Holy fuck trx about to .50. Quick go

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Veeky Forums you literally have seconds

Grandiose if legitimized

btc/trx is the market maker. why bother looking at eth/trx?

Mcafee is literally buying trx right now for coin of the week on Monday

McAfee buying
McAfee buying

>plz buy my post-pump bags

no thnx

Literally same

cool then that means i have $250 from my Binance airdrop months ago lol

fuck this shitcoin

pajeet, you're dumb.

TRX already got coin of the week shitkid

Someone literally just bought 541000. I'm trying to make you money Veeky Forums

Dont worry Troners we will have our time

it's listing on bittrex or bitfinex next month.

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we are in the age of insane gains lets do this

The bots are destroying the btc walls.
This is literally the next verge. Why would one group/person buy them all?

to have more.

anticipating something we don't know about

>Why would one group/person buy them all?
this entire spike was from one person in this thread bough enough to trigger the bots to buy/sell from eachother

>he thinks 'thanks just bought 100k' is a joke

This is going to be huge. Watch this like a hawk. Because when it dumps it will dumpppp. I think they're going for 1$

>I think they're going for 1$
Circulating Supply 65,748,192,476 TRX *

Total Supply 100,000,000,000 TRX

it's listing on bittrex or bitfinex next month. i don't expect any dumping until then.

the gooks are doing some funny business with the supply though. ??? are going to be burned or put into a sort of escrow account. the supply isn't going to be as big as we think it is.

You know what else is worth about 100trillion....



where do you buy this coin?


You niggers are buying vaporware. Shit that does not exists. A chink app that noone uses. You guys getting fucked by Justin jew chink. How do you sleep at night???

Thanks. Just bought 200k

Nice, Dec 29

I've been watching TRX for weeks. That shit isn't going to budge from .03-.05 anytime soon, and if it does it's a poo and dump.

did you fucking take a photo of a screen and not screencap

I bought at 224 just sold 10k at 300.


> biz

and people like that invest in something like cryptos.

last time I opened this website.

Why are people so fucking retarded lmfao

very powerful pajeet move

I don't trade mobile but I post mobile. Deal with it

Maybe he doesn't want to change window so he took pic with phone.

Can't waste your mobile data, pajeet?

i have 16,000 trx coins.

think it'll go to 3000 sats? i will sell it then

How do I read these charts?

Is the point of focus the number they meet? Is it simply the tallest there wins?


X is price
Y is total amount before and up to the sell/buy

The middle doesnt matter. It's the middle between buy and sell. Order book is what matters


They stopped unlimited data for a long time. It's only been like 9 months? since Verizon let us go back to unlimited plans.
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>using 4chn mobile

this is easily the most pajeet infested thread