Friendly reminder that everyone who bought bitcoin in the last month is underwater

Lolcoiners on suicide watch. They'll swear up and down they're making tons of money, but the chart doesn't lie. All of the momentum is gone and everyone who has bought in the last month is just waiting for an uptick so they can unload and escape their mistake. Once the supply of naive/greedy optimists runs out, this thing is going to take an epic tumble.

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Newcoiners are just terrible

I'm not a bitcoin fag, but I do have one question. If grocery stores/restaurants/etc start accepting bitcoin, will that cause an overall increase in the value or no?

>Friendly reminder that everyone who bought bitcoin in the last month is underwater
You mean dumb idiot who shouldn't invest in anything...

buying high lewl.

> implying restaurants would accept a form of payment that takes 30 minutes to complete and costs $10 (and rising) per transaction

They won't accept it as currency as long as it is being traded like a stock.

If it was somehow the become currency, the value would surely fall and stabilize. However, that isn't going to happen.

you guys shouldda of bought Stevecoin.

It's tied to the number of Steves in the USA. It takes 9 months to make a single steve.

the miners keep denying transactions with lower transaction fees. as the exchange rate goes up so does the fees. the current transaction fee if you want it in the next block is 20-30$ which is insane and will destroy bitcoins only real value as a superior payment system.

Bitcoin only has value because it is the pre-eminent coin right now - you will see ripple and some other altcoins pushed to unseat it. It is going to be very volatile, but I do not think there will ever be a total crash - it will be like gold, with occasional bubbles that burst. The more places it is accepted, the higher it will go, but as competition in the form of altcoins grows that will affect it.
The point is that at this point you should either be an oldfag who mined/bought in early or buy it as a long term investment, the boom/bust cycles will be too erratic to make it a good short term investment now.

Are you assuming btc is the only investment? I'm up 6x on initial investment and earnings are at a high during this btc dip.I couldn't care less if btc dies there is plenty of great projects coming in the crypto landscape. Get in or stay out it doesn't really matter it's just another interesting investment vessel that I did with fun money. If it doesn't work out it won't bother me and if it does then all the better.

have 337 btc in cold storage, now working on my secondary portfolio...feel good

can i have one bitcoin please?

Btc cost about 13 dollars+ for every transaction. You will need to buy about 400 dollars worth of stuff just to break even with credit card fees. In addition, in the us btc is considered an asset and not a currency. This means if you buy anything with btc, it is considered an exchange and requires that you fill out a 2 page form for everything that you buy.

Nice, you steal that pic from biz?

>not investing in ELIX

Your loss

I bought at $1000 faggot and its nothing but up trend from a long term chart

yes and it will happen as soon as bitcoin cash or whichever other alternative gains footing and reduces transaction prices to pennies

Doesn't coinbase have it's own debit card?

In 2011 I used to gamble with bitcoin on a small site called BTConTilt. They would regularly have 50, 100, 250 BTC freerolls. Anyways I had around 60 bitcoin on my account but just forgot about it for a few years. The site then went under in 2013 and I never heard from them again. I also had at least 100 bitcoin on Mt. Gox (again I just let it sit there, especially after bitcoin had crashed for the second time). It's weird knowing I could have literally just put those coins in a real wallet and been a millionaire right now.

Just downloaded this. Do I need a substantial amount of money to get started? How far could 1000 USD get me?

One nuke and it's all gone. That moron over there in burger land will make that other retard in NK make this happen.

lol underrated
finest of british humour

We're going over 1 Million per coin in 2021

>Lightning Network
>Next Halving

Where can i invest in ripple?

I bought Austincoin because of all the soy boy faggots naming their kids gay shit like Austin.

Doing well right now.

same logic applies to your bank account retard, enjoy your afternoon rape session with akmed and mohamed. fucking swede skum cucks make me sick.

how are you literate enough to post here but not literate enough to read numbers?

> invest in ripple?
you don't

Please explain why we should send millions of dollars in food aid to NK.

Bitcoin is DOA - it literally costs $30 or more for each transaction.

The idiots that control the code and mining got greedy and basically nuked it's future.

Think of bitcoin as the AOL or MySpace of it's industry - only dumbasses are holding or buying it now.

Ethereum is the next level right now.

$15 works just fine since Jul.

No, it's not - any faggot that can read a chart can see this coin is in a long-term downtrend. Move your money to something that isn't going to bleed.

$15 actually

Just picked some random transactions that cleared within 30 min

Why would I bother if I was larping lol, plenty of other better ones to copy lol. You want the update to confirm with the time?

BTC is the AOL/MySpace of crypto.

You should have sold at 19k

Mate remember that burst it did to 24000 6 months ago. Fuck that was a good week I made 8 grand on that shit.
>tfw sold at the peak
>now it’s 100 sats

>implying restaurants would accept a form of payment that takes 30 minutes to complete and costs $10 (and rising) per transaction
You are so 3 months ago.

A transaction costs 30 bucks to verify now and if you go below, your transaction may be unconfirmed for hours, days or... forever.

There is a reason every single Fortune 500 company dropped Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash support (only 5 actually tried in the past). As of today, I do not know of any online retailer or tech company any more which accepts Bitcoin payments for regular purchases of goods or services.

I will post a pic of my ass with your name on it for one bitcoin. 100%serious

Tumblr dogs coins for the win!!!

Uhmmmm. Okay. Obviously you dont grasp the finer points of trading. But news flash. There are ups and downs. Retard

>yes I'll take your volatile digital currency that could be worth nothing tomorrow in exchange for my services


Meanwhile, your female relatives and wife are in danger of getting gang raped by those nice and respectable and totally NOT degenerate refugees your country let in if they make the mistake of going outside at night. I read that your country may become a third world country by the next decade, so maybe you should worry about the problems in your own backyard, eh?

Serious about that ass pic

There are also things called bubbles

It takes more than 1 nuke you fucking idiot.

imagine not selling at 19 18 17 16 15 or 14k

it will be sub 10k soon

Nah I bought Raiblocks early which has saved my portfolio

>Long term downtrend

You're so stupid you can't read a simple chart

I was never even smart enough to do that. I feel like

>I did not buy bitcoin.
>If you did not buy bitcoin when it was low it proves you are retarded.

Thanks God for making me retarded Jesus Christ.

>Buy $500 in groceries
>Next day the amount you paid is only worth $400

No real store is ever going to risk that

it will hit $50k in 2018. digits proves this

it will hit $60k in 2018 is what i meant

Thank me later.

I'll do it for 0.99 BTC

>buying segwit bitcoin in year current

so fun to see /pol/ talk about shit they dont know shit about.

ill give you poor fuckers 1 tip that can change your life. buy chainlink now because its going to blow up in 2018. get in now or stay poor.

I only made 2.4 million trading cyrpto currencies. Not bad but a million isn't even that much these days. I'll still have to get a job in a year or two if I'm really tight and eat ramen

How do we do this

Bought in 2016 and I'm doing just fine

It seems the stink on chainlink continues to spread beyond the containment zone of /biz

t. lover of jewish central banks and communism

Ready when you are

I bought 330,000 XRP on January 12 this year with my BTCs I still had for herb transactions from 2015.

Man, I am so proud of myself now... I wanted to kill myself by May.

newegg still accepts bitcoin