ITT music you listen to while makin money

Post your most powerful pink wojak summoning music. Thanks frens.

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nada rima mejor que el puto dinero

Old videogame soundtracks

sorry man but this is the objectively superior meximusic

my favorite part is when the guy goes "beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbepbeepbeepbeep"

pimp flaco is from spain

this gives me so much power, have the same vibe as the movie "Drive".

Crave You

Baby I'm Yours


>tfw I like that first song but it always reminds me of tfw no gf

why dont you like incessant beeping

fucking retarded degenerated subrace

p. sure every race is degenerated right now, guy

Sorry frens I meant Green Wojak pls no bully

Very nice this one is my favorite.

What are you, american? do you consider your genethics are superior? you're poor, racist and probably fat lol

Comfy as fk with bzc

No country bully pls only gains music ok? ok.

Im really sad rn because I lost my v card back in June and had my fucking heart ripped out 3 times and moving across the country twice , ended up having 7 girlfriends these past 6 months , i've (Almost) found the perfect balance between being a Chad and being a Beta , I can get a girl I just cant keep her I get way too attached and fall in love super easy since ive got mommy issues

>ok? ok.

You have the taste of a no-coiner female in her late teens.

>almost 2018
>not listening to superior white supremacist music

Nope. I was just judging from the music posted

Bitcoin Baron:

I have no taste in music tbqh , but I have minimal coins , I made my aunt around a million dollars making trades for her , she gave me around 5k but other than that I was her coinslave , I got to bring home bitches at 3am so I really dont care

I've got kind of the opposite but same problem so I just stayed single for the past 5 years...probably gonna be single for another 5 lel

also deep house is best for making crypto gainz

God damn you filthy normies have such weak taste - you trade with generic house?
Fuck you.

Lol honestly , just be interesting , and be confident and mildly good looking , losing weight was the best thing for me , just cut carbs to < 20g a day and youll shed weight , plus all the protein means you build muscle like no tomorrow from basic activities , pic related its me a couple years ago

If you dont like Dirtybird then you're probably not getting laid

I love Dirty Bird, I just don't like shit music faggot. comfy jazz

No wonder this board is so shit.

i like 2 listen 2 this song wen i sell above bollyjer bambs to a puor chump after MOON

Shiba San isn't shit music, at least compared to Thom "oi bruv did you see BB8 in starwars m8" Yorke

thanks I had bit too much hope for humanity today.

Best A$AP Rocky song:

fucking disgusting, brown people are worse than blacks

There is a dope remix of these and the MW2:Merc soundtrack by Timothy Seals. It's listed on Soundcloud as well if you want to get it in mp3 format. MW2 had a great soundtrack and Mercs had by far the best campaign of the series closely followed by MW3.



Is good


When I dump on plebs

Also don't forget Tame Impala

his jade falcon theme is extremely excellent. o7 mechwarrior :)

It's too pure. It must be filthy and sinister when I dump on the market. Like this.

my man

Listen to this if you like the comfy Jazz

not really music but i chill here with friendos while making gains along the rest of our friendly discord.

ayyyy you got good taste



Check out this, favourite tune from the Drive-esque vibe of music.

Jesus dude wait until you have 1-2 yr relationship and that ends... life has its cycles, if you were a chad you wouldn't have such emotional imbalance