FunFair is literally unstoppable.

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No, FUN is NOT a PnD, nope not at all.

FUN is too slow, decent longterm tho

join the UFR movement user

ah tell me more about how you bought the top

Why don't you have FUN, user?

Got 45k fun. Thinking of buying a Trezor and moving them to cold storage until 2019. How much will they be worth?

Sell now, it is going back down to 500


lol ok

Sold at 805 sats...
did i do gud

Only if you accept a 25% gain and buy back in at 650. We will break 1k within a couple weeks.

Only if you buy back in soon.

The hopefags are now dumping kek


I agree except I'm buying back at 500 - 600

I'd be dumb not to.

It's going back to 500 by the time you wake up just like TRX mooning mission 2 days ago, the downtrend is clear since the only ones left are the newfags and they will be panic selling slowly but surely specially those on Bittrex.

Bought 680 at 611 sats
Wouldn't let me buy at 599 because the price kept changing.

We are now in the low 10k lol


A whale from the discord group is going to put a sell order once we reach 550

They want it at pre pump levels btw cuz there is going to be another pump in 2 days

Well...that was entertaining. I guess.

>They want it at pre pump levels
No, it sounds like you want it back at pre-pump levels, pajeet.

>Not HODLing your FUN
>They don't know how it works
you guys are going to end up FOMOing when it's too late and it's going to be juicy. stay poor 2k18

Hello Pajeet

Holding 41k FUN and dgaf about the price fluctuations. I'm going to accumulate more at the dip and this shit will make me a rich man by the end of 2019.

When will they start burning tokens? I wish they paid a dividend. Maybe in the future this is planned or could be arranged? Can I have $10 FUN?

Yes sir I'm a poor pajeet or else I'd buy more too deffo going big next year

Still a sleeping giant even with that stupid fuckin fat finger market buy on binance today. Great team, great product.

This is why its stopped the bull run. The etherdelta whale transferred over 100mil he will sell on ED that will be arbed. Already sold about 5mil undercutting market a lot.

I think it was a fat finger on OKEx and all the bots saw it and started pumping like mad kek. Tons of bot bagholders.

The whole premise of FUN is that as soon as you start using FUN tokens, they're getting burnt. AKA, this is a long term hold, and the more people playing and buying FUN, the price is going to continually go up as they're getting played and getting burnt. Funfair has their share that they hold and they make money based on the number of people who come in and use their tokens.