Next x1000 moon mission?
fight the patriarchy faggots.

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What does it do?

3 2 1

Whines while it takes your money

The dishes if it knows what's good for it.

only legit 1k moon is UFR

back to the streets with you, shitter

What FEM token need for? What can I do with it?

>FEM is ERC20 token.

>It's main purpose to collect funds for support our Feminist ideals.

>You can hold this token, or transfer it to anyone.

>Later we plan to unite our sponsored projects to a brand-new Feminist Foundation and spread these acute problems around. You have a chance to be a part of it.

>Female Token will have a voting right. Since now every sister will be heard!

why don't you all in already, biz?

what a fucking game changer.
let's fight the patriarchy and hold our fem token biz!

>Female Token will have a voting right.
mfw all decisions get decided by the horny pajeet majority

>wh*te female is part of the dev team



How do i short it


Look at the latest post, this must be a joke. Can’t stop laughing.

shorted 100k

>Women and FemaleToken are ignored by men AGAIN! How long this inequality could last?

>"the team"
>not a single developer
yeah, nice software you got there

3 team members
>no programmers

when will women learn


Utter tears

>Fuck men!
>Men p-please buy our token

>buying a token which at least 90% of crypto traders wouldn't even consider touching

ooooh boy, sorry ladies.

it's an ERC20, so basically the ethereum chain.

pump and dump the coin and the women

>exchange listing Q2 2018

how much FEM to fuck anabelle?

>you have a chance to be part of the problem

>Let’s be honest – about 80% of all ICO are generated by man.

[citation needed]

I'm pretty sure it's more than 80%. Also not knowing the plural of man lmao.

dat blonde


Sry user, but FEM only wants longs


has /pol/ written all over it.

>Female Token will have a voting right. Since now every sister will be heard!

What whale will buy them out and make them spend money on MRA acivities?

kek i can see the headlines now
>femaletoken, a cryptocurrency promoting feminist ideals, crashes after massive runup. shareholders suspect the pump was orchestrated by Veeky Forums, a predominantly male internet forum

pol would be dying right now, but i give the exclusivity to my Veeky Forumsraelis.

which one of them is the programmer lol

>After bonus distribution ends all functions will become active and total supply of existed tokens will become fixed. So even a creator of the contract (FemaleToken) could not add a new tokens to anyone. You could sell/buy FEM tokens at exchanges.

What the fuck is with the pajeet-tier english? Isn't basic writing a module in womens studies?

This screams a pajeet scam to me, hoping to cash in on normie-ess money.

>Women and FemaleToken are ignored by men AGAIN! How long this inequality could last? Be among the first ones and support us right now!

I thought this was parody, wtf?


>What whale will buy them out and make them spend money on MRA acivities?
someone shill this to /pol/. 50 bucks probably make you a whale on this garbage

looks like a scam ICO to get some dollars from stupid feminists

likely made by a man

bs coins

next please

I'd honestly throw money in for this

This has to be satire. Has to be.


That is the biggest shit coin I've ever seen top fucking lel

You have to be a real fucking idiot if you think this is real

Googled all three of these women and nothing came up except their images to the site

No whitepaper, no devs, grammar errors, etc

Women are in crypto we just lay low because of stupid jokes like this.


Fucking lol this is pathetic.

someone actually responded too...

They will get some beta cuck to code it for them

>Buy 1 BTC of FEM
>Get .7 BTC worth

This is unironically a 1000x token. Get the website and shill it on facebook and buzzfeed. The liberal normies will think that they're doing some noble cause and pump the fuck out of this with their ripple gains.

Think like a jew Veeky Forums. You can't lose.

How much for Phuong?

DEVS you say
Top kek, look at their functions in the team
Activist and strategist
Events organiser
Community manager

It's going to be a "male feminist" who says he's cool being "just friends" but ends up randomly snapping one day and sending them dick pics since he has no game, you know like all of Hollywood and Silicon Valley

100 Stinky Linkies

I had this initial instinct but the fact is that normies struggle to buy and sell bitcoin, no amount of shilling this coin on buzzfeed will teach the kind of people who WOULD invest in this, HOW to invest in this

>We accept a bank transfers (WIRE, SEPA) from organizations who want to participate in a token sale. Minimum order $50 000.

wew fucking lad


Somebody please post how the female bonus selfie requirement is transphobic, or simply post a selfie of a man claiming to identify as a women.

Unironically this

None of their names exist on either linkedin or fb, reverse image search fails, too.
One black womyn, one asian womyn, one white womyn.
Obvious pajeet scam to steal from libratds. Unfortunately a bit too obvious

would work however liberals are poor

helo sexy open bob for me pleas

hello sirs AND ladies

how many coin FEM tokens for bob and vegan pic?? thanks u for ur time


Wonder how many (((women))) will be catfished by this jeet op

Not trolling, what is the difference between a "queer" person and a "gay" person?

Yeah sure but why buy into the ICO instead of post-ICO at a tenth of the price? When this shit hits 50k total mcap then you can buy and shill it to normies.

there is 38094272 genders user.

queer is snowflake version of being gay or bi.

liberals are not stupid as you think they are. they are fully capable of buying some shitcoin on exchanges.
wrong. liberals earn a lot of money, they're poor because they spend all of their money.
fair enough

this could work with proper marketing

3 4

Fucking hell that is tempting
>be fem whale
>crash market, donate to (current problematic group)

Not even the most astoundingly stupid of crypto investors would touch this

Bleeds once a month

>Minimum order $50 000
feminism demanding tens of thousands for literally nothing, what a shock.

>Let's be honest - about 80% of all ICO are generated by men
More like 97% lol

is it safe to say 100%?

>women learning

oh i wonder who this could be.

my sides.

Should I all in on this or BAZINGACOIN

can't wait for the pink wojaks desu

it's op, newfag, lurk more.

holy fucking hell that entire fucking thread
I don't want to hate women but that is extremely embarrassing. How can they be so fucking delusional as to think this was a good idea? Fuck those retarded monkeys just make it harder for real smart women around the world to be taken seriously.

wow dumbass had to google their names to realize this a troll

fucking autist

Must be some guys behind this

how much sexcoins for the one on the right?



Legit- if people want to pool eth I will:
1) use all of it to buy this shit ico
2) have my gf do their selfie shit to get the 2x tokens
3) use voting power to have them do the dumbest shit
4) post daily progress reports

is this the yuri coin?

>my gf
larp is verboten here.

that one on the right doesnt know how to do anything besides suck on BBC.

thank you

I'm triggered

I may be a screeching autist but apparently I can be mistaken as handsome, so I made it.

Regardless, offer stands. New wallet, easily monitored to ensure funds are used as indicated above.


>read through their description
>full of mistakes
Hi pajeet

This is literally the next dogecoin

go beg elsewhere handesome pajeet.