Second job?

I'm thinking about increasing my overall income a bit by getting a second job.
Trading time for money is not optimal, but it's still better than playing games or shitposting.
Right now I'm in IT full time for about 70K euro/year (~ 84K USD), so I'd have the evenings and weekends for something else.
I'm aiming to get about 30K/year extra, bringing the total to 100K euro (or 120K USD).

What kind of jobs would be flexible enough that I could do in the evenings and weekends but still earn enough to reach the 100K?

I'm not interested in investment/forex/crypto talk, there's already plenty of threads for that.

kneepads and you know the rest

Get a hobby instead

freelance on the side if you want extra cash but a regular hourly second job will grind you down, it's not worth it

Freelance programming maybe.

Most jobs that have flexible evening weekend hours also pay terribly and aren't worth your time. You'd make way more just trading during those hours instead.

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siriusly dough, i hear there are a lot of freelance programing jobs where people need something small programmed. This is all remote.

I don't know, my work is pretty chill, not much stress going on, laugh all the time etc.
So it definitely doesn't feel like an extra 20h would burn me up

Yeah I've been thinking about that, but the pay for jobs online is usually pretty bad (competing with Indian slave wages), pay is not guaranteed and there's too much overhead for a lot of small projects...

Start an investment firm. Pay new clients dividends with old clients' money.

the key is convincing them to reinvest all their gains and always have new clients coming in. You do this by offering roughly 30% annual returns. guaranteed. You cant lose!

>something small
That's the problem.
Don't want to deal with 100USD here, 50USD there and having to chase 50% of the payments, because the guy vanishes.
I need a steady cash flow or big projects

possibly start contacting smaller insurance companies and small businesses. Tell them you are an IT professional who is looking for side business. You wont get the big firms, I would go after smaller mom and pop insurance brokers and such. Maybe one day youll build it into an empire. The key is presenting yourself as a cheap, reliable alternative to big IT.

Yeah but this is more like running a start up on the side. Having own client pool, make lots of calls, go door to door, invest time and energy.
Also a good option, but more for the long run

Right now I need something that'll just get me a paycheck and I can hop out of with too much hassle if it's getting too much

Ok. Ill give you my secret. Pizza delivery. Find the busiest joint in a big city. I worked Thursday friday 6pm-4am in college. I made 25/hour cash after i paid my gas. Thats $26,000 a year tax free. cash tipout. 500 bucks for two nights. The key is working for a very busy joint and running 35+ deliveries a night. Its a super chill job if you are good with directions. just driving around listening to tunes. I used the iphone apple maps app and in two weeks was one of the fastest drivers because I didnt fuck with those garmins like the pajeets did.

Haha thanks for the tip
6pm-4am, holy shit haha

26000 USD is about 22000 euro.
So that wouldn't cut it unfortunately.

But we're getting closer!

Other suggestions?

you can always pick up more shifts and shorter shifts. its very flexible. they often had many drivers for 5-8 or "dinner rush" and only a few closers.

I'll keep it in mind! Good money for driving around a bit.

But calculating in USD, $25/h is just not enough.
I think I need $30+/h to fill the gap
I'm making about $40-50/h on the day job

you wont make 30+ outside your industry. I know its a meme but youll need to suck dicks to make 30+ as an amateur on the side. 30+ is skilled professional money

Hey OP
I am an IT Consultant at a large firm, work weekends mondays and tuedays from 10 to 8 and have three days off
and I also have a second job which is web host management, I work for a small company at home and we host/maintain over 20k websites.

Both salaries I make over 55k/year and I'm 21 years old.

It's doable, but I would suggest something like myself where you can work at home and can get up to take a shit, smoke, trade whatever.

Look into it: WHMCS/cPanel jobs.
You will never learn this shit at school that's for sure but you will learn A LOT about DNS management and what's happening in the background of every hosted websites.

Getting paid to suspend websites because they got hacked or spamming my servers is pretty funzies.

trading crypto user

wage cuck won't cut it

Yeah I was afraid of that
Well then, cock sucking it is!

I'm trying to stay away from the IT industry if possible, but it's not unacceptable

One other thing I could could of outside my industry is doing massages.
Minimal investment and earns a good buck
But, it has the same problem with building a client base etc. Might as well code then.

The 'not unacceptable' was referring to the IT industry, not the cock sucking haha