Job Thread

>Because crypto won't save you from working

I can browse Veeky Forums and play vidya at work so man idk I'm good.

trying to get a job in the defense sector, i'll be graduating in fall of next year and have had no job experience besides farming. Hopefully my internship this summer goes well, EEfag btw.

stay poor pajeet my UFR will take me to moon

Go back to discord you fucking shitstain

Not pajeet. Studying mechanical engineering. Make +-30K as an Technician. Be 22. Have 15K saving. Have 10K crypto, will be crypto millionaire in 2018. Life is good.

Honestly guys I'm fucked.
My crypto investments are trash and I haven't worked in two years.

Money is running out and my dad is pressuring me to move out. Fuck.

>not using your crypto gains to create your own PMC and getting a contract with the Pentagon

What kind of pleb are you?

how much in crypto? and how old are you?

I work as a professional hypnodom for flat

get a job

7k crypto, 35yrs old.

Guess it's time to nut up and go all in on XLM then

I'm all in litecoin now, except for like 5k in the stock market (chipotle).

why are you living with your parents at that age? serious question, not mocking you.

I'm a wagie. I've been doing school/ Asset protection for the last two years post Army. Just got back from an overseas contracting gig, and going back to my old job with a promotion. Overall 6/10 job sucks but I dont get to shoot stuff and blow things up anymore.

I work a whole bunch of casual jobs that net me more than a full time income, all of which allow me to sit on my ass and browse biz and research shit coins/ do other work.
Always working weekends for them penalty rates $$$
Also just set up my own crypto based business, 3 clients so far and getting paid the equivalent of 50k a year. I want to hire people so I can take on more work but I can't be assed with the tax and legal implications lol.

I have literally no idea what I'm doing with my life

What do you see in Chipotle?

you should be asking what he tastes

ct technologist. it's really not bad.
11k in crypto rn. probably won't make it

>>Because crypto won't save you from working

Speak for yourself. It saved some of us from that humiliation.

get a job

you're not fucked, but you will be if you don't right your ship's course

Bad luck mainly. I'm relatively okay now, but I have three auto immune disorders that have almost killed me twice.

Well I got in at $270 a share a few months back because there earnings were still good, even though they were slowing down growth because of their illness problems. Basically I thought they could easily recover. Last week though hurt pretty hard.

It will when Ripple hits $100

Aerospace engineer in the comfy Midwest making $80k, about $200k in crypto. Really really hoping to become a crypto millionaire in 2018 so I can retire and never sit in a cuckbicle analyzing stresses ever again

I'm an engineer

Worried about talking a bout my work though, pretty sure Veeky Forums is data mining

What kind of job is this?

Graduate Software Engineer at a well known Global investment bank. Makong $43,000 at 22. Currently sitting on around 7k worth of crypto. Any tips for moving up in the world of finance?


You might be the lowest paid software engineer I’ve ever heard of

>What kind of job is this?
A while ago I was playing Space Engineers and the guy I was playing with said he was working while playing. I'm like WTF? He said he was doing tech support chat, but it was for some low volume company.

I'm a carpenter.
It's actually OK. We make ~$30USD an hour in my country.