This time you're in time, do you want to miss the next Verge?

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This isn't so great, I'm going with COLX

TOR is literally the easiest shit to set up, you can run any wallet you want through it easily. idk why normies are so impressed by it.

We were mentioned in the (((New York Times)))

No thanks, sticking with COLX

The easiest 10x i have ever seen
Im heavily Invested in xspec

Does it even fucking matter? You don't need to use it, you need to sell it to normies, you're a seller not a buyer, and the fact is privacy coins are the new fad and TOR is juicy to normies.

>Decentralized and anonymous marketplace: no

Oh yeah, I forgot you guys are actually soldiers of peace and all that hippie crap. You're not in for the gains, you'd rather be poor instead of making money. That's why you didn't made money off Ripple, not because you're dumb retards who sold at 0.20 and now your anus looks like a giant pink wojack.
I really hope we'll be able to meet in the future so I can laugh at you.

COLX is shit.

XSPEC is superior in every way.

Someone said my memes got XSPEC mentioned in the NY Times but I cannot find that, only an old mention of the ICO.

Please take your jew honeypot coin and go to (((Ledditt)))

and LOL at Tor implementation

XVG has tor and it went up 100x. If this has TOR built in, I'm all in.

I don't care if TOR isn't cool. I know that reddit, and 17 year old metrosexuals like it, and that's why it will go up.

If XVG did it, XSPEC will do it too. It's such a low market cap at the moment that it will easily 2-3x.

Alright I’m sold. All the other privacy coins did well. This has room to grow in market cap.

To the retard who said (((NY Times))) is shilling it - who cares? Look at what happened to ripple thanks to the Jew bankers. If Wall St is behind this, I'm in this. Fuck you, I'm in it for the money, not to autist out with faggots.

Threw $10k into this. Wish me luck.

How do Komodo and Cloak compare to these?

Never heard of Komodo or cloak but XSPEC I’ve heard is to be voted on for Binance this month.

XSPEC has more name recognition than Komodo, or Cloak.

Got 10k of this when it dipped. This is going to be in binance soon. But the devs don't want on bittrex since it takes much information. Even if this goes to binance. This going to moon pretty soon. $10 easy by mid summer next year.

Just bought some

$10 probably by end of January given the current rate/growth of users.

5x by summer ? Not something to brag on there are coins that will do just that in couple of months

It won’t be 5x by summer more like 10x if not more . Look at the tech, white paper, and progress that’s been made. We will see six dollars soon and then $10 end of January. Don’t believe me? Look at Sumokoin which is a shit coin.

This is wat I neeeeeeed

I think this will reach more than $10 if not more. I will buy this before FOMO kicks in.

>What is a honeypot

ahh, retards. biz never gets old.


XSPEC isn't even being marketed by the dev b/c he believes the tech will speak for itself. Im trying to accumulate as much as I can before it hits $10 - anyone who is not an idiot can see that.

I have to admit, this does look like a rocket launch ramp

There are people who have already 10xed their initial investments in the early stages. Congratulations. Price is holding. We're entering the stratosphere pretty soon, so stfu while I try to accumulate.

Total piece of shit. Clone of Shadowcash.

Look at every other privacy coin out there and look at the tech and the price.

Its a no brainer moon mission.


Guess what XG was? Doge Shadow. Look at where it is now, retard.

If stupid coins like BNTY can 3-10x, what's stopping a legit privacy coin from 5-10xing soon? Stay poor, faggot LOL.

When is this listing on binance?

Ready for liftoff

It's going for community vote for Binance tomorrow. Right now charts show people are trying to accumulate. It's in the top movers on cryptopia.co.nz right now so it's getting mainstream traction.

XSpec has great future ahead

Easily $10 in a week or two.

I've noticed Pajeets are shilling their shit coins, but this is a working product that's more secure, faster, and safer than XVG. From an investment standpoint, is there any reason this won't go up barring some BTC collapse? If not, this looks extremely promising.


again a coin that is shilled by the pump and dump discord group

Went to XSPEC slack and was impressed with their community. It already delivers what XVG did not. I got in and made a nice profit already but I sent to wallet instead. It's probably is a good long term hold. I'll look back at this in fall 2018.

As for transactions, it's pretty damn fast. Plus, private transactions ftw! I don't care what anyone else does, I'm gonna hodl and get some nice XSPEC staking rewards as a side dish.

XVG already reached its max market cap. It won't be going much higher.

XSPEC is the only other coin with TOR implementation. Look at XSPEC's market cap - it's at $2 billion.

Every privacy coin is at over half a billion dollars. Use some common sense and it's easy to see where there is going.

All coins are shit coins but some shitcoins are better than others. That’s XSPEC.


It's true though - we're in an alt buble. But you can throw your money at any coin and it will be guaranteed to grow in this stage of cryptocurrency.

At the very least throw the money on some good coins.

Kiddies looking to buy pot on deep net will soak this up. It's what XVG wants to do but failed to do. But who cares? XVG went to $2 billion market cap in a few days/weeks. What makes you think XSPEC can't?

Worry less about the utility of a coin - but more on its potential to grow in value. Unless you're autistic.

No one buys alts because they believe in them they buy them because they want to make money and this is a good idea. Investing in good shitcoins is the name of the game.

I’m personally up to $20k net worth now from $2k three weeks ago.

Good shitcoins. Top kek.

this will be the official blackmarket coin. Nice

It won't overtake XMR which is the king of privacy - but it'll certainly grow. I'm holding until $30-50 personally.

Damn made a neat profit on this the other day. Am going in again now. Looks like people think this will come on binance soon. Even with only 2 exchanges it went to 3 bucks. This is hitting 20 when it gets on binance.


How much did you make on xspec?

So is th are a wallet for Android?


I think the wallet is currently only on Mac/PC but android is coming soon according to dev announcements.

Where’s the link?

Google it dumbass - spectreproject.io/download/

For fucks sake.

Should I buy the dip?

I meant where are dev announcements


Yes buy the dip.

if you can buy under $3-4 you're good. Just keep accumulating for our moon mission.

I wish I had more money to throw at this.

take a loan lol




Needs moar mooning

Kucoin ?

the harder the coin gets shilled, the more likely its a pajeet discord pnd scam. judging from this thread, stay away from this shitcoin

>low cap

Is that why it went up 3x in the last 10 days? :D

you base your investmen decisions on Veeky Forums threads! nare you fucking autistic? seriously go kill yourself

60 million market cap for a privacy coin is nothing when you look at all the other privacy coins it's basically guaranteed to reach 500 million or above. Look at the first picture ont his thread retard.

>6 posts by this ID

Market cap has room for plenty of growth.



Do not buy.
Discord group is shilling this in a coordinated attack.

Do not let these sociopaths steal your money.


fuck i wish i had 10k of it

i only bought 600 of it. i will most likely just hold and forget about it for a year.

Just put up price alerts at $10-20+ . It's on Blockfolio.

there is way too many low cap 'next verge' seriously there is crowdcoin, bulwark, xspec, collossuck, and many others

what makes this one special


It has tor and only XSPEC and xvg have it. It’s also on the top movers on cryptopia. Look at the volume.

I need some!!!

the volume is pretty good


duuuh, because we are at pump phase. Next comes the dump, thats why its called pnd, retard