BNTY. It's a solid platform with a good team and a unique vision, this coin is going to the moon

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Nice just sold 2,2k

That was the moon user

>19 mil market cap.
>less total coin than half of the shitcoins around here.
>not even listed on a bigger exchange yet.

those are just the basics. this doesn't include that this fits it's niche perfectly. it will absolutely be utilized. the moon hasn't even begun.

pic related is (you), user.

But it's just on 2 shit exchanges. How is it supposed to moon then?

Fuck the cunt whale thats just holding the price at 0.000235 eth atm

thinking sideways/small downward trend for a month and then moon once more exchanges come. Like you said, its a solid platform, and super young. With that being said, I am dumping my bags into xrb (for now).

bnty is in low earth orbit at the moment

moon mission later

Binance isn't listing it.
We're gonna either stay this way or the whale is gonna dump the price further

something's up, there's almost no volume

hardly anyone is selling

I'm really on the fence if I should sell or wait. This binance situation is pissing me off


Depends on where you got in. I got the instant it got listed in KuCoin, so I feel comfortable taking out my profits for now. I will be 100% back in though; this is a $1 coin at some point, whether anyone likes it or not.

it will definitely bleed since binance was all that it had going on. There wont be much support except for the whale. I sold most of my stack and kept 1 eth
I already made x3

To guys complaining about the whale situation...

think about it like this. WHALES DO NOT SELL.


Verge is the greatest example; whales collectively accumulated around 80-90% of the XVG supply.

They built up a community with the McAfee shill. They started shilling it everywhere. Now, since there is such high demand for XVG, and only 10% of it at any given time is available, the price goes up VERY VERY swiftly.

Same with Bounty. Whales are accumulating now. You are in that phase. Get in while you can. Once they are done accumulating and more news comes out, and platform comes out in February, as well as the EtherDelta hacker being caught, that will get EXTREME exposure. If only 5-10% of the supply is circulating at that point and the rest are hodl'ing, then the price will quickly rise.


The EtherDelta hacker being caught will generate massive news exposure and the whales will have accumulated by then, 3000% increase at least.

Screencap this. BOUNTY GANG

wait, you'll be happy in a couple of days

Alright Veeky Forums ill hodl. I bought in at .16 so this is an emotional roller coaster

Their alpha website is a copy of ethlancer. The team is weak and their token is useless. Dont invest in bulshit.

Proof about their websites:

See how similar they are? DONT FALL FOR THE SCAM.

yeeeeeeeeeeehawwwww pardner, couldn't-a said it better myself, I reckon'

Anyone know where the nearest saloon is?

Wow those 2 sites look just about the same
Payfair can just list bounties and compete with bounty0x

I fomod in at .35 If I dont break even at least it will have been a good learning exp (as I neck myself)

AHahahhahahaahah desperate bounty holders are trying to get noobs to push their shit coin

IT WONT MOON, it's a coin for degenerate red necks and children. No REAL world uses, it is not needed. Don't be PAJEETED

>3000% increase at least.
what the fuck are you talking about user? you think this coin will 30x in 2018?

it's currently 256 after looking like it was gonna bleed out. i got in at 119, i'm hodling for one month, fuck it. whales have been fucking with this coin nonstop for a reason.

A good sign to buy is when Veeky Forums retards are all shitting on a coin. Go back in the archives and look at any new coin that has gotten big. All called scams and shitcoins in the beginning. Even ETH and Monero were called scams by these idiots. Whole threads making fun of them like now.

why does this happen

Veeky Forums I'm late to the party - .000260 ETH per token still werf it?

Vested interest in competitors maybe. More likely just idiots though

Someone bought 30 000 bnty prepare for the moon

This post is the definition of pic related