Who else here /xlmxpr/ bros?

who else here /xlmxpr/ bros?

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Dumped most my xpr for xlm

While xpr probably continue to increase, so will xlm, and xlm will yield 3-5x for every 1x of xpr.

I am. Happy with xrp so far... Waiting xlm to go up, it has a lot of room to grow I think.

verge is a loser coin

Does anyone know a good wallet for xrp and xlm?

these are the only 2 coins im investing in

the news about xrp today worries me though - are you holding?

my 2nd and 3rd biggest positions after Raiblocks

however, not too sure about what the future holds for XRP so im moving all my ripple into XLM

gotta know when one of them is going to take the dickening

It was first XRP now its XLM

I just want XRP to dip under 1.90 so i can buy back in. BUT IM SO FUCKING IMPATIENT

so im gonna wait till xrp gets back up to $2 and then move it all into xlm...and ride that out

do you concur with this or do you think we should hold xrp through january?

where do you think it will go?

Actually could you catch me up on the XRP news?


google ripple or xrp and read up

not sure if its bitcoiners shilling and being pissy or its legit concerns

half of my Funds are in XLM right now about 1BTC worth.
Bought 200 XRP last night at 1.8 and sold for 2.2 for some nice easy weekend money. Not in it though anymore. XRP is to blatantly manipulated for me.

What news?

Fuck off evil jew
XLM is superior

>stuck at .30 for over a day

XLM: +40%
XRP: +10%

POE: +90%
FUN: +60%
>XLM: +40%
It's at +11% right now and falling.

>bought both yesterday
>they're both down today
If anyone wants a coin to drop tell me and I'll buy it and make it drop with my shit luck.

Please buy now. I want to get some more. Thanks

>XRP is to blatantly manipulated for me.

kek, in what world do you live, every fucking coin is "manipulated" either by devs, exchanges or whales.

You just pass the right moment to be on the pump, and sell before the dump.

talking about manipulation. XLM moon in about 30 minutes. Going for about 30 minutes.


Watch and see. Just heard it myself. Only rumors so far but i guess well find out in 30 minutes.

nothings going to moon today, all of it already happened yesterday, poe, stellar, cardano, fun, storj etc.

Try next year, if anything today people are gona take profits, so expect drops across the board on the 31st.


Beside ledger. Still too poor to buy that shit. I would need something that can hold XLM and XRP

tfw 220 XLM and 65 XRP
I hope it at least gives me some pretty good returns in the long run. I'm not looking for 1 million but several thousand would be really nice

DUMPED all my XRP for BNTY

my bf is 100% xlm i'm 100% xpr

its pottery

Don't listen to biz and sell, just hold both, you'll be fine. Gotta get that Camry. No more pink wojacks, no more feels

Excuse me i didnt hear you over my gains. Could you repeat what you said earlier?

Maybe once I cash out my XLM gainz I can buy a gf

Hello. I'm 25% XLM 25% XRP. 50% misc trash.

crying yet?

Ă aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww


>everything red
>beside the coins that mooned hours ago

there will be no gains today


Could you take a closer look at xlm for a second?

money snake is waking up

>Arguing against whales



yes its moving sideways, the gains where from yesterday when it was 0.36 USD compared to 0.33 now

put in a little more effort with your shilling