ITT we pretend to be /r/bitcoin

ITT we pretend to be /r/bitcoin

This is an ATTACK!!

>this reminds me of roger ver

1 btc = 1 btc

Damn I feel bloated! Where's my diuretic water pills and my hoveround. Gawl durnit the older I get, the dumber I feel. I think I still have an STD too.

I HATE ROGER VER, ARRGHHHH!!!!!! I've been in bitcoin since the summer and I know for a fact I'd be a billionaire if Ver and his chinese friend (im not racist btw) would stop releasing alts like ripple to steal marketshare from bitcoin.

fuck roger ver his subreddit of shills over at /r/btc are censoring my cock sucking of Bitcoin. I'm literally shaking rn

>i watch rick and morty
>1 quadrillion upvotes

Fuck your mother


You want to fuck

Cryptocurrency needs more regulation! Ripple is great!

Nice! Have an upvote on me, good sir.

Hello fellow redditors! I sure do love me some HODL. Lord knows once I see the price of Bitcoin drop I just HODL. HODL HODL HODL. Man I sure do love this meme HODL. After my mommy gave me some chicken tenders she told me I was a responsible young man that is taking control of his financial destiny via HODL. HODL HODL HODL ooowwwweeee chicken HODLies.

Can't cripple the ripple!

Remember to HODL guys, if we all HODL for ever, the price is going to rise. I just bought some bitcoin yesterday, it's my first day in this community , and it's amazing!!! :)
I will probably gift some bitcoin to my wife's children, they won't understand now, but they will know what I did when the price is 1 million!

What does reddit think of bitcoin?


hope you had a fine day.
remember to hodl guys.
i love the cryptocurrency community, i have 23 ripple shares so far, and i'm planing in buying some of that verge, wraith protocol sounds so exciting.







I'm sorry everyone, I had to do it, I house to buy more bitcoin @ $19k haha!!!

Guys stop selling. The price is going to hit 1 million that's why I'll get out at 20k. Stop getting out of the Ponzi before I do REEEEEEE.

FUCK! I took out a second mortgage on my house to by buy bitcoin at 19k! My wife is gonna kill meeeeeeeeee FUG :D :D

literally crying rn


i just want to point out a simple fact i remember from the first grade that the CENSORED CENSORED REDACTED DELETED CENSORED

hillary clinton is an American patriot.
Seth Rich was a Russian Jew.
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best one itt

w0t the fk

>SUX in id


anyone else buying discounted bitcoin!

h-haha ha hahah...

just hodl bitcones will go up
thank you for the gold kind sir

lol, boomer losing money because of his retarded corecuck son.

hahah holy shit, I didn't even read the last part. Imagine if btc is still down or even lower. He would literally be in debt to his father.

I'm losing my house, my parents disowned me and my girlfriend asked for a break BUT I WON'T BETRAY BITCOIN
I am LOYAL to the brand! So what if BCH is mooning? I would never pick a coin that is HOSTILE TO BITCOIN! this is simply UNACCEPTABLE!

Jesus Christ. Imagine being this delusional.

bitcoin isnt just a coin to me its a lifestyle
im not in it for the money

The skin on my neck is red!

I love Ripple and I love Israel, our greatest ally. Get on the boat now!

I took it a step further and taught my wife's son how to use my trezor just incase anything happens to me. I think he understands the jist of it, hes pretty smart for a 4 year old. Hes been really upset and hasnt stopped crying since I told him about Bcash, he doesnt understand why Roger Ver hates him so much.


You basically ARE /r/bitcoin. You don't have to pretend. I'm sure most of you retarded neckbeards post on there.


Corecucks need to all assist suicide each other and then roger ver needs to shoot the last guy with 00 buck shot straight to the head KEK

so basically the same thing as here

It's literally a cult.

Not really, nobody owns Bitcoin core here.

i see a lot of them calling bubble
check /r/buttcoin

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Bitcoin will fall

Posted 9m ago, 543 points
Bitcoin will climb

have you heard of this ripple coin? its revolutionary im telling you guise
i will keep buying this baby till 6 $, have trippled my fiat so far LOL
the fundamentals are amazing its centralised and the banks are into it!!!!!!!!!!
*puts on cheguevaratshirt*
viva la revolution power to the people
did i do rite???


>reference to a 90s/early 00s tv show movie or video game

Guys I thought I would surprise my online girlfriend from Japan that I've never actually met yet by sending her 1 BTC for New Years.

I sent it in July and its currently had 0 confirmations. When in 2018 will it arrive?

You know this thread is slightly more dramatic than regular Veeky Forums other than that it's the same

haha obscure references are lit xd lets make an entire unfunny comment chain


Upboats confirm. Praise cuck


Im imagining that stupid old boomer stomping his feet and crying like a child over the deal he ahreed to.

this. extremely this.

is bitcoin the new fedora

Audible kek

I heard some people in the office today talking about BCash...

