2 Weeks Later, Requesting Advice

Okay, anons. I had $2500 to invest into crypto. Two weeks ago, I put in 1000 just to test the waters before putting in the other 1500. This is where I am today. I am now ready to put in the other 1500. How would you change this portfolio.

Caveat: I am not interested in any coins other than those currently owned. I know there are great ones out there, but I don’t have enough invested to risk over-diversifying. So please avoid shilling and generally jackassery. Constructive and polite criticism only please.

I was thinking 700 more into XLM, 500 REQ, 300 ZRX. I’ll be holding that Litecoin until 330 lol fuck me. And I plan on putting weekly/monthly wage bucks into some of those higher risk coins like FUN and CND.


XLM is a good coin. Not sure about req, havent read the whitepaper yet so i cant tell you much, but ive heard good things.

Im not keen on LTC so i wouldnt invest more in it.

XRP i wouldnt get in on XRP. Dont understand the tech and simply dont trust such a centralized coin.

Never heard about the rest of the coins

6 coins on 1k? You'll never make it. Guessing your only gonna hodl til your grave. Do whatever the fuck you want. You only want input on the crap you've already picked so why bother what anyone else has to say.

Looks pretty solid. Honestly I would put even more into XLM. I can see it hitting $1 dollar in Q1 2018. I also think FUN is a winner too.

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6 coins on 2.5k, read the post, user. Secondly, only have enough in FUN and CND to have 1000 tokens each for the sake of hodling for a chance at turning 50 into 1000. Collegefag here so I’m just trying to turn 2.5k into 10k by EOY 2018.

And I’ll take all input related to those coins if you think any are bad, I just don’t want to be shilled in this thread. Just want to know how anons would distribute 1500 into these picks.

Also you made a meager $176 in 2 weeks? If you'd pick 1-2 coins and hold for a couple days then dump you could already be x2 these past weeks. Shit i started less than 2 weeks ago with ~$450 and I'm x2 and I suck at this.

you're differentiating too much but they are pretty safe pics.
i would get rid of ltc and fun. i don't see room for growth for LTC after the pump in november and fun is such a nieche coin.

i started 1 week ago and the first thing i bought was ICX after a shill here. i'm up x3 already lol

I’m up closer to 700 if not for my undisclosed Litecoin mistakes not entirely obvious from original picture. And I’m not day trading at all.

No. It's 1k. Your asking how to bow distribute the remaining 1500 among your 6 coins. I wouldn't even have 6 coins on 2500. I'd maybe stick 500 into some hodl and then 1k each for flipping and gaining a coin. But seeing as your goal is staying poor you're gonna be fine.

you don't really get crypto user. you are way too conservative. you have your entire life to do that. even if you get absolutely wrecked and lose everything it's still chump change that you can easily make back with a half decent job. i would personally be way more aggressive.

No it’s 2.5k. I made my original picks with that total investment in mind, and the rest of it is going in today, quit being an asshole lol.

Thanks for that input. So you would cancel which coins and load up on which coins? Again these are the ones I like the most after a few hours of researching a larger list of potential picks. Would appreciate your aggressive take?

I should also note that I’m honestly too busy to do more than weekly or monthly trading, also I do not like obsessesing over money, greed carries a certain darkness. It was my intention to put in 2500 and check/add/adjust at the end of each month

Sell FUN for ETH
Sell Stellar (rebuy it later cheaper)

Easily 10k by EOY2018

All to xlm, it actually has real world partners.

So all in on XLM, huh. It’s just hard not to put some towards REQ and ZRX because I believe that they will be both over $1 fairly soon.

Do you really think ETH is going to multiply your investment faster than FUN in 2018?

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