KuCoin Shares

Kucoin Shares give you free dividends on every transaction's tax on Kucoin. Literally free money. This exchange is blowing up and will soon have the volume and users as Binance/Bittrex/Bitfinex.

Buy the dip now.

Not even going to shill my invite code.

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I think there is a decent chance KuCoin is gonna go back up, im considering putting some money down...

KCS is going to be huge, just like BNB in binance.

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Kucoin is the hottest exchange atm. It will moon to 2 Billion Market Cap in the next two months. Sign up now using my code then post your Invent Code.

Been in this since $2.05

This is an easy x3 and safe investment

Yes I agree. Everyone is talking about Kucoin atm. I will sign up now and tell other people about it.

Will they give out 90% forever guys?

did you really just reply to yourself?

Moving some ethereum over

How long is the dip going to last?

Your VPN crapped out.

Thanks for the code user


Fucking relentless shilling of these shitcoins that are running off pretty little graphics

This exchange has so much potential, get in early, and use this code: 1ff5c


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What’s the price est on kucoin shares



enjoy your 15% cut next year after they reduce it.

used some user's link to subscribe to this shit
heres mine 1ch4J

I only have 51. I won't make some money off dividends will I?
Well I was too poor to make it anyway. I should ride the pumps and then get out right? Or should I leave my KCS on that ezchange and come back in 2020 to see if I've made money?
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Stop making the exchange jew rich and take the 90% you deserve!

the whole point of this exchange is free transactions and dividends from their coin. The value of which will crash hard when they cut the dividends in less than a year. So theyre exchange volume needs to go up 6x to maintain present value 1yr from now. Otherwise its toast. Not to mention they are in violation of several U.S. and Chinese laws.

The idea of the coin is solid. So is their exchange UI but long term they fucked this up. They got greedy and itll come back to bite them in the ass as most people will have enough to cover exchange fees and not much more and will dump when they lower the returns.

If you're signing up to the exchange we can help each other by using the referral code: 1g2bb

Even third level refers give you income!



They're going to lower it slowly to a MINIMUM of 15% but that will be slowly over time.

The volume will easily make up for this.

I doubt they're stupid enough to lower it below a point it will turn a profit.

It gets lowered in March which is still months away and I suspect this will be a 10% cut or something. If they double volume before then it's still profitable.

Once they've cut profit, I expect people to move to coss because there's more money to be made there. Till then we'll see what's up.

If someone wants to buy coss now
Once both exchanges are even coss will give 40x more dividends

Imma shill mine


We are all gonna make it Veeky Forumsros

Coss is a literal scam.

That depends on what coins get listed.

Right now KuCoin is doing well by listing small market cap coins before other places.

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Ok. I'm in. Now what???

Also, would be awesome if someone used my link.


just made a new account
help a poor jew out! 1g2bb

Also check out the coin FuzzBalls' website for a good laugh!

SIgn up with my referral code and in reply screenshot your account opening. I will then send you 25 elix