trade I now make doesn't do anything or dips 10%
I will soon buy every top 100 coins to my portfolio so nobody will get any gains. This is your last warning.

LTC :3

I'm down but I bought in more coins during this little dip.

Good shit m80

Ark, Link, HST, QSP, LRC, ZCL, and ODN (ignore odn lol, it's not a good coin)


nice just bought 100k