I don't like crypto currency. Does anyone here still buy good old fashioned gold and silver...

I don't like crypto currency. Does anyone here still buy good old fashioned gold and silver? What are some good places to get it as close to market value as possible?

>I don't like crypto currency.

I use jm bullion

Finally a sane voice in this sub. I don’t know much about this computer stuff - but what I know is when I have a Euro (or dollar ) in my hand - I feel this solid piece of paper full of value. And for you : even if it’s just a fraction of it : it should give value to you knowing that your bank WORKED A FULL YEAR to make possible that you now have this item right in your hands. What would this computer stuff have gotten you ? A couple of hundred thousands dollar worth of emotionless internet money Instead : now you can walk into your bank - high headed - and look into the thankful eyes of your banker that worked so hard to make this one penny possible.

your local gold/silver coin store

I hope you use this talent to shill and fud the coins you want because damn I almost fell for it

How old are you?


the only coins I want are gold an silver, which are immune to so-called "shilling" and "FUD", none of this digital funny money.


Metals are the complete other end of the spectrum of investing
You know there's also FIAT forex/stocks/bonds

Metals are usually not seen as an investment, but as a safe haven for hard times

Read more about building a portfolio and the efficient frontier curve

I bought gold and gold miner shares about a year ago. The price hasnt gone anywhere, gold is always in the same range about $1,250. Miners are in the shitter as well just fuck all happening.

At some point I broke down and sold all my gold miner stocks for cryptos. Im up over 400% right now and my gold bullion is still collecting dust.

What difference does it make if it's paper or crypto or precious metal or dog turds - if you can buy things with it? And yes, you can buy just about anything with bitcoin/crypto these days.

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You are everything that is right with this world.I suppose its fun buying gold all day instead of that crypto currency that these other faggots buy. But this is better than jacking off to stocks on Scott trade.

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Pay attention to this kids

This is how we used to troll in the late 2000's

solid b8 m8

This ... or goldsilver.com ... It depends on if you just want collectors or just the metal.

accumulate silver under 15 bucks. hold for 50 years and give ur family something to hang onto. better than any other bullshit besides maybe land.

>emotionless internet money

the contrarian in me says gold and silver will eventually go up. considering everyone is laughing at it. However the the goto metal of the future will be lithium
gold is needed for superconductivity and space

>anyone else is buying Devaluating goods?

look up a dozen bulk dealers
buy cheapest at time

its not rocket science, just dont be a dumbass and go more than 10% into metals.

remember, you are in for 5+ years, you will never beat the paper riggers, it is a rainy day fund, you will not get rich, you will also never be poor.

Then when the blood runs through the streets and gold is at an all time high, sell it and buy real estate