>ADA is now number one on CMC, being the first to top $1 trillion in marketcap
>You still think it's just a white paper vaporware

What's your excuse for being THIS SLOW? You guys are literally wasting future millions by day trading literal scam tokens for petty returns.

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they like being poor, let them. They cannot grasp all the difficult words in the white paper

Difference between cardano and iota?

>$1 Trillion

Damn don't get a nigga too excited. So you be saying that I'll be a millionaire?

Iota isnt even blockchain based while Cardano is the first 3rd gen blockchain based alt.

IOTA, centralised shit that doesn't work.
Cardano, soon to be decentralised shit with only provably secure PoS system.

It has a dumb name it'll never be over $1

it will literally be over $1 EOY 2017

If you can't do your own research and formulate your own reasoning you simply don't deserve to invest in it.

People who are passionate about Cardano have seen the potential and have been rewarded greatly, retirement returns already.

I have pointed you in the direction, it's up to you if you want to go deeper. If you don't want to, just go the other direction and carry on your life as usual.

i have 3000 ada will i make it bros?

regardless of how futuristic the whitepaper is how in the fuck can anyone say this is worth nearly 20 BILLION dollars right now? youre 6 months away from any semblance of a working product. current valuation is absurd.

I don't care if this moons even more. If I didn't buy when it had 3 B marketcap I wont buy now.
They still don't have a product and apparently most people that bought the ICO are Japanese that don't use bittrex or binance and are sitting on huge profits.
The price is almost surely manipulated and if this is nor overvalued I don't know what is.

It's funny to think what Bitcoin had to accomplish before it got to 20bil marketcap and now these vaporware shitcoins come out of nowhere and hit 20bil in 3 months.

Its funny how long a monkey had to evolve before he finally could make a computer. Now people just get born and use one...

Perhaps proof of stake is going live Q1 2018 and people, knowing this, are accumulating driving the price up

Ask yourself what the affect of POS on the willingness for people to just hold this coin will be. How would that affect the price?

Bitcoin is experimental with a flawed system of governance, lack of treasury with inability to scale to billions in a truly decentralized fashion.

It's a nice mascot for blockchain and crypto, and that's about it, the tech is garbage.

Cardano is almost inclined to top the market in the future.

> ZOMG!!! I'm missing the btc hype train
> darn, that million is gonna take
> Oh noez! Now it's even going down
> now, while I already signed up with that exchange, wonder what else I could put my lifes savings into ... how about that little $SHITCOIN here

Rise of overrated shitcoins in a nutshell. Look how every single graph matches the BTCs 1:1.

Because I honestly couldn't care less about this project

This is money betting against the state of Bitcoin, good bet if you ask me.

Bitcoin is the most overrated coin, if you think with an unbiased mindset, the value comes from the brand, not the tech, the tech is outdated experimental, outside of the knowledge of normal investors, which is dangerous.

whitepaper shit coin

fuck it

still turing complete. sigh

I hope so, I only have 100.

IOTA is shit

read this user


3 months? ADA has only been out for like a week

If ADA is already considered a shitcoin, what's 99% of the other coins?

>being this late

> I understand that EOS and other third generation platforms are also relevant; I will research and write about those later.

Cardano is the biggest fucking academic circle-jerk I’ve ever seen in my life. Zomg a peer reviewed blockchain.

The EOS testnet has already rendered Cardano *obsolete*

Third generation my ass. Cardano is dated. It’s the equivalent of releasing Windows XP in 2017.

That reporter should learn about how EOS will scale to 100,000 transactions PER SECOND before he opens his mouth and talks about third generation smart contract ledgers.

I have EOS too at 50 cents, but literally on the EOS website it says that their token serves no purpose, and Block One says they won't do anything for EOS anymore after they release the mainnet lol. It's basically a retarded coin that has a lot of hype because its logo looks like Ethereum's.

Aetertity is another blockchain 3.0 and it will be better than EOS too. It will have state channels much like ADA, it will be POW and POS which is more than ADA, it will also be developed on a functional programming language much like ADA

But yeah ADA is awesome, Aeternity is awesome, EOS is cool but not as good as the other blockchain 3.0

What a mentally retarded view of EOS. Their terms say the token has no value for legal protection and because they themselves, block.one, aren’t launching the EOS blockchain but rather letting the community launch it to address securities laws and “managerial efforts.”

It is so disappointing to see people put money into things that they don’t take the time to vaguely understand.

Additionally, come June EOS will be *the* fastest enterprise scale friendly smart contract platform in existence. With no transaction fees.

EOS *will* dwarf everything.

XRP is the crypto equivalent of a Chuck 'e Cheese coin, and look at what happened to it. People will buy literally anything as long as there is hype. The fact that ADA has some ideas behind it is good enough to send it to top 10 market cap.

>shilling shitcoins while ADA is making another x2 this very moment*

The state of you losers is incredible. Your coins are getting dwarfed by ADA right as we speak.

I really doubt it, and yeah I put money into it because I knew people like you would buy it from me later

That's the only reason I bought it

Their website says it serves no purpose, so it serves no purpose for me except to sell later to someone like you

ADA seems and is handled like an actual project though, not just a few of ideas thrown together plus some marketing and hype.

Not a hart bet tho. Everyone with at least a single grain of brain can see this blockchain is at the mercy of chinese miners. Western countries will totally hand control of their currencies or even transaction backbones to some twats behind a chinese goverment controlled firewall. And don't even get me started on issues like zero progress other than mining -O9000 over almost a decade, so the popularity hit them completely unprepared, causing +100k mempool backlogs and ridiculous transaction fees, while they were too busy doing their little freak show thing against bcash.

3 times the transaction time of my SWIFT wires at 10 times the fee? Working product? top kek3

Read my post again you illiterate nigger