They had no idea what the difference was and just thought that it was a cheaper Bitcoin!

I told them about Ver and everything that is going on and they decided not to invest in that scam!

Did I do good, Reddit?

>, if we all HODL for ever, the price is going to rise.

I unironically had someone in the ETH subreddit tell me:
>REMEMBER You don't lose money until you sell. If you just hold onto your coins and allow the dip to recover, you'll be in the same or better position than when you started.


It's a store of value not a currency! Things evolve overtime and grow into what they will eventually become.

Roger Ver and Jihan are a Chinese plot to destroy bitcoin and ruin the cryptocurrency market.


LOL thepiratebay made fun of BCASH too. What losers.

Anyone else thinking of cashing out?




you are late user

This whole thread is gold






What's with all the price FUD? We're still up 1.6% from two weeks ago.

>he fell for the bread meme

Hodl hodl hodl hodl hodl I gave my grandpa 5btc last year and here are all the dildos he bought btc is falling that's great news I can buy more and hodl hodl hodl hodl hodl hodl hodl hodl

TOP kek. Nice double dubly roos dude!




I'm not kidding that it could be possible that these people are experiencing something similar to real cultists. The brainwashing is incredible.

so close to pents ;_;



Lmao this.

>IOTA is GOOD tech
>IOTA to the moon
>IOTA have good partnerships
>IOTA deserves top 2 spot on cmc

Can anyone clarify for me is r/bitcoin actually in favor of Ripple? I wouldn't at all be surprised they are btw.

I'm predicting this faggot to start tweeting positively about it soon, as the point of his job was to "cripple" bitcoin and cause this shit storm in the first place.

Also gas the kikes race war now.

>Replies to this post pretend we are Veeky Forums
Thanks just bought 100k

Underrated post

DAE not mind high transaction fees because lightning network is coming soon and then I can open a channel between all the people I will use bitcoin with which will be a lot of people even though I don't actually use bitcoin to buy anything right now and all the retailers that supported bitcoin before have dropped it because the fees are too high and transaction times are too high but after lightning network comes online we will all start using this as a currency again. Also I am a brainlet who doesn't understand that I don't actually use any cryptocurrencies at all because I don't have any private keys and all my coins are stored as IOUs on exchanges so nothing to do with scaling bitcoin is relevant to the centralized way I use it at all.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Bitcoin. Its future applications are extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of computing and economics most of its possible functions will go over a typical investor’s head. There’s also Sitoshis’s free market outlook, which is deftly woven into his creation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Robert Malthus, for instance.

The shills understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of this coin, to realise that it is not just speculation - it says something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Bitcoin truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the brilliance in Satoshi’s brilliant programming method - the “Blockchain,” which itself is a cryptic reference to Haber and Stornetta's Merkle trees. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as our lord and savior's genius wit unfolds itself on their computer screens. What fools.. how I pity them.

And yes, by the way, i DO have a Bitcoin tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 IQ points of my own (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid ;)

Wow thanks for the gold stranger!

But I thought /pol/ loved ripple?

Veeky Forums is laughing at us again!!!


Why the fuck would /pol/ love central banking tokens owned and controlled entirely by its (((creators)))?

HO HO HODL amirite brosephs :)

EDIT: Hey I was thinking about diversi-


>$1000 Bitcoin

why are you all impersonating Veeky Forums

neo-pol is literally retarded and will love anything the jews shill to them. See Trump.

You can easily do that by generating a transaction with a specific locktime and destroying the private key, once the timestamp is passed it can be accepted by the network


Damn, this is a spot-on reddit impression. They all delusionally hate BTC

That's why it was confusing to me at first but the /pol/ posters I follow for crypto stuff have been shilling it nonstop. I got why some were too negative about ETH to a point that sounded dishonest at times, lots of commies, but this isn't that simple and I'm having a hard time figuring it out. The only argument I've seen explicitely made is something like
> Jews are going to fuck over the market anyways
> So the only safe coin that isn't going to be screwed is the one they trust
> Better get in early because in the short future jews won't allow any other coin to succeed

Just to make it clear, some of them have been calling Trump a jew puppet before he was even the republican candidate. Their hate for jews I don't doubt at all. If you have any other theory about why this could be happening I would like to hear it.

BTW I don't browse /pol/ myself and my parents are from different races, I just want to understand this.

I bought in at 19k and lost 40% of my savings but it is fine because i work for a greater good, paying for crypto will make this the future and if i hodl enough i can give my children some ancient binary soup

1 upvote = 10% btc price + prayer

why do people do this

also haha btc is store of value not currency xd hodl


It's gonna be a wild ride though 2018 while financial establishment around the world weed out the scammers, ICO pipe dreams, and greedy investors bent on getting rich quick without a trace. Ferret out the negatives throughout, allow the regulatory commision(s) to do what they will do; and then sit back, relax and enjoy seeing legitimate crypto portfolio's grow beyond our wildest dreams! Chill!

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