Mfw I'm the 51ETH sellwall

>mfw I'm the 51ETH sellwall.

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Must be a shitcoin, because 51ETH is nothing.

>he thinks I'm not also the buywall

which coin lad? Gonna buy it all up because I literally can

Reminder that this Pepe is extremely rare.

trx binance


Somebody add a crying wojak buy wall

>g..guys I'm a whale, please, don't buy up my HUGE sell wall, ok? okay? please.. I need some profit.. :(

Fuck wont buy it

Working on this now. Done in 1-2 minutes.

I'll delete the thread by then. Sorry wojack, too slow, just like all your trades.


take that you faggot


Improved version

shots fired, rip ripplox

This, need a whale to get this fucker moving

>51 eth

make bags of shit coming out of pepe's butt.

Saving all those whale pepes


mfw theres a real sell wall on XRP now

With jews you lose

activate it

>That's a KRAB-14 sell signal. Go.

Pump group. Look promising. I just joined.


Your people are subhuman scum and your arranged wife is a dog.

You have to put the wojack in front of the pepe. The pepe isn't usable in its current form, due to the wide image format (5100 x 2000 come on bro)